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  1. I wonder why did GSY get MD's face when she already exists/is alive? (instead of getting an entirely new face like CM) Did I miss something? 

    why would she want to do plastic surgery she already looked fine before :blink: and what's with the drama always calling her ugly? 

    I'm waiting for someone to give OYC a haircut/shave his beard now that he's in jail :lol:


    ohh I just noticed now Jung So Min/Seo In Guk's cameo was because this drama's the same director of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes? 

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  2. hated the last episodes! :thumbsdown: because 1) the way they killed Wang Sik off like that was so forced/lame, it was hard for me to believe that was even the same character. The explosion was just too cruel way to die :angry: 

    If he had to die just let him die peacefully, like he couldn't make it through the brain surgery. But then again Choi Jin Hyuk's character survived in Devilish Joy (also with brain problem) so why not in this drama too?

    2) no one visited his grave or even mentioned him anymore like he's some background character? Especially Sunny, when he's saved/helped her so many times and wouldn't have gone this far without his (and other people's) help.... not even a final "Thank you/goodbye" or anything?? 

    Lee Hyuk's sudden change of heart just felt weird to me. I thought Yu Ra died but she showed up in the end :o 

    I wonder what the original ending would've been like if it wasn't extended. 


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  3. I'm only around 20 eps in, I was watching this when it started but wanted to wait to marathon this drama! I LOVE this drama it's so addicting :w00t:

    empress dowager's milk bath scene was more WTF than Tae Hang Ho transforming into Choi Jin Hyuk scene :crazy: that's so messed up...
     "The chief guard's body is like my own body"

    "Don't go anywhere. Stay with me." *touches his cheek* omg the bromance is killing me... :smirk: 

    Wang Shik must be pretty strong if he can survive so many hits on the head.

    in ep 24 why didn't Lee Hyuk or Yu Ra recognize that was Woo Bin's voice on the phone/voice recording? I don't think he used something to change his voice back then.

    thankfully the Princess has saved Wang Shik from that button incident. I sorta feel bad for her when he doesn't actually like her that way.



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  4. is that a real app or something (or just made for the dramas?) - those live shows the brother does with people giving him those star candy things? I noticed that is also in Laughter In Waikiki and My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. Those comments always crack me up :joy: 

    ep 5 was funny when that old guy started hitting on Hye Ja and when Young Soo wanted to go to the buffet too :lol:

    ep 6 "I should've kissed him" - Hye Ja. LOL

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  5. omg I just found out Lee Yu Ri is 39 :o she looks young, I thought she was in her 20s.

    This drama is more fun for me to watch than the other ones airing! Bom Il's English cracks me up every time :D even Bo Mi's mom makes me laugh sometimes. The cheating husband sort of reminds me of the one from Woman of Dignity (but that guy's not that evil, he just acts like an idiot who wants to keep 2 women at the same time) I wonder if the CIA will try to come back later and steal their formula.

    now I see the latest episode, oh well at least it's better than no episode at all...

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  6. I wasn't so into this drama until ep 6 - that was the funniest episode so far! When the rock still hit him through that helmet haha

     "Judging by the bugs, it must be nature-friendly!" - Tae Rim :joy:

    I ship Jae In with Ki Seok :wub: Tae Rim's facial expressions/the way he talks is so annoying but hilarious I can't take him seriously. Jung Sang Hoon also hilarious here, I loved watching him in Woman of Dignity.

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  7. I watched this because of LMIH, but wow this drama is so intense right off the bat. I want to watch the original one now too.

    You know there's something wrong with the guy when he wants to propose so soon like that :crazy:  he was more creepy in that scene than romantic...

    I knew he was behind that phone call, this guy is more psycho than the anchor guy even though I hate them both. Her reason for wanting to change her face makes more sense in this than LMIH.

    The OSTs are good but that rock song playing (whenever something bad happens) feels out of place? 

    I can't wait for more episodes! Anyone recommend other dramas like this?

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  8. they should've just waited a bit longer for that donor's response before! At first I thought NK paid off the donor to not donate. If only they communicated better there wouldn't have been a misunderstanding :huh: person should've confirmed with the coordinator first before believing a random phone call (didn't they wonder how they got that number in the first place when you're not supposed to see their contact info?)

    is that lighthouse scenery the same place from Children of Nobody?

    I wanted to see more in the ending :cry: who is Joon Seo's legal mom now? I want him to call JY "mom"...


    I wish Hye Na didn't die, and ended up in a coma instead :( I cried in that hospital scene

    the Cha family is hilarious :lol: That huge pyramid and the cringey text message... I also find it funny seeing people fight each other (catfights?) it reminded me of Woman of Dignity and that one episode of Man Who Sets the Table :smirk:

    I forgot what was Coach Kim watching on her computer screen in the early episode? I kinda ship her and Jo in that last episode.

    for some reason the actor playing Woo Joo sort of reminds me of Lee Min Ho.

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  10. I only watched half of this drama and like it so far. But wtf that flashback scene with the car flying out of nowhere :crazy: when he saved her it sort of reminded me of Twilight.

    I could tell right away that baby wasn't even Filipino when it came out :joy: I was laughing when they showed a close up shot of the baby and didn't look like the parents at all LMAO

    the gangster situation was ridiculous, they could've just called security earlier to kick them out. Why does In Woo hate Soo Yeon?

    I was wondering if all airports would've had those dogs that sniff for drugs/food etc. for ep 15-16, I was waiting for one to show up. I like the subtle romance between the main leads :) 

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  11. wow I'm addicted to this drama maybe I should've waited to binge watch this one!

    That musical scene with the singing/kiss felt cheesy to me haha

    The training music made me laugh :lol: the haircut scene was hilarious/strange, they could've used any training scene instead for a more believable transition... (that must be a magical mirror!) 

    the way he pulled the gun from the emperor at the end was so awesome :D But I liked his original name better somehow, maybe I'm over thinking the chinese character for Wang means King so I wonder if there's significance about the name for his character. like Wang Yeol (Goblin) Chun Woo Bin sounds like an idol/actor's name 

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  12. I think both dramas are good in their own way even though I've only watched 2 eps, and am excited for the rest (that cliffhanger!) but I still like the cast from The Guest better. This one looks scarier with the floating/supernatural effects and without that cheesy scream PARK IL DOO!!!!! 

    I noticed there was a bandaid on EH's neck in the beginning even though she only put it on after WJ bit her :huh:  am I the only one who's more scared of the operation scenes than the horror omg all that blood :tired: the possessed people are exciting to watch though!

    that whispering voice in ep 2 sounded creepy when I wore headphones, felt a chill when the voice went from my right to left ear. WJ singing Bee Gee's I Started a Joke was so random lol

    When WJ wanted water I thought of PID :lol: 

    So these guys have their own hideout for exorcism compared to Mateo who exorcises right on the spot? Interesting


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  13. Those scenes with the head butler falling for Terius was so funny :lol: 

    I don't know what is that funny song playing at ep 31 22:45 (when Terius was walking dressed in a black suit) but I remember it from Laughter In Waikiki when Soo Jin was all dressed up with that orange net bag! :lol: I cringe whenever I see those nose touching scenes haha 

    yay Yong Tae is alive he's my favourite character in the drama! I would love to see more of him if there's season 2.


    we can only vote 8 dramas? ohh so hard to choose there's tons of dramas I want to vote for :o 

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  14. also dropped at 5 eps. it was boring/couldn't feel the chemistry between the leads. Only thing I was interested in was Joo Ran's blind dates but it was upsetting when I read a spoiler about her :( well actually I've read spoilers about the entire drama anyways. They should've just ended it like Architecture 101 (if anyone remembers that movie)

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