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  1. I love Samuel Seo's "Pain or Death" song it gets me emotional especially at the end of episode 24 "I want to live" I wish they released the different version of it (he's singing ha ha ha.. whoa whoa... da da da instead of the lyrics) it started playing at ep 18 47:27 and in some of the later episodes too. not sure about earlier in the drama
  2. "Eung Dong Joo, let me warn you. From now on, don't come anywhere near than 1 m towards me. You're too cute." at that moment I started to ship them
  3. what's with Park Jin Joo's voice she sounded really annoying in this drama I thought that was "Lee Jun Ki" cameo doing his acting gig Eulachacha Waikiki vibes!
  4. am I the only one who liked season 1 better? I missed watching Lee Yi Kyung he was so funny there I was excited when he showed up in the last episode! I liked watching the different cases/courtroom scenes and characters interactions with each other compared to this season it feels more like a crime/mystery drama where you just see one autopsy right after another. some parts bored me... I also missed hearing that nice acoustic guitar/piano beat background music (with a voice going "ooh") too it didn't play at all in this season since it had a darker vibe so the music doesn't really fit the mood. It's odd that there's a various artists/instrumental album for season 2 but not the first one? if there's season 3 I want Cha Soo Ho and Stella back!
  5. yay I was looking for that song at the end of ep 32, waited forever for its release! But I'm still disappointed they don't have my favorite background music, it's like a pop-dance beat music that plays whenever there's scenes of Lee Dong Gun at Fantasia...
  6. ehh I'm supposed to be shipping the main leads but I'm distracted by Lee Dong Gun's hotness this man has drawn my attention since his first appearance in the drama... I love that "I'm crazy over you" song, it's still not out yet
  7. they look good together I dropped their other drama Shall We Live Together though it was boring for me. I was addicted to Man Who Sets the Table (same writer) so I'm looking forward to this drama...
  8. I'm enjoying this drama because of the main leads (loved them in Eulachacha Waikiki/The Last Empress) those cliffhangers make me want to watch more episodes! funniest scenes were the "Tale as old as time" scene, sleeping bag, amusement park ride
  9. I wonder why did GSY get MD's face when she already exists/is alive? (instead of getting an entirely new face like CM) Did I miss something? why would she want to do plastic surgery she already looked fine before and what's with the drama always calling her ugly? I'm waiting for someone to give OYC a haircut/shave his beard now that he's in jail ohh I just noticed now Jung So Min/Seo In Guk's cameo was because this drama's the same director of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes?
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qODWFe6v3zA
  11. loved watching Ryu Soo Young in this! He deserves an award for acting still waiting for that male version of "Stay with me" OST 4. Why'd they release just the female version when it was sung by a male singer first?
  12. I heard there's going to be an American remake of this... it's a joke right? they didn't even try to make it sound like the original - why is it a remake?? might as well be an entirely different drama on its own! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXj-9XTHkq0
  13. that psycho girl was also a psycho in Manhole k-drama! am I the only one not really laughing at this season? I only watched 6 episodes but nothing made me laugh out loud like the first (which had more exaggerating humor/situations and funnier cameo actors) and I miss Jun Ki/Chewbacca couple so upset the writer broke them up!
  14. hated the last episodes! because 1) the way they killed Wang Sik off like that was so forced/lame, it was hard for me to believe that was even the same character. The explosion was just too cruel way to die If he had to die just let him die peacefully, like he couldn't make it through the brain surgery. But then again Choi Jin Hyuk's character survived in Devilish Joy (also with brain problem) so why not in this drama too? 2) no one visited his grave or even mentioned him anymore like he's some background character? Especially Sunny, when he's saved/helped her so many times and wouldn't have gone this far without his (and other people's) help.... not even a final "Thank you/goodbye" or anything?? Lee Hyuk's sudden change of heart just felt weird to me. I thought Yu Ra died but she showed up in the end I wonder what the original ending would've been like if it wasn't extended.
  15. I'm only around 20 eps in, I was watching this when it started but wanted to wait to marathon this drama! I LOVE this drama it's so addicting empress dowager's milk bath scene was more WTF than Tae Hang Ho transforming into Choi Jin Hyuk scene that's so messed up... "The chief guard's body is like my own body" "Don't go anywhere. Stay with me." *touches his cheek* omg the bromance is killing me... Wang Shik must be pretty strong if he can survive so many hits on the head. in ep 24 why didn't Lee Hyuk or Yu Ra recognize that was Woo Bin's voice on the phone/voice recording? I don't think he used something to change his voice back then. thankfully the Princess has saved Wang Shik from that button incident. I sorta feel bad for her when he doesn't actually like her that way.
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