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  1. any news about the instrumental background music OST? I've been waiting a while now but still nothing
  2. I would've liked to see who would catch the bouquet but the episode was already over aww.. I actually liked Ji Ah/Gwi Nam couple better than Mr. Yang/Se Ra in the end, they were a bit too exaggerating for me, they felt more like comedy relief I couldn't take them seriously lol overall it was a cute rom-com to watch too bad a few of the bgm wasn't included in the official OST.
  3. I've only watched 10 episodes of this, but I like the mystery in this this drama needs more views... I wonder what's with the card that dropped under the counter in an earlier episode? what's in the mysterious phone and basement? also I noticed they used a few background music from D-Day
  4. am I the only one who laughed at the interview scene? "Where can I get a robot like that?" "Forget men. I want to live with a robot like that" I felt like crying during the "I love you" scene and the mom dying, especially with that emotional background music *hopes for happy ending*
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