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  1. @nohamahamoud2002... if not now, I would think soon. MS has shown that he knows a lot about shady Mom, more than the average "friend". That should send up some red flags to DJ and ES. What is odd to me is that gangster bro has such a life of crime and the police seem like they don't know anything. When shady Mom was young and was heavily involved in bad stuff, there is always associates and other people who are involved also. Detectives in the crime business have extensive files on these characters.
  2. Correction... the building that ES entered was owned by Kang, and DS knew that it was worth about $5 million. Preview shows that DS has found out where the Black Rose lived, and ES goes to the neighborhood and talks to a lady that helped her give birth to a son. Here come the DNA tests.
  3. More movement in episode 104.... Jenny calls MS and asks the name of shady Mom's brother. He says Kang (something). At dinner, Jenny asks ES if he knows the name Kang (something). Shady Mom's eyes just about pop out of her skull. ES is puzzled, but answers yes. I think the discussion turned to how he wasn't interested in finding the Black Rose. In the night, Jenny is not in bed and ES walks out and hears Jenny and Shady Mom talking in Mom's bedroom. Whatever he overheard is shocking, and he's starting to put some pieces together. (Yes, plastic boy actually looked surprised ) Then DJ comes up with stuff on Kang, and the bells really go off in ES's head. They walk over toward the police headquarters bldg. Out walks shady Mom after talking with her gangster bro, and they see Mom and bro get into a car together. ES calls Mom and she lies about where she is. ES goes to Kang's office and starts to snoop, but is found by a gangster type guy who walks in on him. Preview shows ES kind of beaten up, but he's O.K. They are really gathering info on Mom and her brother.
  4. Correct. I don't know what happened with the preview translation, but his response was "Because she's your Mother!" Not, as we were led to believe, "Because she's my Mother." Anyway, with MS, Jenny found out that Mom, her brother who is with the police Dept., and Lucky are all in this life of crime together. Jenny now has a lot of info., but not all of it. She wants to tell ES but I'm guessing she hesitates. MS warns shady Mom that she's still facing criminal charges with money laundering, etc. so she should fess up. Meanwhile, ES and DJ have connected the ex-cop they were investigating to Deputy Kang (gangster Bro). ES has noticed that both Deputy Kang and shady Mom claim that the Black Rose is dead. Suspicions are rising.
  5. There's a lot in this episode, but Jenny questioned MS about shady Mom having a brother and what was the connection with Lucky. Need subs, but there are a lot of tears and anger.
  6. The most dramatic parts of episode 102 is toward the end (of course). Jenny and ES have coffee after the memorial ceremony and he is called away. She goes home to confront her mother once again... big argument. She goes into her room and looks over the articles once again about Black Rose, and there is a picture of a single black rose earring. A light goes on and she goes into shady Mom's room and roots around in the jewelry cases until she finds the matching earring and sticks it in her pocket. Mom's phone goes off and Jenny notices it's a call from "Brother". Mom comes in, and Jenny questions the call tagged as "brother". Mom gives a flimsy excuse, but on her way out Jenny sticks her own phone with "record" on under Mom's blanket. Later she retrieves her phone and goes to her room to hear a shocking discussion about MS. Preview shows Jenny and MS in a hot discussion... I think he confesses something to Jenny.
  7. @sava2sava...Shady Mom is the Black Rose that killed Eun Suk's dad who was a cop. She kidnapped Jenny at age 4 and used her in her pickpocket crimes. Jenny is actually the missing daughter of Mrs. Ji who has the restaurant. Mrs. Ji has battled depression and is seeking her daughter who she is sure, is alive. Man Soo is the actual son of Shady Mom who she abandoned as a baby. He was raised by his Dad until the Black Rose/gangster brother's gang killed him as little Man Soo watched in horror. Hope that helps, and welcome back!! (and @UnniSarahas well!) So MS has been threatening for weeks about how he's going to go after Shady Mom and expose her, and we're still waiting. Now with that scary dream with Jenny screaming in his face about what he's done to her, maybe things need to move on. Shady Mom fears those deposit slips the most that connect her to the gang, so MS had better kick it up a notch and just get those out there. Surely he knows he has zero chance of ever being with Jenny. The best thing he could ever do for Jenny is to tell her that she's not really Shady Mom's daughter, and relieve her mind so she's not the bad person that is related to a murderer. In the meantime, Jenny will remain in her tortured state with a coward (MS) holding her fate.
  8. Pajama mystery solved.... that was a dream sequence where Jenny came and berated MS so badly that he woke up in a cold sweat. Good for her and I hope his guilt is killing him. Jenny left the recording of the last session for her mother to hear. Shady Mom is shook. Aunt has to berate Jenny at the memorial service and had all the food there for Jenny to prepare. Preview shows Jenny in tears at the service, no doubt with a heavy heart and feeling guilt about how her mother took the life of ES's Dad.
  9. Gangster Bro tells shady Mom that she needs to leave the country after Mom says Jenny is figuring it all out. She says that she cannot leave without Jenny, and Bro doesn't get that since he says she abandoned her own son. Then it goes into some suggested "pity party" that Mom is so attached to Jenny that she is her life, and she could serve 100 years in prison as long as Jenny was still there. OH.. PULEESE!! Jenny didn't pick up on MS's hint that it was never reported that the Black Rose had a daughter, so maybe she's not even her daughter. Yeah, Jenny slapping MS in the preview is justified, and it sounds like he still thinks he has a chance to marry her. This is getting to be a drag to try and fill up the last episodes.
  10. I still can't tell if MS is going to be the hero or the goat, because he's acting like a jerk. He'd rather see his ex-"girlfriend" in a drunken stupor, on her way to becoming an alcoholic, than spit out the truth. ES finally gets MS to answer Jenny's phone and tell where she is, so ES is not happy about the situation. Something's gotta give.... fast!!
  11. I thought last week that Jenny was going to retreat and experience some kind of depression, but I'm not so sure now. She is listening to the recording in the park, and the memories are flooding out. She skips the team dinner and goes to a bar and starts drinking. MS and KI just happen to be there and see her. MS is shocked and fixated on her, so KI excuses herself knowing how MS always acts around Jenny. Shady Mom calls Jenny, and Jenny starts to unload on her, making all kinds of accusations. Preview shows MS next to Jenny and she says something like, "Your Mother"... (?) Jenny is super angry.
  12. A scheme has been concocted for sketch guy that the illegal bank accts. were for his gambling habits. ES and DJ are not buying it, and ES tells Chairman other incidences that indicate that police commissioner and Deputy are suspicious, and stop telling them anything. Jenny is reaching back and is beginning to remember a house with a garden and a Mom and Dad. It's not all there yet, so we'll see what MS does when he sees her in meltdown mode. She is burdened by knowing that shady Mom is the Black Rose. Funny how there are not numerous photos in Mrs. Ji's house (like most Korean houses!) of family and events that Jenny would have noticed. Shady Mom tracked down the Dr. and she got nowhere with her badgering about not helping Jenny. He told her to stop distorting Jenny's memory. It's refreshing to see someone genuine about helping Jenny instead of being "bought off" or intimidated like in other dramas. I'm not looking forward to many more episodes of the tormented Jenny, so come on MS, let's get on with it.
  13. There are more pieces coming together, so we'll have to wait for subs. Shady Mom makes her way to the new Dr.s office and got nowhere trying to badger the good Dr. He pulled out the abuse photos, so he knows where Jenny has been and where she needs to go, so shady Mom is beginning to hit some roadblocks. Preview showed her barging into ES's office with the photos and ragging on him. That's useless. Jenny had some serious questions for Mrs. Ji, so waiting to see what that's all about. I had the same feeling as @marrez1that Jenny may have such guilt that she could possibly want a divorce or separation. MS sees Jenny in the bar drinking, and he is perplexed and shaken.
  14. DJ concludes that the sketch guy got arrested too easily, and that it seemed like he was waiting for them. DJ and ES are suspicious that there is something else in the picture. Next episode (preview) shows ES approaching Chairman and telling him that it seems that the Deputy and Commissioner are close. Red flags. The masked guy got very little from MS's laptop, only the transcript of the book. Shady mom will see it as the masked guy will prepare it for her. MS took the red suitcase with the bank slips home . He calls shady Mom and asks if she really wants this kind of showdown. I guess it's time for him to kick it up a notch and start closing in on her. Jenny knows that her mother is the Black Rose but is not telling ES. The memories are flooding back, including when she was 4 and snatched away. Under hypnosis she is saying that she wants to go home. So when does she get a DNA test to prove she's not related to shady Mom?
  15. Whew! Everybody's alive... so far. Call received at police station about sketch guy and his whereabouts. DJ is there so goes along for the pickup. Sketch guy is handcuffed and DJ goes berserk and starts beating him up, since he's the one who had Kyung Soo killed. Guy is hauled off, but what will gangster bro do since he is now the police commissioner? MS and KI go out for spicy food and talk poetry and laugh. He takes her home. Masked man sneaks into MS's office and is looking for the bank slips and stuff. MS goes into office and sees him. Scuffle... guy goes after MS with a knife, but MS's asst. comes in and give a karate kick. Masked guy escapes but grabs the USB in the laptop before he runs out. Guy is at warehouse with shady Mom and they are trying to get info from the USB. Not sure if it is what they want. Jenny reflects and is so sad. Preview shows she has another Dr. session. MS calls shady Mom when she gets home... he is livid and threatening. More later.
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