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  1. There was an article on The New Paper today(21st Dec) regarding the autograph &/or photograph session with Joong Ki.. but reading it really will makes true fans or with 2 non-fans interview with the reporter. And i wonder why did the reporter rather choose non-fans to interview when they could do it with hardcore fans of GK... The New Paper By Charlene Chua (cchar@sph.com.sg) Not in tune with Song He's a Korean star? We didn't know, say two who win photo session with heart-throb Thousands of rabid female fans were exasperated as they surged forward against the barrier. They could only watch enviously as about 100 people got their posters signed by Korean actor Song Joong Ki. Earlier, they had watched 10 of them take pictures with the heart-throb. But unknown to the envious crowd, two of the 10 "lucky fans" were not fans. And they didn't consider themselves lucky at all. Ms Christine Leong, a financial service manager in her late 20s, and Ms Elaine Ho, a 32-year-old clerk, almost gave their photograph session away to fans at the event because they weren't fans of Song. They were, rather, fans of Tony Moly, the Korean skincare brand for which the actor is the spokesperson. The 25-year-old star of Korean TV series such as Sangkyunkwan Scandal(yon: isn't it spell as Sungkyunkwan?), Obstetrics And Gynaecology Doctors and Triple was in town yesterday for the opening of the brand's store in Bugis Junction. Ms Leong told The New Paper: "I only googled his name this morning as I wasn't familiar with him. I had bought Tony Moly products for myself and as Christmas presents. So when i found out that I had won this picture opportunity with him, I thought, 'Oh, okay.'" A shopper had to spend S$80 at Tony Moly for a chance to get an autograph from Song. For a chance to get an autograph and have a picture taken with him, fans had to buy S$150 worth of products. All eligible entries go into a lucky draw where 90 people were selected to get an autograph from Song and 10 were selected to get an autograph and a photo. Ms Leong, who spent the minimum amount of S$150, didn't bother to line up for his autograph as she doesn't like to queue. She candidly added that the only thing she would queue for is a Prada or Gucci private sale. She agreed to have her picture taken with Song only because the 10 selected people were the only ones allowed in the Tony Moly shop, so there was no queue at all. Giveaway Said Ms Leong: "There was this teenage girl behind the barricade who heard me ask the woman behind me who the celebrity (Song) in the shop was. "And she actually told me rudely that since I didn't like him, I should not waste it and give her the photograph pass instead. "The funny thing was if she had asked nicely, I would have gladly given her my pass. But she was very rude, so I told her no." One true Song fan, Ms Lim Siew Kheng, 35, forked out close to S$1000 on Tony Moly products with the sole intention of meeting her idol. She knew a month ago when he would arrive, so she got five friends to each buy S$150 worth of products for her. That way, she had six chances - including hers - in the lucky draw. But not a single one of them was picked. Said Ms Lim: " I'm crazy about Joong Ki because he's so cute and gentle. I thought i had a good chance since I spent so much. "It's very painful knowing that some people who spent the bare minimum to get one chance in the lucky draw got to be near him." What she didn't know was that the photo passes could not be transferred. So even if her friends had won them, they wouldn't have been able to give them to her. This is why non-fan Ms Ho, who spent S$170 on Tony Moly products, decided to collect her photo and autograph. She said: "I actually came here to pass it to some fan that caught my eye, but the store manager told me I couldn't give it away. "It would have been a young girl who looked friendly. I would queue to meet my idol but I'm more into Taiwanese stars like (boyband) Fahrenheit." The autograph session started on time at 4pm as Song took to the stage to thunderous screaming and camera flashes. Many of the girls brought stools to stand on and some even heaved themselves dangerously onto high ledges just to catch a glimpse of him. But they were told to get down by the strict security guards who swarmed the event grounds. So what do Ms Leong and Ms Hong think of Song now that they have met him? "Quite Handsome", said Ms Leong. Ms Ho said: "Okay, now I will go look for his dramas and watch them." He prefers fans to see him as he is One may describe Korean star Song Joong Ki as fearless and flawless. He knew he would be besieged by fans at the airport when he arrived here on Sunday(yon:reporter didn't do homework, he arrived on Saturday!), but he didn't bother slapping make-up on his face. And he turned up with a head of messy hair. Song told The New Paper during a group interview at the Tony Moly shop in Marina Square: "I didn't do any facial or mask my face on the plane as I believe that my fans should see me in my natural state." Although he later joked that if he knew that the fans would be so passionate, he would have 'covered up my (imaginary) pimples". But perhaps you would be fearless too if you had skin like Song's. Doesn't like comparison Fair, creamy and smooth, his complexion has been widely discussed online by netizens, some of whom have said that it makes him even prettier than a girl. This may sound liek a compliment, but going by his reaction to the media's questions about his skin, Song didn't seem to like being compared to a woman. He said: "I don't think my skin is great. My parents have great skin though. "And the reason I became a spokesman for a skincare brand? It's too embarrassing to tell." But he did surmise that because he's such a positive person, it shows on his face. As Tony Moly carries mostly make-up and skincare products for women, one would expect his female friends to ask Song for skincare tips. But he said women don't approach him for such things as he knows only about "men's skincare", although he has, on occasion, recommended basic skincare products to his parents. He also admitted that he didn't know whether he was a hit with girls when he was in school as "no one told me anything". Song appeared relaxed and playful during the interview and would pick up Tony Moly items, fiddling with them while waiting for the translator to translate a question. When his translator tripped up, he even offered him water. Song also pleased the crowd when he replied in English to a question on Singapore food he has tried: "Chilli Crab and toast". But girls, if you want to catch his attention, do it with your peepers. Song said when a woman catches his attention, he looks at her eyes first as "a person's personality will reflect in their eyes". Asked what kind of make-up he would want to be if he could be one, his answer, not surprisingly, was "mascara and eye-liner".
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