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  1. Jenny arrived at the airport in Korea, escaped the abduction attempt orchestrated by her Mom, and turned away the polite assistant, I think maybe that was sent by Man Soo. ES helped fight off the bad guys, then Jenny ran and they are separated, so she is on her own. Shady Mom is super pissed.
  2. Shady Mom weaseled out of a libel lawsuit by saying she didn't want anything "messy", so she would use her own methods. But I think the seed was planted for Jenny to end up at Song Ah's house as a safe place/hideout. Perhaps she'll contact reporter Kyung In or ES for temporary lodging.
  3. Looks like Jenny is making a run for the border and trying to leave the country. I get the impression that she won't get out of the airport.
  4. I was wondering, too, about that Man Soo/J Group introduction (more holes that need to be filled!), and am thinking about what @Pam_Van Fossen suggested that Man Soo might have a connection to that family. We don't know the backstory of Chairman's son/policeman/ES's father and ES's mother.... like did she die and he had a fling with evil Mom? Or maybe an affair? Man Soo has an awful lot of information about all of these people, and it looks like he deliberately threw them all together as part of his revenge scheme. As Jenny tries to break away, he has to remain in the mix somehow to pull off his plan. I'm not liking it that we've gone through 20 episodes now and not seen any flashbacks to shed light on what happened in the past. We're moving along with the characters that are in conflict, but we have no background as to "Why?" One of the reasons we liked the beginning of "It's My Life" so much is that the characters, their history, their goals were spelled out clearly within the first 8-10 episodes. It makes it so much more enjoyable if everything is clarified early, at least for me.
  5. I'm waiting for more and more flashbacks to fill in the empty spaces of this whole saga. Man Soo claimed he knew Jenny for 10 years, which would have put her at age 19. We don't know what happened to Man Soo after his father was killed and he was a little boy. So many stones left unturned.
  6. Yes, the corny "rain showers" when it's obvious that the sun is out is pretty over the top. I'm sure some other special moment could have been created to get the same "romantic vibe". The preview with Jenny saying to Man Soo, "Do you even know what's happening to me right now?," and his answer being "Yes, I know", seems significant. I'm curious as to where this is going with their relationship, or what his plan is. Could the 3 (Jenny, MS, and ES) team up? The DNA test, done 11 years ago, only showed a match to individual A and individual B, so we only know for sure that one of them is Song Ah. He didn't know Jenny then, did he?
  7. Just picked up a little of the raw episode 18, and it looks good. Man Soo had picked up the glass that Song Ah had (when she was the bride) and had a DNA test (?) done. What is that about? Anyway, he burned the paper while in his office. The CCTV footage clearly shows mean Mom getting the handbag back and paying off the pickpocket. Eun Suk and detective see it. ES gets back to Japan and finds Jenny's shop. No one there, but he goes in, then hides as mean Mom and Man Soo enter and have a discussion. Looks interesting and ES is shocked. Preview shows ES and Man Soo get into it and fisticuffs! Even Jenny takes a potshot at Man Soo. Yikes.
  8. It's pretty appalling at the lack of professionalism in the J Group offices. Song Ah is treated so badly by this group of thugs, I look forward to seeing her victory in the end. I hope Chairman doesn't have a stroke trying to deal with these losers. So shady Mom is going out on her own to discover who is in the picture... HA! Once the pieces are put together she'll be pretty rattled. I can see some of these surprises drip, drip, dripping through the next 20 episodes... Oh, boy!
  9. The first half of episode 16 is pretty much all about irresponsible Young Man in his drunken state, then coming home and getting chastised by Grandpa. Gramps tries to kick out daughter and kids, but they push back and I don't think they'll be moving. Chairman Oh tells Eun Suk that Young Man ruined their business, and wants ES to take over all of J Group's businesses. Daughter senses that ES is going to cheat them out of what is theirs, so the war is on. At the office, ES is meeting with Song Ah, and he gets a call from Jenny. He tells Jenny that he is returning to Japan to settle the sale of his apartment. They plan to meet. Song Ah is surprised when she hears that Jenny and ES know each other, and wants an introduction as Jenny is a person Song Ah admires. Dong Joo reports to work and meets Eun Suk. DJ has a big office and looks nice in his suit. Song Ah only knows that DJ is working at a big company and is a personal assistant. Perhaps they'll meet as she is at ES's office. Preview shows mean Mom eyeing Jenny's phone, and is suspicious, so I guess she will spring into action again to cut Jenny off from calling anyone. At the very beginning of this episode, it shows Man Soo pondering the past, and once again the subtitle has him referring to "Mom". I would appeal to our Korean speakers if that is correct, or is the translation wrong?
  10. @celebrianna... that very well could be. Right now he's viewed as the "good guy" and getting a lot of sympathy, but in the end, could this be a plot for revenge? Time will tell. Another point I was pondering is that we have not ever heard anything at all about Song Ah's father/Ji Hwa Ja's husband. Could shady Mom have been a home-wrecker also? That would make Man Soo and Song Ah half siblings. For some reason, Man Soo admires Song Ah.
  11. At the end of this episode, sitting alone, Man Soo distinctly said, "Yes, Mother." He did not address her as MIL. I'm thinking that he is shady Mom's son, and he has some bitterness at being abandoned. Also, could he have seen his mother from time to time as a child, and possibly witnessed his mother kidnapping Song Ah's sister? He may have kept track of Song Ah through the years, as she did not know him at her wedding. I don't believe he would have any sympathy for a "mother" who abandoned him and replaced him with a child she kidnapped to help her in her life of crime. More and more mysteries yet to be uncovered. I like the pace as by now, I think, everybody knows everybody. Through his sister, Dong Joo knows of Jenny and her mother, and he soon will meet up with Eun Suk. I look forward to seeing how the information gets sorted out once everybody gets their heads together.
  12. Don't know about Korean law, but in the U.S. there is no statute of limitations for murder. A criminal can be brought to justice decades later.
  13. I'm surprised at the pace of this drama in that most dramas give you at least 20 or so episodes of "scenarios" of the evil deeds without the leads knowing what's going on, and then it moves to the next phase. But this is peeling back the Mom "onion" pretty fast so that even Jenny is thrown off base. ES is so upfront with his findings, I can't even imagine what episode 50 will bring. I only hope the writer resists the typical kidnapping, beat 'em up, mental institution confinement, or other "accident" creations that are pretty standard in dailies.
  14. Jenny's dense/uncurious nature is very strange, but maybe just the writer's style of skipping over details. The fact that Jenny never questions if there are baby pictures, or a father, or birth stories.... makes her look totally inept and dull for a twentysomething. And I also wondered, like @Lmangla about Man Soo earlier as to why his family was not outlined in the relationship chart... perhaps he has some connection to one of the officers that was killed? Lots of mysteries here.
  15. Interesting preview where the CCTV footage shows shady Mom behind the bushes watching the actions of the pickpockets, making ES even more convinced of her involvement. With Jenny declaring, " You don't even seem like my Mom!", I wonder how long before she does the DNA report!? It's going to take a few more flashbacks and bizarre behavior by "Mom", but I hope it comes soon and she just plays along to find out what the truth is about crazy woman.
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