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  1. On 7/1/2020 at 6:00 PM, dsgam95 said:

    I think they will shoot for season 2 anyway

    as they already estimated the cost and filming started since April.

    I am not the fan of the writer’s writing style as well,  it is too drama and makjang  but her most of  her family dramas are hit and have good rating.May be she knows Korean ahjumma tatse.

    Excited how she will handle this one , writer nim u should handle with care and wisely not to wasting many excellent actors time and skill hahaa!

    It is almost last one year as the first casting for penthouse released end of december  and will air in October 

    Such a long wait huuuhu!

    I love revenge/makjang/lakorns, I find them addicting! I must be an ahjumma lmao oh wait I've said this in Fatal Promise page too before it started airing :joy:

    Hopefully this will be as addicting as The Last Empress & Come! Jang Bo Ri - I loved those dramas so I'm hyped for this one! Meanwhile I'm watching Eugene's older drama A Hundred Year's Inheritance, I'm surprised by how young Lee Jung Jin looks there compared to in TKEM... 


  2. ep 76 - am I the only one who laughed when Tae In's father threw those bean sprouts at Hye Won's mom :joy: 

    call me crazy but I'm still hoping Eun Dong/Tae In can be together in the end?? I was shipping them before :cry: 

     she and Ji Hoon feel more like friends to me.. 

    Also late comment but the actress for Seo Ju looks kinda like Go Bo Gyeol 

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  3. 15 hours ago, Lmangla said:

    quite possible!


    been binge watching 'heaven's promise' which was so addictive. that character was so shrewd and focused that she couldn't even bother with romance. such a contrast to half impulse eun dong here who can't seem to figure out even a plan and is instead playing delivery app girl. ^_^ hahahah... but what was interesting with heaven's promise was it wasn't clear to the end who she would end up. even though she got married for revenge, would she end up being single? would she stay married? would she go back to her ex? actually her ex and her had so many scenes where he kept asking her to reconsider that no wonder some folks (based on YT comments) thought it was possible they were the ship.


    so who knows with a daily @youngae, it is quite possible that in a later episode, she might say that it was just a crush and she has no intention of being with someone whose dad has her dad's heart.

    I'm also watching The Promise at the same time with this! I'm at ep 84 and yes it's addicting! I like Park Ha Na's acting more in The Promise than in Fatal Promise??

    Anyways I was more excited at the end of Fatal Promise episode 52 more than the final episode of The King: Eternal Monarch :joy: 

    I feel more motivated to watch makjangs than regular dramas.. even if they keep making the same plots I still find them addicting :relieved:

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