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    Cool pics!!!!! I like how Bom suits pants.






    Guys since 2NE1 has its own subforum now. Don't you think we should start making things more organized and make news threads and every member threads etc?






    For example we already have CL picture thread so we can also start the other members, as well as one for the Nikon pictures, another for the new comeback... so that everything is in one place.






    I think if you look around the other groups subforums you can get the idea.






    : )





















    1) Park bom's solo: In three days!!! With MV! It's a pity she's not going to promote it, but it's ok because of the other good news.






    2)We will be releasing a new song every three week: THIS IS AMAZING. I believe that if the song has a good response they will extend the promotion time but still, one song every three weeks with six songs in total... we're going to have 2NE1 for about four months nonstop.






    3) 2NE1TV SEASON THREE!!!!!!! YES! 2ne1tv season 2 was a little messed up with the dates between their time in America and their comeback So i'm looking forward a lot for this new season!






    4) Their first concert: I'm happy for them. I really am even if i can't go haha. Best thing to end a long promotion year.






    yessss. best news ever. I'm so excited!










    Remember to watch the MV in 2NE1'S OFFICIAL CHANNEL!






    The MV is so fun, the song is so catchy. I love how playful they are. CL and Minzy at 1:47....woah, I hope someone can gif that!!!! hahaha.






    The whole MV is very gifable (that that word even exists?! haha)






    i loved it : D









    juang_bb those are exactly my thoughts. People have to understand that 2NE1 is the four of them, and we have to be supportive of all of them as a group because if that doesn't happen then what kind of fans are we? Fighting at each other because some member got more lines this time than another? It's ridiculous and selfish.












    2ne1tv season 2!! I loved every second of it, I love how playful they are and the Minji presents are hilarious. haha.






    Anyway, I thought they were going to show way more old videos like they showed on the first promo, I wanted to know what they did while they were without activities.






    When did we started seing the 2ne1tv camera guy? Around the Jeremy Scott event right? That was around june maybe? I thought they were going to show things in order and not like this because sometimes we see the girls with the actual hair and then we see them with the old hair. haha.






    Anyway, maybe they will use it for the pirate clips, but it gets kind of messy sometimes.









    Well, i'm very excited for 2netv season 2. And I want to watch season 1 but it's not in youtube anymore






    I know this has been asked before, but i don't find the link (i swear i've looked for it)






    Does anyone know where i can watch season 1?






    thanks in advance!






    ps: . Why now YGE is deleting all the performances? that sucks : (






    edit: v wow CLI0 so fast! Thanks a lot : D









    Seriously, all these bad news.






    The girls are gonna do fine in the charts as they're doing.






    They're gonna sell a lot of albums.






    And they're gonna keep on rocking the perfs, but I believe this is happening because the girls are too freakin nervous, I hope Bom gets well soon : (.






    I sensed CL in the performances a little weird, like kind of too serious, i don't know...but they need to keep the bad thoughts out of the way and just do what they know best, rock out.












    ps: 2NE1tv is monday or tuesday?









    WOW WOW WOW Minzy!!!!!! Seriously, she's always so sexy.






    And CL...I love first scene on the elevator, she looks really hot.(and yes, the i dont give a f*** part is hilarious)






    Dara and Bom look beautiful on their scenes. Seriously, they all look wonderful.






    I love the part with the mask, mocking the guys, hahaha.







    And at the end, when Dara hits the camera you can see CL hitting her after that, hahahahaha.









    I've listened to the album!!!! Twice Actually, haha. And i have to say i'm extremely happy.






    Should I put my opinion in spoilers?? If it's better that way please tell me and i'll edit.






    Can't nobody: I thought i wasnt gonna like this song, but it's kind of nice in a weird way. It's something new that's for sure, and i'm sure if i listen to it a few times more it will grow.






    Can't nobody (eng): I like this version way more than the korean v., the rap parts and the chorus i think it suits it better. (the teaser we heard was the end part of the song, the beginning is totally different).






    Go Away: It's too autotuned at the beginning but the chorus and the rest of the song is really nice.






    난 바빠 (I'm busy): When you listen to this you will have a smile in your face, you will want to dance and go out. woah, it's really great, amazing, brilliant. My favorite song. nam babbaaa, nam bababaaaa. nam babbaaa let me gooo.






    박수 쳐 (Clap your hands): The chorus is so catchy and it gives you such a good-feeling vibe. I can't wait to see the video with all the change of rhythm like when Teddy shouts out CL! and the reggaeton base comes out or when Dara is singing and it's like an indian tune. Well, thank god is the first video to come out, hahaha xd






    사랑은 아야야 (Love is Ouch) : An upbeat ballad, it reminds me of Stay Together/You & and I-kind of song.






    아파 (Slow) : The best the best the best of the best. The girls should do an album of this kind of music, just this. pleasee? It's just SO beautiful. woah.






    My favorite songs are I'm Busy, 아파/Hurt/Painful, and also Clap your hands.






    I'm happy because is an strong album, half of the album is a dance-club album and there are parts that are autotuned when there is no need, but every song has something, every song can be a single, and I now understand why YG chose three song to be promoted because if it was me the one chosing, I would promote not three but five songs.












    LET'S GO PARTY 2NE1! : D








    @ NV4ever






    someone took a picture of CL - & yes, i think she's blonde now!!!












    omg how essiting is this?!?!?!






    i'm thinking Minzy's wearing a wig too lol!











    woah i was going to comment saying that i don't like seeing CL with darker hair, but if she's blonde it's awesome! I loved when she had the really blonde highlights.






    I can't wait. :D


  10. The video is great! It's amazing! Each scene when you say...woah, they can't top this.... bang! they do!

    So well done, the waiting was worth it, hahahah

    All the girls shine, the style is brilliant and they just did something new again! I'm so happy right now, hahaha, xd

    Some HD Caps to share! (i also posted them on the korean celeb forum because that thread is dead)




    omg, CL when i thought she couldn't get more awesome...♥

  11. ^ oh Bom, she looks very rested : )

    Something to share: i just made it. ohh that smirk at the end... I have no comment xd


    1- who would you choose to be your bff?

    CL, but just to brag about how awesome friend i have. im a bad friend yes.

    2- who would you choose to be your sis?

    I think Bom, she gives me that mommy vibe. Maybe Minji too.

    3- whose characteristics are most similar to yours ?

    I don't know really, i think i have something in common with all of then. Maybe with CL I have more because she said she sleeps in a lot, she's always around boys. And maybe the thing that she's cute and all but she doesnt realize it. : )

    4- if 2ne1 had a special stage with a boy band who would you choose ?

    My first choice is always Big Bang. If it has to be from another company, absolutely 2pm.

    5- who do you envy the most ?

    1.CL's hotness on stage. She's like she's not afraid of anything.

    2.Dara's optimism.

    3.Minji's dancing. (seriously)

    4.Bom's singing. she was the reason i became a fan of this group. (thank you Bom!) xd

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