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  1. pretty actress I'm watching her in My Love Patzzi right now...I think she's really pretty (watch her smile) even though she's horrible to Jang Nara Name: 홍은희 Hong Eun Hee Birthday: February 17, 1980 Height & Weight: 167cm/47kg Education: Seoul Cultural College Talent(s): playing the piano Family: she is married to Yoo Joon Sang (2003) & has 1 son Dramas KBS TV Novel: Windflower (?) KBS: Rose Fence (2003) SBS: Shoot for the Stars (2002) MBC: My Love Patzzi (2002) MBC: Way of Commerce (2001) MBC: Sangdo (2001) MBC: Love is Done by Anyone (2000) Movies Project X (2003) Oolala Sisters (2002) Articles "I can't wait to see sweet Yeong Sil's revenge" Hong Eun-hee Favorite Actress of Middle-Aged Women Pictures Credits: DramaWiki - link to hong eun hee HanCinema - link to hong eun hee KoreanWiz - link to hong eun hee please correct me on any misinformation!!! this is my first time actually providing a profile to an actress also feel free to pm me any more information about hong eun hee!!! i'll update here
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