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  1. 10 hours ago, ChunSungIm said:


    She's getting all the hates because of  GY. They want GY to be single forever... Ahhhh those cray cray netizens..  

    If I were KGE, I will stay away from social media for a while.. I will just stay with GY and watch Goblin all over again... lol :D GY is more important than those crazy netizens.. :) 

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  2. Kim Go Eun’s Agency Clears Up Break Up Rumors 


    Following reports of Kim Go Eun and Shin Ha Kyun’s recent breakup, rumors about Kim Go Eun breaking up with Shin Ha Kyun because of Gong Yoo have been brought up once again. Previously, rumors first arose when Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo were filming “Goblin.”

    A source from Kim Go Eun’s agency addressed the rumors and said, “There are suspicions about her relationship with Gong Yoo but it’s not true.”

    The source continued, “They just worked together through a drama. Her breakup with Shin Ha Kyun was because of her schedule and not because of someone else.”

    The president of Gong Yoo’s agency previously addressed the rumors through his personal Instagram and said, “Creating rumors about things that are not true and things that did not happen like this and that. Who is scribbling so preposterously. There’s no truth, but there are rumors. And a lot of it.”


    It is expected something like this will be reported. Their chemistry and closeness during and after filming is daebak! 

    Oh and I don't believe the break up happened just last month.. I think they broke up last year. #gutfeel :) 

    The official statement and the reason why they broke up is very clichè... 

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  3. 8 hours ago, sooyoungdaebak said:

    @mitsu252 Hi5! I'm glad YJT won Best Actor too instead of some random actors. I'm sure if GY had gone, he would receive the honor. I was hoping Nana would win Best Rising Star cos she did a great job in TGW. 

    Thanks for the award updates, chingus! :kiss_wink: Ailee singing that song makes my soul cry. So happy Goblin score 4 awards. 


    Nana is under Soop Mgmt's too? Same with GY? She's in good hands... After episode 1 of TGW, I got hooked. Great story and great cast. Il

    @cristala Really? They combined the category?. They sure had a hard time choosing a winner. 

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  4. How I wish KGE will drop her agency when her contract ends. That agency is not that supportive with their contract stars.. During the airing of Goblin, they didn't bother to get some stills of KGE while Soop and Kingkong were doing everything to promote LDW and GY.. Hodu should at least give KGE some credit and importance.. She is a gem..

    Soop is way way better than Hodu..

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  5. I sometimes don't understand Soop Mgmt. They will commit the attnedance of GY and wil cancel it last minute.. The KCTA is not a whole day event. It will only take 3 to 4 hours of GY time. :wink: #justsaying 

    GongGo is the hardest ship I have ever supported.. Too hard to see them together.. Lucky us if a single photo of them will be uploaded by their friends and colleagues.. No photo shoots, no cf - nothing at all after Goblin ends. #sosad #notcomplaining #justsaying 

    by the way, welcome Newbies! Enjoy your stay here. you're too many to mention :) :) 

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  6. @molybdenum Someone posted on IG a photo of Yoo In Na in Los Angeles with her friends. They filmed Goblin for 5 months so everyone's taking a break except GY. He's finishing his commitments before taking a break middle of March..  If there are major projects, their agencies will announce it though. Let's wait for some good news this March.. :) 

    Glad to see KGE smiling and  enjoying her time with some friends. She deserves it. 

    This is one of my fave photo of Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak! 


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  7. 2 hours ago, seasonsoftheheart32 said:

    Regional codes for Dcut

    DVD: 3

    Blu-ray: A

    Won't explain in detail (kinda busy these days). Just Google to confirm your region!


    Thank you!  I know my region's code.. I just hope it will be available in YesAsia soon. 



    ** GY is working non stop. Another photo shoot I guess :) Happy weekened everyone! 


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  8. So many photos of GY yesterday. It's nice to see him well rested and happy... And I want to see our girl KGE with her own fan signing.. Paging Lancome, arrange one please.. Too bad Lancome has closed its branches here in our country..  

    Re: DVD DCut, I have checked with YesAsia and it is not yet available.. I have heard Dots DCut is loaded with BTS and NGs. too bad no one is sharing the content because of KBS' notice. I hope TvN will not be too strict when they release Goblin..

    GY sneding finger heart/ heart sign to his fans! What a sweet guy. :):) 


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