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  1. also dropped at 5 eps. it was boring/couldn't feel the chemistry between the leads. Only thing I was interested in was Joo Ran's blind dates but it was upsetting when I read a spoiler about her well actually I've read spoilers about the entire drama anyways. They should've just ended it like Architecture 101 (if anyone remembers that movie)
  2. I will miss Eun Ho/Sa Ra... I shipped them more than the main couple and the cute dog KingKang! I find it funny they have a clothes rack for the dog outfits in the living room I kinda felt sorry for Chae Yu Ri in the last ep, looks like she's gone bonkers! So is Se Gye transforming less often now due to the power of true love like Shrek? I'll admit the first few eps were kinda meh but I enjoyed the drama overall.
  3. well I'm in denial of the ending so I want to believe they survived off-screen somehow (Jin Gook stop crying and call an ambulance!) other k-drama characters have survived from worse conditions and at least ended up in a coma maybe. All of this could've been avoided if JG revealed the truth earlier! I still don't get why he was so against MY One of the background music sounds like from the original version (which I'm watching now)
  4. who is the corpse in the beginning of the first ep? how come the police won't take the broken badge as evidence? are they scared of dealing with the Royal family or they're just really incompetent police? I get that Wang Shik is upset over his mom but he shouldn't have flipped a table in the police station, it just makes him look bad. Sunny is annoying to watch though, I can see why they had to make her naive enough to fall for the evil prince. I look forward to this drama and CJH's appearance the identity change and entering the enemy's home reminds me a bit of Let Me Introduce Her.
  5. finally finished the last 5 eps all in one day! Awesome drama had me on the edge of my seat, and the emotional OSTs/background music... Mateo's evil laughing surprised me Is that abandoned building in ep 13 the same one from Mistress? It makes me think they used the same forest too. I knew the detective guy was fishy when he showed up in the car, the way he talked felt weird. It was sad when Yook Gwang died, he was my favourite supporting character I find it odd Priest Yang cleaned the entire room but didn't bother wiping the blood off the murder weapon/burying it in the forest too but I guess the writers must leave Kil Young a clue that the woman was attacked. I wonder why the last episode was rated 19. The final hand holding scene reminds me of The Creation of Adam painting, love their bromance! not surprised PHJ is still around, maybe she will be the next PID if there's season 2.
  6. ohh that's sad I love that song too, I assumed it was part of the OST and not background music... I'm feeling the same disappointment when Laughter in Waikiki didn't have bgm ost.
  7. anyone know if they will release that other song too (male vocal singing in English, eps 14-15) I can't find it in google someone else couldn't find it with Shazam either
  8. so there won't be an official soundtrack for bgm? that sucks I really liked some of the music... wonder why they didn't just record their wedding in the first place. I think Ma Sung would've looked better in a white suit for the wedding The ending was hilarious! I'm still iffy about Dr Yoon, why the change of heart? He should've been in jail with the aunt. Also I would've voted for Ha Im in the black dress, that dark look suits her better lol why was Ki Joon scared of fur?
  9. yes exactly my thoughts too! he's so dreamy and perfect for the role... I'm dying to watch the final eps but ep 15 not subbed yet I'm missing the main leads already, they're so cute together I don't want the drama to end yet. I love that scene with Ki Joon hugging Gi Beum, it was very touching/bittersweet for me. I'm just going to assume it's a happy ending since I don't see the tragedy tag/genre on this drama?
  10. finally decided to watch this drama 2 days ago, I got hooked by the cute romance in ep 1! Now I'm addicted and can't stop watching... the leads are so cute together they should date in real life I love that music playing when they first met (around 5 minutes in ep 1) hope they release the various artists album soon. their first kiss is my favourite out of all their kisses, the scenery/lighting made the scene more alluring. The way he looks at her is just so sexy also Ma Sung looked so handsome in that white suit (ep 8) it matched the scenery perfectly! Ki Joon is my favourite character, he's a comic relief with all these villains around. One of the background music playing during him and Ha Im scenes sounds like it's from Manhole k-drama, but this version sounds different. It feels sad the more I watch this, hope it will not be like Uncontrollably Fond. I'd rather they pulled a Miracle That We Met ending but no way that's gonna happen
  11. what's up with k-dramas and shaving scenes? like in Eulachacha Waikiki. But male Se Gye didn't even have any facial hair. I'm still hoping for the second leads couple.. *sigh* why show cute moments of them when he's gonna be a priest anyway? it was funny when the mom wanted Se Gye back in the end. I think Ga Young is pretty, I'd like to see more of her in other dramas.
  12. can I just say the actors/actresses were awesome acting as the possessed people yes even the psycho congresswoman. When that knife went through the door it scared me That scene was so sad when the husband hugged his son crying with the Somewhere OST playing the song sort of reminds me of Black's first OST Take Me Out
  13. I can't find the OST for Wuri's Family (old k-drama) anywhere, anyone still have? I only saved some of the songs back then, wish I downloaded all of them now
  14. underrrated drama, glad I waited to binge-watched this! I love how caring/protective Kang Woo is for Eun Han my heart melts even when they are just hugging, so happy they ended up together in the end! My favourite side characters were Kim Seong Ho (when he started going after Jung Soo Jin) and Ms Hwang (the way she stood up to Jung after she fired her was awesome I liked that scene where Eun Han was imagining/hugging her past self in the audio room, it was sad/touching for me. Chae Young was annoying for half of the show, glad she gave up in the end. I wished they would show Chan Ki's perspective more, why/how he became like that, also wonder why don't he just buy a punching bag instead of beating her up also whenever I see Hyun Soo she reminds me of Kim Go Eun? I loved the background music, a few of them are based off of D-Day's bgm. This one just makes the show more exciting/dramatic forgot to ask who opened the gate for EH to drive through it?
  15. I am more excited to see that cute dog than the actors in one of those teasers it's so cute aww...
  16. can't believe Kim Dong Wook was from Coffee Prince - sorry I don't remember him/his character at all now *sees his pics online* he looked so young back then wow it's been years since I watched that drama. anyways the first few minutes in scared me with that stabbing scene, I'm glad that they censor the weapons/bloody stuff, it makes it less scary for me I can stand watching ghosts/demons (like in A Korean Odyssey, Bring it on Ghost) but not when people are getting killed brutally also that ahjumma lady with the bloody face creeping me out too. This drama also reminds me of The Wailing.
  17. that elevator kiss scene was so funny especially with that OST playing I also like Phillip's comic role in this, it's funny how he shows up in a dramatic way sometimes ep 24 - What a cliffhanger that was - can't wait for the next episodes! The assistant writer ghost should haunt KEY! I can't stand her why is YA so desperate for Phillip, it's not like he's the only man in the world lol
  18. *reads Song Seung Heon's name on thread title* I'M IN! loved his acting in Black, so I'm excited for his next role!
  19. still waiting for Jang Mi Kwan's next villain role I liked him better in Manhole than SWDBS. Why is he not cast in other dramas/movies yet??
  20. this is literally my face whenever KS sees through SA scenes -> I thought Cha Eun Woo's acting was stiff in the beginning of this drama but he's growing on me more every episode! And he has such pretty eyes that employee guy deserved to be punched! The other senior guy Chan Woo is still annoying too. How many times have people said KS is handsome in this drama? finally they got together. can't wait to see more of their romance! Also, KS' mom looks like an older version of Yoon Eun Hye...
  21. oh I didn't know the CD was out a while ago, I was waiting for it on Youtube is there going to be another CD for instrumental tracks? I was looking for the music when Laura was dying, and that cool music when So Bong punched NS. I was also expecting the drama version of Longing Dance too, it just sounds different when it plays in the drama I uploaded 2 on youtube a while ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF4wgJowlMM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baeRCIPzN48 guess I'll go and cut some audio again...
  22. *waits impatiently for background music OST* wonder what's taking so long? I am still waiting for Suits' BGM OST too...
  23. I love that music where Seung Goo and Sharon meet for the last time (ep 20, 21:55) I can't find it in the official OST...?
  24. ugh I knew that sunbae was creepy from the start I replayed that kicking scene a few times haha he's so irritating! I roll my eyes whenever those random guys are in love with Soo Ah... Who is the younger actress for Mi Rae (middle school) she sorta reminds me of Kim Hwan Hee?
  25. I cried when Human NS was crying yay Ye Na finally did something useful in the drama. NS3 should've tied up Mr. Seo after firing that gun. It was a bit weird when So Bong untied those ropes easily, but I guess they needed to save screen time. I'm also wondering why that other man with glasses didn't end up in jail (thought the same thing for Healer, the secretary didn't get caught?) am I the only one who feels disappointed NS3's powers were gone oh well at least he's still alive in the end still sad that the mom died, wish she could've been in a coma instead and woke up for the time skip, reunite with the 2 Shins.
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