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  1. 21 hours ago, Reverie said:

    Another ZLS fan reporting here :partyblob:

    I haven't read the novel but in the drama it seems more like HFX already knows BFX's true identity? He was teasing her in EP2 and it seems he already likes her since young, but BFX is aloof and carefree so she doesn't realise she's into him yet

    @YinyeDrama episodes are up every Monday - Wednesday yup

    I watched all the episodes aired. My understanding is that they didn't know each true identity yet.  HFX recalled encountering the young BFX (10yrs old) when they both were very young; he liked her because she was smart at that aged.

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  2. On 8/26/2021 at 9:05 AM, lovehuche said:

    There's a manhua named oh my brother.  I wonder if it the same.

    No, the manhua name is What Shoukd I Do with My Brother.  I watched to episode 10, the drama doesn't follow the manhua closely.  The concept of getting a sister is the same.  In the manhua, ML sent her to school and she learned cultivation and became powerful.  I haven't finished reading the manhua so I don't know the ending yet.  


    However, I really enjoy the drama so far 

  3. 1 hour ago, leo2020 said:

    Hi, is there any English translation by any chance? 

    Also I'm ok with Gong Jun, however not so sure for the female lead. She seems to me too down-to-earth kind of actress, not a xian xian type. 

    Here is the novel



    I am opposite.  Seven Tang will do great in the role.  She's a good actress.  I am not sure of Gong Jun.  Never finished any of his dramas.  I want someone like Ryan Ding to be the ML.

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  4. 1 hour ago, libra22 said:


    you gals should watch him in Go ahead! His acting in that drama is also very good as one of the leads.

    But I don't like Go ahead.  I might go watched his other two dramas, the period and high school.  I love this drama and obsessed with their pairing after watch the Bazaar click.  I watch that video like once ance a day.  Hopefully they would in a drama again in the future.

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  5. 4 hours ago, libra22 said:



      Hide contents



    Thank you 4 posting these.  Love it.  

    5 hours ago, libra22 said:

    This is one of the most hilarious scenes, steven's expression here is super, can't stop laughing even in repeat mode :loolz:



    To me l laughed the most on episode 15 when they were trying all kind of ways to switch back and her friend came to find out that her favorite star was in her her.  I have never been really obsessed with any stars.  I don't think would be.

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  6. 3 hours ago, libra22 said:


    BTW, both of them posted this pic in their weibo on 24 Jun 21.


    LJ: 江熠@张新成 我是你的影子 (JC, I am your shadow)

    Steven: 声声@梁洁Little 我是你的影子 (ShengSheng, I am your shadow).



    What's this means?  During the drama photos shoot in this video, Liang Jie was nervous and shy and uptight during the shooting.  One time Steve said these days she switched body with someone and then said huge secret 


  7. 14 minutes ago, SC2019 said:

    @lovehuche Yes, indeed, there was a twist to the ending, but nevertheless a pleasant one! I haven't watched the entire series, but visuals-wise, the pairing of ML and FL make for an enjoyable watch, they look good together and the ML's acting is really not too bad. I hope others enjoy this drama too!

    I also watch the drama.  I am on episode 18, and the final episode.  We have been discussing in mydramalist.  I love the dramas.  I laughed so hard on episode 15.  I think Steve Zhang is a very good actor, compare to some of more popular actors.  I am pinky dramas watcher.  I haven't watched  any of the BL dramas but since I like him a lot after this drama,  I am looking forward to his BL upcoming dramas.  

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  8. 17 hours ago, libra22 said:

    Finished watching the drama!

    I didn't expect that there was a twist in the ending!

    But overall, i had some good laugh in this drama and it was quite light hearted.

    Agreed that ZXC portrayed it very well when he was acting as Shengsheng, even during his poster shot below.

    The otp has good chemistry too!



    Check out their interviews, with eng sub!

    I don't see the English subbed 


    @libra22 can you post their Blazer photo shoots.  

    17 hours ago, libra22 said:

    BTW, I just realised that both leads sang in the OST of this drama!




    My favourite OST is this one



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