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  1. watched the first few eps but am not really hooked to this one yet.. I remember being more impressed with A Man in a Veil 1st episode/opening scene. Kang Eun Tak/Yang Mi Kyung's characters stood out to me in the beginning, their story felt emotional :( I can't seem to connect with these new characters yet. 

    I don't recognize most of the actors again except for the FL from Lovely Horribly and the other female side character from Left-Handed Wife.

    But I got addicted to the previous 3 daily dramas while they were airing so I'm still continuing this to see if it gets better

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    am still listening to the instrumental BGM of A Man in a Veil.. 

    I liked a lot of music in this drama but they didn't include more of it (I noticed one of the music in the drama was also played in New Tales of Gisaeng except it's a different version). Kang Eun Tak looks kinda sexy on the album cover :lol:

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  3. Miss Montecristo & The Penthouse 2 - always looking forward to more makjang dramas :tounge_wink: 

    Vincenzo - can't wait to watch Song Joong Ki again! 

    already watching River Where the Moon Rises & Sisyphus: the Myth (1st ep gives me Vagabond vibes) the cinematography looks good in both of these dramas 

    Mouse - was disappointed Choi Jin Hyuk wasn't in the cast list anymore but I liked Lee Hee Joon in a few other dramas before so am still interested in the drama


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  4. well it was fun watching this. I'm sad that SJ died, he was the real MVP here but I find it so frustrating whenever I see characters just standing there waiting to get hit by the car, both of them could've avoided getting hit. Meanwhile in True Beauty those 2 guys got hit by a car and they're still alive with minor injuries <_< SJ didn't even look like his parents lmao he actually looked more like Mr. Koo. He ending up liking his own sister reminds me of a plot twist in a Shoujo manga I read many years ago. 

    I like the BGM hope they can release the OST for it, like that acoustic guitar music that plays sometimes during YR's scenes. But I see they still didn't release the music for Gracious Revenge & Fatal Promise.. although I saw the music soundtrack for A Place in the Sun & Love to the End got released in 2020 so I still have hope.  

    I still don't get the meaning over "in a Veil"? 

    Looking forward to the next daily drama Miss Montecristo! 

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  5. still rooting for JM, ep 59 was hot :love: 

    lol "Stop looking at me and just kiss me" and the Jenga blocks scene

    I'd want to root for SH too but the writer doesn't even give him that much screen time/any good scenes with the FL. Watched the original 2004 version but Eric Mun's JM was meh, didn't really care about his character compared to Seo Ha Joon's. I liked older MR more she was creepier than Park Young Rin here (like with that broken aquarium scene) now I wonder if this drama will have a different ending or stick to the original one.. That OST song His Love for You - Shin Jae Hong is my favourite song now I keep listening to it! 

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  6. The end of ep 88 has me screaming :w00t: 

    I feel more interested in the veteran actors' love story than TP/YJ and SJ revenge story would actually be more exciting than TP's. YR didn't put the handkerchief back into the photo frame?? 

    not surprised the drama got extended like the previous 2 dramas Fatal Promise & Gracious Revenge (which I also got addicted to) am watching the older time slot drama A Place in the Sun too but it feels kinda boring since it's not as over the top/makjang as these ones... 

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  7. did Jeon Seok really die that fast? He barely had any screentime after coming back I'm hoping he just faked his death with that watch and fake body (reminds me of Left-Handed Wife) Plus Tae Poong didn't even look fazed over his death either. Why would you stand so close to a cliff to talk? 

    nice fanservice scene of topless Seo Joon (ep 75) but why does his body look so shiny :joy: 

    Yoo Ra gave up easily for a divorce? Something feels suspicious, I thought she was going to try something with that divorce wine. 

    Tae Poong has more chemistry with Seo Joon and Min Woo than with Yoo Jung. 

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  8. am I the only one who cried at the recent episodes :bawling: ep 68 was emotional for me especially at the end when Tae Poong cuts Min Woo's hair.. I was sad whenever Min Woo was crying, what a good actor this boy is, will look forward to seeing more of him when he's older! I can't believe I forgot he was in 4 other dramas I've watched already. 

    What happened to Joon Seok and his brother and where are they now? 

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  9. I am more addicted to this drama after the time skip, I haven't noticed how handsome Seo Ha Joon actually is until he became Jung Min (looks younger with different hair/wardrobe and without glasses) LOL. The end of ep 24 omg I am feeling SLS :love:  

    Se Hoon has a heart problem?! Did they hint this in the beginning episodes or did I miss this part (I've been watching multiple dramas at the same time so I probably forgot some details) 

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  10. I loved the last arc with Noh Poong Shik, it was exciting to watch! :w00t: 

     He really did look terrifying there, kudos to the actor. The teamwork was fun to watch and Sung Rok/Wang Wei interactions with KMY are hilarious (I should call him Kang Min Ho now but I feel like Kim Moo Young sounds like a catchier name and KMH is more like his human identity while KMY is his zombie identity?) My top 3 favourite characters of CJH are from Zombie Detective, Devilish Joy, and Gu Family Book, I fell in love with his characters within the first 30 mins of the 1st episodes :love: 

    What's with the post credits scene? Did SR really turn into a zombie or they are trying to mislead us again like they did in the beginning of the show where KMY almost bit the FL and another scene also showed her looking in a mirror with zombie makeup on but she didn't actually turn into one. I think turning SR into a zombie takes away the point of the show where the ML is supposed to be the only "Zombie Detective". I also wanted to see TG's reaction to him being a zombie, they could even make him star in one of his zombie movies too which would've been a cooler post-ending credits instead.


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  11. how did they even notice the secretary guy from that ambulance footage - 

    I was having mixed feelings about this drama but I'm hooked by the end of ep 20! Why am I always so addicted to these makjang dailies :smirk:

    It's interesting watching Lee Il Hwa in this drama and Lie After Lie at the same time. I want to see her team up with TP and get revenge on Lady Joo. 

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  12. love this catwalk scene when he threw away his gloves and hat :kiss_wink: lol look at that old man in the background giving him a thumbs up



    who else started laughing when they heard "Almost Paradise"

    Choi Jin Hyuk looks so hot as a chaebol I want to watch a full length drama of his character like this please :love: even better if it's a makjang again-- 



    "This chicken. That chicken. Get rid of them all. I'm sick of raw chickens." :joy:

    The background music in that scene (B Rosette - Kim Soo Jin) was also played in Eulachacha Waikiki 2 before (I think it was a scene with Joon Ki's car Rebecca). 

    I also laughed at that man's reaction when he was peeking at KMY listening to his own heartbeat.


    LOL Streetfighter game "Metowaeji VS. Moo Young" :w00t: 



    still no OSTs out yet - I'm waiting for that rap song when he started going to the KMY agency in the early eps.

    now for a serious question.. who killed the real Kim Moo Young and why??

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  13. loving this drama so far! The latest eps seem to be a spoof on Save Me (k-drama)

    He is just too cute using that air freshener spray on himself :kiss_wink:



    "From what I saw on TV, characters like Grim Reapers or aliens all had their own cars and houses, but what is up with me?" :joy:

    also laughed at him hiding meat under his clothes and hat

    and the Zombie yoga position: "It gives you a physical sense of freedom that you can't even tell if you're dead or alive"


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  14. This drama is so fun that I keep re-watching Choi Jin Hyuk's scenes :lol: not really feeling the FL either yet but maybe I'll like her later (like with the FL in Are You Human Too?) I laughed at Train to Busan, The Last Empress & Goblin references!  The tongue twister rap in the cave LMAO That dance was sexy when he took off his jacket :kiss_wink:

     idk why that rap song in the tunnel makes me laugh, Shazam doesn't work on it so it's not released yet?? 

    hope the rest of the drama is just as good as the first few eps! 

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  15. On 7/1/2020 at 6:00 PM, dsgam95 said:

    I think they will shoot for season 2 anyway

    as they already estimated the cost and filming started since April.

    I am not the fan of the writer’s writing style as well,  it is too drama and makjang  but her most of  her family dramas are hit and have good rating.May be she knows Korean ahjumma tatse.

    Excited how she will handle this one , writer nim u should handle with care and wisely not to wasting many excellent actors time and skill hahaa!

    It is almost last one year as the first casting for penthouse released end of december  and will air in October 

    Such a long wait huuuhu!

    I love revenge/makjang/lakorns, I find them addicting! I must be an ahjumma lmao oh wait I've said this in Fatal Promise page too before it started airing :joy:

    Hopefully this will be as addicting as The Last Empress & Come! Jang Bo Ri - I loved those dramas so I'm hyped for this one! Meanwhile I'm watching Eugene's older drama A Hundred Year's Inheritance, I'm surprised by how young Lee Jung Jin looks there compared to in TKEM... 


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