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  1. I'm listening to the album and wow! It sounds really good.

    1. Watch Secretly [teaser song] Amazing. The voices just match so good. My favorite of the five.

    2. Poker Face; it's so catchy, good rythm, and really...stylish?

    3. 그 누구보다; Shows their vocals off, all of them are really good. I just like how this song begins so much, the first ten seconds are so...relaxing! hahaha.

    4. Ladysh ; it has a good tune too, but the part with the candy-man style around 2:14 is great.

    5. The Brother I Know; A ballad, like no other, you know, I think this is the one i like less.

    I'm really content with the album, It has a lot of good stuff, these girls have a lot of potencial. I'm just beyond happy Ji eun is working again.

    And i can't wait now for the debut performance, because i can't put apart the voices of the other girls within being Ji Eun, and i'm listening to good stuff here, so I wanna know who is who. : D

  2. Painful Countdown indeed!!! I can't wait to see all the performances, it's going to be awesome.

    1.) How did you become a 2ne1 fan?

    I pay attention to them because i was fan of Bom's voice.

    2.) Who is your favorite 2NE1 member and why?

    CL. The power she has on stage. It's like Chae Rin and CL are to different person, and I think a true performer has to be like that. She's the only female idol i've seen with that kind of charisma. : )

    3.) What is your favorite 2NE1 song that you always listen to?

    I'm kind of werid, but I love Stay Together a lot. A lot of people always put it as the one they like less. But I find the chorus and the harmony really catchy. I also like Fire haha.

    4.) Which do you prefer to watch Fire Music Video, Street Version or Space Version?

    Usually the Space Version, because I like the last part, when they're all together dancing in the black room.

    5.) What is the most memorable 2NE1 stage performance do you like the most and why again? biggrin.gif

    (+) Link 1. The Unplugged version of I don't care. All of them looked beautiful, perfect voices, perfect music, it was a brilliant performance.

    (+) Link 2. I also like a Fire performance on Inkigayo (06.28.09). The stage was great and they were on the right level of fierceness. haha.

    6.) Do you think BlackJack is a good name for a fun club?

    Yes, with Blackjack you never loose. : )

  3. @ chamber.


    I've been all day reading comments about how people feel disappointed with the performance.

    Disappointed? I remember exactly the day of the debut performance of Fire. All the hype everybody had, all the expectation....The girls did an awesome performance for a rookie group that have never been on stage, have never sung in front of hundreds of people and in resume, did not have the experience.

    And they did an awesome job with the performance but they got critized anyway because it wasn't awesome enough.

    And now the story is repeating itself. They had heels, if you look at their faces they're tired....more than tired, they look dead! Bom and Dara looked exhausted. CL and Minji are always on the up, but you can see they are not in their 100% because they've been working their asses to bring a performance on date, because they are not only focusing on Pretty Boy, they have three more songs. Normally groups get tired practicing nonstop for one song....imagine four!

    Seriously, i don't understand why they always ask so much of them, since day one!. The performance was great as they did it. ....

    And to calm me down, a little gif of my favorite girl :lol:

  4. hi everyone! I have a little request to make, i stumbled upon these pics, outtakes, I think, from the issue where she was with Daniel Henney.


    Does anybody have those in a better quality?. I really want the first one, she looks lovely. thanks in advance!

    As for the drama, i just want to say that I rather a show with slow beginning and awesome development, that the contrary (that is what kdramas are like lately..). So i have faith in Eunhye and the works she choses. : D

  5. I can't wait to hear the complete 'Leader' song. CL rocks her part! I hope they do a performances together, i doubt it though.

    ^ omo, C to the L, this girl is the one and only for sure.

    And on 2ne1tv, How can Sandara be so afraid of the puppy? It was a tiny little thing! I didn't expect that from her, haha, it was kind of funny.

  6. Ah, just saw the SBS specials thing with the leaders.

    And oh my god, I'm just stating what I see, but throughout most of the time, Taeyeon had her back to CL and that's just disrespectful. She was just speaking to the other two chicks and only turned to CL a couple of times. Bitter? .____.

    I am not bashing. The link to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC484OyOgDU

    Credits to minminalwayz

    I wasn't sure about if i should talk about this or not, but that was what i thought the first time i watched it. I don't know, maybe it's an effect of the place, because it's small, but yes, I find it very akward/weird...and I don't want to say disrespectful, because I know how hard that group takes the things other people say and i also know how hard 2ne1 fans get things, but it was really weird seeing her just kind of doing that, i don't know.

    I just hope CL didn't get that impression and she was cool with it, because if she did feel disrespected, that would be a really mean thing to do T_T.

    i think it's better just to leave it there, we will never known the reason anyway.


    I've loved the Last Farewell perf, i hope they can do at some point more things like this (or the whole song!). and the remix is just awesome, you want to get up and jump and dance and go crazy, haha.

    Congrats to the girls for winning! : D

  7. Minji fancam from KJE's chocolate~

    There's two but I'm having trouble with the other one but I'll edit it when it's up on YT.

    The second fancam is a MUST watch *_* Practically died watching her dance like that~



    The first one it's awesome! I'm looking forward more to that now than to the Get Right/Crazy In Love dance.

    I love it! Chae Rin crazy Leader, Park Bomi sexy babe? hahaha i'm making it up but anyway..... THE RYTHM IS AWESOME. I want to hear that soon!

    I hope more fancams of that moment pop out. *spazzin*

  8. Wow, the special stage, i can't believe that mix of groups here and there.

    Minji doing Hot Issue...Dara and Bom doing Gee, Dara is pretty good for the part, but all i can think about is how Bom is gonna sex up an sexless song...xd

    And as a huge CL fangirl, i've realized she's only doing Fire... nobody can replace C to the L. she's the only one that can do that, haha : D (but i'm afraid of the chosen girls to do fire, no offense, i just can't picture them pulling it off....maybe it's just me)

    2ne1TV Episode 6

    I WANT THOSE SHOES! ...Seriously, kudos to them, those shoes are unbelievable pretty, awesome, everything! CL was so cute in this episode.

    I want moooar. xd

  9. Welcome back.

    ^ smexy uh?


    I was thinking when the episode started why they didnt live together, and then at the end they're moving together, haha. Let's see how they get used to it. I can't wait to see it.

    I don't care MV:

    It was ok. Nothing spectacular, the editing is really weird, there were scenes that didn't match at all. But it's always nice to see a music video anyway.


    Take a Bow was amazing. Fire was amazing+100!!!! I love how the audience it's so into it~ They stood up while they were performing. On the individual perfs. Dara should have chosen another song, and Minji was great, i wish i could dance like that, lol. Loved it.

    and the best for last...

    Music Bank Performance

    Oh yeah. CL was popping spectacular. So freaking pretty. Seriously, she has this over-natural strength and charisma, I always get so surprised. And on Pretty Boy they did so good! Sandara sounded good, .... And yes, again, CL is so freaking pretty, hahaha. Can't hardly wait for next week's perf.

  10. I don't like how people have already stereotyped 2NE1 fans as "annoying" because it is not entirely true.

    Honestly, these kinds of articles which produces wars in the comments will just make your head ache so don't even bother to contemplate on it.

    This specific article is only a review, ONE of the many reviews, and not all people will like the songs (either it's their honest opinion or they're just being haters) and it's not worth your precious internet time.

    Sorry to cut your post. I've commented in that blog, because, as a 2ne1 fan i did find it annoying, but it's not a problem of 2ne1 fans, it's a problems of fans, it does not matter the fandom.

    Truth is you can speak your mind and being polite at the same time, sometimes the true 2ne1 fans are the ones that critizes the most because they want them to improve, not to get stucked.

    I critized them a lot, but in my head, because I'm really harsh with the things I like. About the mini-album, it was good, all the songs are really catchy, but i bet they have an ace up one's sleeve, and the album will be and have more fresh songs.

    that's all, i won't say anything else, i don't want to argue with anyone. : )

  11. I have watched all the performances, and this one is the best by far! All the girls are on the right level, with the right strength. (even if CL is above natural-strength this girl was on the 200% and when they won she went up 250% it was amazing).

    Everything was good (I don't know why people say the last perf on Music Bank was the best, if it's not for Minji's new surprise and the nice outfits, the perf had a few mistakes in choreography)

    But this one? It was gold! haha. I love it. I'm glad they're upgrading with each perf.

    gurrrrrl. omg, i wish i could do that! I love the girls' expression when she does it.

    And because i topped.... one more gif.

    i've spent all afternoon making the gifs, haha B)

  12. Like I said on the korean celeb post

    As overall for a debut performance, with girls that have never done this, I think it's pretty awesome. You have to count the fear, nerves, and tension of the stage and being in front of hundreds of people screaming your name. I had a lot of expectations, but I know they will improve in the future as everybody does.

    I'm more worried about Bom, she sounded aphonic, like she was forcing her voice too much and couldnt sing. If it's true the 6 times thing, it's obvious.

    People are hard on them because they know they can do better, but they will improve, and they will kick some richard simmons. haha.


    In the
    Street Version



    This part rocks my world. It's so badass. The camera loves CL here, haha Love it

    http://i43.-/14lsg9c.gif' rel="external nofollow">



    The whole Minji dance. And the girls in the back jumping, hahaha, so silly.

    In the

    Space Version



    Sandara's part. It's so perfect. With the hands and the costume...and the fire! It's aesthetically beautiful.



    And I found this very original, with the big cards, queen and aces. I want that big card for my room or something. haha.

    The Space MV is more hot/eye-candy, and with the street you have more dance/sexyness/dorkyness. : D

  14. so...I usually don't post my fanart on soompi, but I want to share something here for the first time.

    First 2ne1 icons I make! yay.



    please, dont hotlink and credit to yled if you want/are gonna use it. + here is my lj in case you want to see more.

    And just for fun, today the only song that played on my ipod was Fire, I couldnt play another song, I keep on pressing the repeat over and over again, haha. B)

  15. I'm loving this group already, i've been hesitant about posting, it's wild here, haha.. but i just want to say that Park Bom's voice is the one on the chorus with TOP? Whoever she is, she rocks.

    And the name is just awesome with the blackjack reference and the double meaning <ToAnyOne> they should do an Anycall CF, haha, the name just suits. (...and I've just remembered, Park Bom already did one >.<)

    I hope the best to these girls, they're a bomb!. : D

  16. ^ Sunmi's last name is Sun and first name is Mi. It's not a common thing in Korea, but it's possible to have a two-word-name. The girls laughed about it a few times saying that at the beginning they called Sunmi ~Mimi-ah~, haha. : D

    Happy 2nd anniversary to the girls! I bet they're working hard right now.

    love the wonder <3

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