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  1. AH.. been a while since I was here. I'm looking forward to see the stalker reappearing because I wanted JR to protect her this time around. And while that's that, I'm imagining scenes where they discovered bugs in her apartment which forced her to move out and where should she goes... *drumrollll* to JR's house! Prosecutor Kim,
  2. I think that awkward looking hug at the end of the episode is the result of the PD wanting it to look pretty. And to make sure YIN's face is visible. Imagine with the height difference, had the hug happened in real life, YIN's face will be squished under his chin. *talking based on experience here. My husband is 6 feet and I'm just 5 feet tall. and other argument will be... look at the back hug. No problem whatsoever right?
  3. i just saw the episode and squeallllllll! I want the kiss to happen tonight or else PD nim... watch out for your car's tyres. *joking* This is my favourite moment too! Bromance on full alert.
  4. aha! JR's outfit! Honestly this drama always deliver so many surprises. Did he do something he would regret? Like messing-his-hair regret moment? thanks @triplem for sharing! Wednesday come quickly! Palli juseyo.
  5. I totally forgot about this. Thank you for bringing it up. Hahaha This gesture reminds me of my beloved SongSong during DOTS presscon, when JK nonchalantly poured HK a drink. She smiled and acted like it was the most natural thing for JK to do. And little did we knew they were already dating at that time! would i be hoping too much if the same case could be applied on our pocket couple? Hehe. I’m asking for too much.
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