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  1. Yes... you are not delu... Their feet meets.. in fact is like both teasing each other lol.... yes he later move away,
  2. I think he's too famous... hope the chinese fan did not ask him about PMY lol... if not it will be quite embarrassing
  3. I really love this couple, they can deny everything not dating everything is coincidence and now they are updating their IG following their hearts. Yes so what? they are at different countries England & Paris media knows about it we know about... everyone just accept it... and best wishes to this couple and accept their decision PS. I like PSJ yes he can choose to post other pic but he choose this one, he choose to be closer to her
  4. Hahaha sorry this couple also Sagittarius and Pisces... I am so into horoscope.... I always find these two horoscopes special together... special attraction, good pair as co worker working together, stands indiviually and they are private and mysterious , they have similar character
  5. I think so too but she can understand Chinese so Weibo netizens are looking high and Low for her too hahaha she has to post if not ppl will make assumptions again lol
  6. That's what I notice he never did that to his other co star lol... just PMY, he probably wants the world to know he can hug his girl whatever he likes... she's his girl Dirty mode on lol... yes... I guess he adores her chest lol
  7. Guess the whole world is looking for PMY since PSY landed in London, everyone suggesting where they should date lol....and PMY go missing.. these two takes turn playing missing games no wonder they are Ninja couple ... oh PMY hope you upload your IG today we are missing you
  8. lol... I feel PMY tiger stare totally unhappy her boy's name being mentioned.... she's boiling inside about to tear apart
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