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  1. Hi Hi Hi Thanks for calling me out @jerboa83 <3 It's been a long time since I posted in the thread (almost 3 years), but AYHT made me comeback )) I looove NS3 so muchie, it is so sad to think that manual control which NSH used on him caused PTSD. To think of it, it could be true cuz when a boy bumped into him and strarted cryin he hasn't done anything to comfort him, even SB noticed it(( Hope, it won't last long and be eventually gone. By the way, I saw a one comment in my native sns saying that can't understand how people can sympathize with machine? stating that is insane to love a robot... Today he can be good, and tomorrow he can be programmed as a killer. BUT, after I read all this, I saw a note below. Turned out that this person just read comments all this time and has not even watch the drama *facepalm* Geez, I was ready to confront him ... ps; I love reading all your and fellow chingu's insights here!!!
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