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  1. 2012.05.19: Soyeon says 'Hi' to her soompi fans ^^ KIM SO YEON 김소연 Date of Birth: November 2, 1980 Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea Stats: 167cm, 46kg Blood type: A Family: Parents, two older sisters, brother-in-law, nephew Hobbies: Listening to the radio, computer games and cartoons / Taekwondo Musical talent: plays the chang-gu (a drum shaped like an hourglass) BFF: Actress Hong Eun Hee, Singer Bada Fave Actors: Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Seung Woo, Song Kang Ho Fave past-time: reading comic Her song for boyfriend: 'Eurachacha' from 'Rumble Fish' Personal homepage: minihp.cyworld.com Debut: 1994 Education: Elementary School - Cheongdam Elementary School Middle School - Cheongdam Middle School High school - Ilsandong High School University - Dongguk University Movie Theater Management Agency: April 6, 2006 -- Namoo Actors l Artiste photos 1 l 2 l 3 Related Links nate.com l Fan Cafe | Cyworld | Daum | Cine21 Source: arirang.co.kr, thanks to koalabear l Oct 12 2007 There is an actress who made her debut 14 years ago, but always looks fresh-faced and angelic. STAR FOCUS sits down one-on-one with Kim So-yeon, an actress whose beauty and talent have never failed to mesmerize audiences. Following last year, Kim So-yeon has been once again invited to the Pusan International Film Festival. This time she'll be introducing her short film "The Pictures" to the world. "The Pictures," which has been invited to this year's Wide Angle section of the festival, is a heartwarming film. This 20 minute film portrays the friendship between a beautiful photographer and a young village boy who is secretly devoted to painting. Having made her debut as a child actress, she quickly rose to stardom. She was still a teenager when she was cast as the lead in the 1997 film "Change." However, she delivered such a mature performance in the film that she became an instant household name in Korea. She also received a lot of acclaim from audiences for her first villain role in "All About Eve." In this regard, she says that she was able to realize her dream of being recognized as a talented actress. Kim So-yeon is an actress who exudes both innocence and confidence. Although she usually looks like a person as sweet and cheerful as a romance comics' heroine, the 26 year-old actress sometimes looks rather like a cold-hearted person due to her elegant appearance. She also starred in the renowned director Hark Tsui's film "Seven Swords," which were jointly produced by Korea, Japan and China. Thanks to the film, which were selected as the opening film of the 62nd Venice International Film Festival, Kim was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with international stars. However, she has not appeared in any major production since she starred in the 2005 TV drama "Autumn Shower." Hence, a great many fans have long been awaiting Kim So-yeon's comeback. By the way, we asked Kim So-yeon, who has now reached her golden age to marry, whether she was planning to tie the knot with someone? Although Kim So-yeon has lived almost half of her life as an actress, her passion for acting has not faded away. In fact, she has always had a burning ambition to become a greater actress. Although Kim So-yeon has had a long break, she has relentlessly prepared to make another great leap forward. She is at the moment reviewing several film and drama scripts to decide her upcoming work. We will look forward to seeing her great performances more often in the near future. Drama Series Dinosaur Teacher (SBS 1994) Seven Spoons (MBC, 1996) Yesterday (MBC 1997) Soon Poong Clinic (SBS 1998) Mothers and Sisters (MBC 2000) youtube (J-subbed) All About Eve (MBC 2000) STREAMING l promo clip Sunshine (MBC 2002) Trio (MBC 2002) Shining Days (SBS 2004) New Human Market (SBS 2004) Just Like a Beautiful Flying Butterfly (CCTV 2004) Autumn Showers (SBS 2005) Gourmet (SBS 2008) IRIS (KBS 2009) Eng-subbed clip Prosecutor Princess (SBS 2010) Dr. Champ (SBS 2010) Athena (SBS 2010) Ep17 [Mediafire] l Ep19 Mediafire Movies Boss (1996) Change (1997) l X l X l X l X l youku streaming Seven Swords (2005) l caps 1 l wikipedia l caps 2 l clip l clip The Pictures (2007) IRIS the Movie (2010) Coffee (2011) Teater Hamlet (2008) Award 1994 KBS Child Actor Award 2000 MBC Character Award (All About Eve) 2008 SBS Supporting Role (Gourmet) captures 2009 KBS Drama Awards Emcee + Popular Choice Awards (IRIS) Red Carpet l Presentation l X l mj07 l lilcrash KBS-LBH Daesang 2009 feat. KSY youtube l Popularity Award youtube l youtube l The Rapper Yeon SBS Drama Awards 2010 Top 10 Stars Award: Prosecutor Princess, Dr. Champ KSY at Red Carpet Special Drama Award at Asia Model Awards 2011 Best Jewelry Lady at Korean Jewelry Fair 2011 Music Album 2010 'Love Tree Project' Kim So-yeon sings for charity l dramabeans l X Namoo Actors 'Love Tree Project' charity event l X l Lots of KSY Photos X l VOD KSY-Love Tree Audio Clip full download l Mediafire l youtube l Lyrics Love Tree Photos l http://i46.tinypic.com/2dqozk.jpg l http://i49.tinypic.com/28jbeox.jpg l X l Cover l BTS l lilcrash l So Hye Yeon Music Video KCM Trilogy Classic 2008 feat. Kim Seung Woo & Kim So Yeon Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 TV Variety 20091112 Happy Together [X] STREAMING l Megaupload l Ep 123 (2009.11.12) l lilcrash English subbed KSY Happy Together thanks to KSY Baidu Bar l lilcrash Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7 20100302 Win Win KBS Variety Show X l X l nate captures1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 Torrent Win Win Episode 5 HAN l captures l 450p-HAN l captures l cute girl Youtube Rap cut / "Oh!" Dance Cut / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 6 / Part 7 / csfan Win Win Gifs 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l mooneyeland/KSY BaiduBar SY-Win Win Dance Gifs l So Hye Yeon l X Endorsements / CF 2011 Woongjin Group Spokesperson 2010/2011 ALL FOR YOU with Jung Gyu Woon Cosmetics endorsement captures X l X 2010 'COREANA' Cosmetics Filming BTS Interview 12 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 l 8 l 9 l KSY Baidu Coreana OVLEAU Streaming l captures l gifs l KSY BaiduBar l cyworld/SHV01124 l Promo Pics Coreana Calendar wallies X l X l X l X l mooneyeland/KSY BaiduBar Fan Meeting February 6, 2010 - Photos 1 l 2 l 3 l X l X The Tears at Kim Soyeon's Fanmeeting l X January 30, 2011 Photos l Fancam1 l Fancam2 Soyeon Photo Gallery Coffee (Gabi 2011) * 2011.10.06 16th BIFF Opening Night 2011.09.19 'The Client' VIP Premiere * 2011.09.06 Ferragamo A/W Fashion Show 2011 * WoongJin China Event 2011 * 2011.04.14 Best Jewelry Lady 2011 * InStyle April 2011 * All For You 2011 Collection * 2011.01.30 KSY Fan Meeting * 2011.01.21 Asia Model Awards * 2011.01.20 VIP Premiere *2011.01.12 SIRIUS α IS06 Japan * 2011.01.06 Music Village * SBS Awards 2010 KSY 2010misc * Win Win Variety * Dr.Champ Press Conference * Nov 2010 * Athena Prosecutor Princess * PP Ep2 * PP Ep3 * PP Ep4 * PP Ep5 * PP Ep6 * PP Ep13 * PP Ep14 IRIS2009 *KSY2007 Baseball * KSY in Venice 2005 Korean Dramas & Movies Forum Rules READ & ABIDE
  2. Megatalented Actress 이영애 Lee Young Ae Birthdate: January 31st, 1971 Stats: 165 cm / 48 kg / AB Education: Bachelor's - Hanyang University, Master's - Chun-Ang University Languages spoken: Korean, English, German Hobbies: Swimming, playing the piano, horseback riding Debut: 1991 Chocolate Advertisement with Andy Lau Dramas: [sBS] Family's Husband How? (1993), [KBS] Western Palace (1995), [MBC] Love and Marriage (1995), [KBS] Papa (1996), [MBC] Medicine Brothers (1997), [MBC] I Survive Reason (1997), [MBC] Food Table of Contents (1998), [KBS] Invitation (1999), [sBS] Fireworks (2000), [MBC] Advocate (2000), [sBS] Mighty Waves (2000), [MBC] Dae Jang Geum (2003) Movies: Inshalra (1997), First Kiss (1998), Joint Security Area (2000), Last Present (2001), One Fine Spring Day (2001), Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005) Awards: MBC - Best Actress (1996), SBS - Best Actress (1998), Blue Dragon - Best Actress (2005), Sitges - Best Actress (2005), Baeksang Award - Best Leading Actress (2006) Spokeswoman for LG Electronics Official Website http://cafe.daum.net/youngaelove CFs: KTF mms:// mms:// mms:// http://www.koreatips.net/_share/stars/images/kt_lya.mpg Perio COOL toothpaste CF http://www.koreatips.net/_share/stars/imag...riocool_lya.mpg Taster choice CF http://www.tasterschoice.co.kr/coffee/vod/chois02.asx http://www.tasterschoice.co.kr/coffee/vod/chois03.asx http://www.tasterschoice.co.kr/coffee/vod/chois04.asx Coway CF mms://media.coway.co.kr/coway/Korean/CF/02.wmv mms://media.coway.co.kr/coway/Korean/CF/03.wmv mms://media.coway.co.kr/coway/Korean/CF/01.wmv Amorepacific http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-297.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-060.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-059.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-060.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-297.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-033.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-034.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-035.asf http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/90-036.asf amorepacific. Sept CF http://www.amorepacific.co.kr/upload_file/...y/cf/00-077.wmv from:withyoungae.com LGCC http://www.lgcc.tv/lgccfile/cfstory/vod/lgenc020913.wmv http://www.lgcc.tv/lgccfile/cfstory/vod/hou30.asf http://www.lgcc.tv/lgccfile/cfstory/vod/hou46.asf http://www.lgcc.tv/lgccfile/cfstory/vod/lgenc031125.wmv http://www.lgcc.tv/lgccfile/cfstory/vod/lge040115.wmv LG care http://www.lgcare.com/korean/data/1/movie/...16042649_cf.asf http://www.lgcare.com/korean/data/1/movie/...16045621_cf.asf http://www.lgcare.com/korean/data/1/movie/...16044126_cf.asf http://www.lgcare.com/korean/data/1/movie/...16043326_cf.asf http://www.lgcare.com/korean/data/1/movie/...16045915_cf.asf http://www.lgcare.com/korean/data/1/movie/...16045131_cf.asf saydept http://www.saydept.com/img/say/say_1.wmv http://www.saydept.com/img/say/say_4.wmv http://www.saydept.com/img/say/say_2.wmv http://www.saydept.com/img/say/say_3.wmv system air http://www.systemaircon.com/upload/about/p...45226373122.wmv WHISEN http://vod.lgcc.tv/cfstory/vod/lge050624.wmv lottesamkang http://www.lottesamkang.co.kr/attach/adver.../cf/1990/60.wmv http://www.lottesamkang.co.kr/attach/adver.../cf/1990/63.wmv credits: koreanwind.net
  3. Go Hyun Jung (고현정) DOB: March 2nd, 1971 STATS: 172 cm, 50 kg EDUCATION: Dongkuk University FAMILY: divorced, 1 son & 1 daughter DRAMAS: [KBS] Love On A Jujube Tree (1990), [MBC] Eye of Dawn (1991), [MBC] My Mother's Sea (1992), [sBS] A Love Without Fear (1992), [sBS] Farewell (1994), [sBS] The Sandglass (1995), [sBS] A Spring Day (2005) AWARDS: 1989 Miss Korea runner-up, 1992 Baeksang Award for Best New Actress (The Date Tree Has Caught Love), 1994 Baeksang Nominee for Best Actress (My Mother's Sea), 1995 Baeksang Nominee for Best Actress (Sandglass), [sBS] Big Star Award (2000) GHJ Cafe Daum http://www.kohyunjung82.com/ Actress Ko Hyun-Jung Returns to TV
  4. Han Hye Jin 한혜진 DOB: October 27th, 1981 Height: 165cm Weight: 47kg School: Seoul Art College Relationship Status: Taken, boyfriend is singer Na-Ul (Brown Eyes) Awards: 2004 KBS Drama Awards - Best New Actress, 2005 MBC Drama Awards - Excellence Award (Be Strong Geum-soon), 2005 Popularity Award [nominated] (Be Strong Geum-soon), 2005 MBC Drama Awards [nominated] Best Couple Award (Be Strong Geum-soon), 2006 MBC Drama Awards - Popularity Award [nominated] (Jumong), 2006 MBC Drama Awards - Best Couple Award [nominated] Jumong, 2006 MBC Drama Awards - Top Excellence Award (Jumong) Dramas: [MBC] Friends (2002), [MBC] Romance (2002), [MBC] I Love Hyun-jung (2002), [MBC] Inspector Park Moon-soo (2002), [KBS] Drama City 'Sweet 18' (2003), [MBC] 1% of Something (2003), [sBS] New Human Market (2004), [KBS] You Are a Star (2004), [MBC] Heroes (2004), [MBC] Be Strong, Geum-soon! (2005), [MBC] The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Joo Mong (2006) Movies: Showdown in Seoul (2004) http://cafe.naver.com/370.cafe http://www.cyworld.com/mayahana
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