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  1. I hope that you are Ok I miss your activity in the forum please back :bawling:

  2. Hello My dear sister I did what You ask Me actually I did some changes in the 1st page so can you look at it to see if there are any thing to edit :)

    1. maris1


      Dearest NileRose!

      I am sure nobody can do it better than you since you are a walking Shinhye encyclopaedia! :D

      But, will have a look just to be updated on her!


  3. hello maris1 I miss you honey how are you what do you think of shin hye's new role offer I hope you are OK .

    1. maris1


      Hi NikeRose!

      soooo good to hear something from you. Things are not the same without you. Nistymaj is also missing. :(

      i did post in koalas playground in reply to you and private message in PSHIC.

      hoping yo hear from you soon

      hope life is great with you.

      love and warmest of hugs.❤️

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