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  1. Shin Ha Kyun is an actor who was born in South Korea. Started his career acting in various plays in mostly film and rarely play on drama. Through drama Brain he gained high popularity. A Daesang award winner. His charisma has charmed many fans out there. Name: Shin Ha-Kyun Hangul: 신하균 Birthdate: May 30, 1974 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 175cm Blood Type: O Movies The Age of Innocence | Soonsooui Sidae (2014) - Min-Jae Big Match | Bigmaechi (2014) - Ace (game planner) Running Man (2013) - Cha Jong-Woo The Thieves | Dodookdeul (2012) - Director of art gallery Lee (cameo) The Front Line | Gojijeon (2011) - Kang Eun-Pyo Cafe Noir | Kape Neuwareu (2010) - Young-Soo Foxy Festival | Peseutibal (2010) - Jang-Bae (police officer) The Quiz Show Scandal | Kwijeu Wang (2010) - Ph.D A Song of Mobsters | Cheongnyeonpok Domaeng Jinga (2009) Thirst | Bakjwi (2009) - Kang-Woo The Devil's Game (2008) - Hee-Do My Son | Ahdeul (2007) - Uncle Wild Goose (voice) No Mercy for the Rude | Yeuieobsneun Geotdeul (2006) - Killa Murder, Take One | Baksuchilddae Ddeonara (2005) - Kim Young-Hoon Welcome to Dongmakgol | Welkeom Tu Dongmakgol (2005) - 2nd Lt. Pyo Hyun-Chul Sympathy for Lady Vengeance | Chinjeolhan Geumjassi (2005) - assassin 2 My Brother Uri hyeong (2004) - Sung-hyun A Man Who Went to Mars Hwaseongeuro gan sanai (2003) - Seung-jae Save the Green Planet! Jigureul jikyeora! (2003) - Lee Byeong-gu Surprise Party Seopeuraijeu (2002) - Kim Jeong-woo No Comment Mudjima Family (2002) Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Boksuneun naui geot (2002) - Ryu Guns and Talks Killerdeului suda (2001) - Jung-woo Coming Out (2001) Joint Security Area | Gongdonggyeongbiguyeok JSA (2000) - Jung Woo-Jin The Foul King | Banchikwang (2000) - thug The Spy | Gancheob Li Cheol-jin (1999) The Happenings | Amazing Men Gimaghin sanaedeul (1998) - Chu-rak Drama Series Mr. Back | Miseuteo Baek (MBC / 2014) - Choi Go-Bong / Choi Shin-Hyeong All About My Romance | Nae Yeonaeui Modeungeot (SBS / 2013) - Kim Soo-Young Brain | Beulein (KBS2 / 2011-2012) - Lee Kang-Hoon Harvest Villa | Wigiilbal Pongnyeonbilla (tvN / 2010) 2011 KBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2011 Grand Prize ("Brain") Netizen Award ("Brain") Best Couple Award with Choi Jung-Won ("Brain") Dear SHK fans. Hang in there. This page is under re-construction. We are going to make this page awesome and lively! Do check on SHK new current drama Mr.Back. Join us for more at Mr.Back Thread. Click this LINK Please always check in this site LOL ^^V - Thank you Inspired By : @gladys57 A Team Work : @Ahpheng @KyoRean Thank You : @LavelyShai Idea and Design By : KyoRean @ Soompi Thread *All decorations are only for Shin Ha Kyun Official Soompi Thread* last updated Jan 9, 2015
  2. I II Baby faced Beauty, Hot Snail, sweet voice, talented, beautiful, adorable, cute, dorky, boyish, big eyes, what more to describe this South Korean actress ^^ Recaps Jang Nara's Directory JNR Translations Library Korean name 장나라 English name Jang Nara Nick Name Jang Nan Han Ya?(It means "Are You playing around?"), Tweety Chinese name 张娜拉 / Zhang Na La Profession Singer, Actress, Model, Associate college professor of acting at Beijing Huajia University in China Birthdate March 18th, 1981 Height 163cm / 5 ft 3 inches Weight 42Kg Star sign Pisces Blood type A Religion Christian Family Mother, Father/actor Ju Ho Seong (주호성), older brother/actor Jang Sung Won (장성원) Education Yale Girls High School, Chungang University (Theater and Art degrees) Talent Ocarina, Dance, Flute, Bothering Dad Hobbies Reading, Movies and Pilates Languages Korean, Mandarin, and English Debut May 2001 Jinx Before she performs or goes on a show she has to joke around back stage and her performance will go well. Favorite Color White, Pink, Sky Blue, Black Talent Agency Narajjang.com Corporation (current) Website narajjang.com Social Networking Site Twitter @ narajjang318 Drama 2012 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award for Mini Series, Actress (School 2013) 2011 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award for Mini Series, Actress (Baby-faced Beauty) 2007 15th Chunsa Film Festival: Hallyu Star Award 2003 39th Baeksang Arts Awards:Best New TV Actress (Successful Story of a Bright Girl) 2002 SBS Drama Awards 10 Best Star: (Successful Story of a Bright Girl) Singing 2003 Singer of the Year (Korea) CCTV-MTV Music Honors 2002 KBS Music Awards 2002 MBC Singer Award 15th International Chunsa Film Festival: Hallyu Grand Award Some screen caps from scenes Fated to Love You 운명처럼 널 사랑해 School 2013 학교 2013 Baby Faced Beauty 동안미녀 Wedding 웨딩 Success Story of a Bright Girl 동안미녀 News and Articles I Video Musics I Variety Shows I Songs & Lyrics Commercials I Drama Threads I Fan's Sites I Fan's Arts I Pictures All about Jang Nara. Nara jJang! News and Articles Nara at Jung Joon young's radio programme update & pics 56, 57 | FTLY Fan Meeting Sept 16th, 2014 pics 55, 56 Jang Nara @ Changsha, China Sept 15th, 2014 55 | Jang Nara Wants to Treat Her Fan, Jung Joon Young, to a Meal 53 | Interview translated 52,53,54 | Drama Ratings 47 | Photo's of Coffee Tea Cart 45 | Twitter update (pics of JNR hanging out with her brother): 45 | Jang Nara’s Handbag Styling 44 | Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara Run through the Rain in ‘Fated to Love You’ 43 Video Music (clips from Youtube, credit uploader) Love ✪ | Snowman in May Baby Faced OST ✪ | Orange Tree Baby Faced OST ✪ | Walk in Dreamy Road Dong Yi OST ✪ | Snail ✪ | Scar ✪ | I Only Think of you (LIVE) ✪ | Last Pray ✪ | It Must Be Love MV ✪ | Jump Jump MV ✪ | I Love School (LIVE) ✪ | I'm a Woman Too ✪ | Oh Happy Day! ✪ | Sweet Dream (LIVE) ✪ HD ✪ | Sweet Dream MV ✪ | Burying My Face in Tears (LIVE) ✪ ✪ | Burying My Face in Tears MV ✪ | Make it Right ✪ | April Story (LIVE) ✪ | First Story ✪ Drama Threads (drama threads of soompi) [Drama 2014] Fated To Love You 운명처럼 널 사랑해 [ LINK ] | [Drama 2012] School 2013 학교2013 [ LINK ] | [Drama 2011] Baby-faced Beauty / Youthful Beauty 동안미녀 [ LINK ] | [Drama 2005] Wedding 웨딩 [ LINK ] | [Drama 2003] My Love Patzzi 내사랑 팥쥐 [ LINK ] | [Drama 2002] Successful Story of Bright Girls 명랑소녀 성공기 [ LINK ] Fan's Site naravod [ website ] | cafe daum [ LINK ] | clubbox kr [ LINK ] | cafe daum (drama wedding) [ LINK ] | naraspark [ LINK ] Subbed by @Anopinion @bluenix_me 150104 1.) [2014 MBC Drama Awards] Jang Nara x Jang Hyuk receiving the Best Couple Award | Page 210 150104 2.) [2014 MBC Drama Awards] Jang Nara Some Queen | Page 210 150104 3.) [2014 MBC Drama Awards] Jang Nara receiving Top Excellence for Miniseries | Page 210 Subbed by @TheThreeMusketeers 141013 Healing Camp E154 - Jang Nara [ENG SUBBED] | Page 95 PART 1: http://dai.ly/x28s9ro PART 2: http://dai.ly/x28tk9t Credits: Translators: @anopinion and @CavemanSpot translators: @Caveman and nug9 (that’s me!)Screentext, timer, editor, encoder: nug9Download: MF (mp4, 2.17GB) I’m Australian, so I use British English (deal with it!)Not all inside jokes were translated cause I still don’t understand them how much I tryOST: means the original music soundtrack for a drama. I didn’t write this one on top cause most people already know Panic disorder: Although news articles referring to this interview call it panic disorder, in English it’s diagnosed as anxiety disorder. There’s a distinct difference between panic and anxiety and her symptoms would be classified as anxiety. (I’m a pharmacy student so its important to me) Irritable bowel syndrome: I didn’t put notes up for irritable bowel syndrome cause they explain what it is in the show anyways. Omg THANKS for waiting guys! PHEW! I'm tired lol and now I need to study for my finals lol! The reason why it took longer than expected was because omg you wouldn't believe the hardest part of it all would be encoding but it seriously is, so the delay was because I was trying to find the best settings to hardsub everything. I've never done it before and it was a huge learning curve for me. Actually this entire project was cause I've only ever been a timer! And then it was a looooooong waiting game, for the encoding and then the uploading, then the re-encoding cause Dailymotion only accepts files that are less than an hour UGH BUT TIS DONE YAY! HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to both @anopinion and @Caveman (especially Caveman for my incessant emails) for translating!!! And of course to you guys for being great fans and always updating this thread so I have something to look at whilst I was grinding through my studies and subbing! If you're wanting to share this beautiful subbed masterpiece of Jang Nara (can you tell how proud I am *wipes tears*), please link it to either this particular soompi post or the tumblr page I've dedicated this to: http://thefansubbingproject.tumblr.com/jangnaraonhealingcamp 141106 Section TV Jang Nara interview ft BTS with FTYL Cast | Page 108 As promised the Section TV Jang Nara interview ft BTS with FTYL Cast! This took strangely longer than I thought because Park Seul Gi has the fastest tongue in the world lol so timing took a little bit of manouvering. Now although it's short, it was surprisingly insightful within that small period of time so I'm glad we can add it to the collection of videos! http://dai.ly/x29fha1 HUGE THANKS TO @anopinion again! Credits: Translator: @anopinion Spot translator, timer, editor, encoder: nug9 aka @Lindahz Download: MF (mp4, 268mb) Notes: Get your eyes ready cause Park Seul Gi (interviewer) speaks lightning fast and I had real difficulty trying to compromise between time and translations! Now unfortunately, we’re one person down so I didn’t have anyone to check if the actual Korean-English translations were entirely accurate. Nonetheless this was a small interview anyways so I decided it was okay enough. When watching, it’s best to be well acquainted with her drama Fated to Love You because “Daniel-ssi” is not actually his name but rather Choi Jin Hyuk’s character, so there are little things you should be aware of which I didn’t make notes at the top for. Also, SSoaB = Successful Story of a Bright Girl which was Jang Nara’s first television drama. Enjoy and share! 141105 Old Goodbye Interview & BTS - Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk | Page 118 http://dai.ly/x2a2f7j Credits: Translator: @anopinion Spot translator, timer, editor, encoder: nug9 aka @Lindahz BACK TO TOP *ALL DECORATIONS ARE FOR JANGNARA @ OFFICIAL SOOMPI THREAD ONLY *Rules RULE #1 NO TROLLING, BASHING or POSTING HATEFUL MESSAGES No bashing & trolling of any JNR, fans nor the Soompi moderators & members. TROLLS may be banned at any time, without notice. Click the REPORT button if the discussion/argument is getting serious and isn't under control. RULE #2 NO ONE-LINER POSTS / NO SPAMMING If posts have replies such as 'Thank you', 'JNR Is Jjang!' (and the like) ONLY, that is considered as spam. You must write more than that to avoid warning from moderators. RULE #3 DO NOT QUOTE IMAGES / LONG POSTS It increases the time needed to load the page. RULE #4 Refrain from posting up links to official released digital singles/albums from the JNR! Streaming sites are allowed. RULE #5 LANGUAGE Please remember that Soompi is an English-language forum with an international audience. Provide translations or romanizations if possible, and do not converse in another language in order to exclude others from a discussion. RULE #6 All discussions must be about JNR. Keep aside any non-JNR topics. This is a JNR thread after all. RULE #7 GIVE PROPER CREDIT / SOURCES If possible, put proper credits to the right owner of the pictures/information. RULE #8 Please refer to RULE#1 Moderators are given the right to enforce these rules and where appropriate, hand out warnings (as well as other sanctions) to forum members who break them. A Teamwork By: @ChelseaS . @anopinion . @nakatsubebe . @lowieblueme . @Cara . @Kdrama-lover . @eckogeist . @Lindahz . @famedoctor . @pinaycliza . @AnnaS . @hankitae42 . @KyoRean Thank you: @alekaonu @bjharm @rainrainy Idea and Design By : KyoRean @ Soompi Thread *All decorations are only for Jang Nara Official Soompi Thread* last updated Jan 9, 2015
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