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  1. I would like to apologize first if what I'm gonna say might sound rude or I may misunderstand the intention, but what's with the need to putting down One Spring Night? What's wrong with "nothing happened"? Some audience may like the nothing-happened-ness of the drama, it didn't make it less good than BOL? The fact that many crazy things happened in BOL also was not the determining factors of making BOL a better drama? I honestly do not understand your point. You may like one better than the other, that's your opinion and I respect that; but that doesn't mean anyone would have the same opinion, hence the "higher result". Anyway, it's only the first week, so who knows what's gonna happen down the road? BOL may rise above or fall down further, we'll have to see. Personally, I love both dramas and looking forward to watch both tonight. I also could not care less about the popularity contest, if one is more popular, then good for it, but most importantly, to me, is that both drama can stay as quality drama and not dissappoint viewers at the end. Ratings rarely ever reflect the quality in dramaland anyway.
  2. Personally, I think FSF is perfect as GTY, this is the first time that I actually like him in anything. He makes me like GTY so much that I'm willing to defend him to the end of the world (as many of you may have noticed :))) I even feels like his acting has not been given enough credit, really. His performance in ep 19-20 was probably one of the best acting moments in this drama. But that's just my opinion, even though it's sad to see negative views from others, I can't force them to see what I see, so each to their own I guess
  3. Remember in ep 14, when SH told Hualan to sit down so he could look at her thoroughly? He was on the verge of tear talking to her. I don't think "he didn't bat an eyelash" is very apt way to describe it. He married HL into that house was a misjudgment, he couldn't predict the crazy MIL. After that, they couldn't just pull her out because she was mistreated, not even grandma could think of anything more than helping her bear a son. I'm not gonna defend SH on every matters, because he was wrong on many fronts, but not Hualan; regarding HL, he did care, and did try his best. He may be a terrible father to ML, it doesn't equate to him being terrible to ALL 6 of his children. About Molan, I agree with @Golden Flower that SH wouldn't approve of her request if her husband weren't there. He was ignoring Molan, only when Liang Han pressed the matter further and Minglan started to protest that he started to agree. It wasn't about Molan, it's about his saving his own face in front of his son in law and claiming authority over Minglan (also the main reason for him slapping Minglan in the latest episode). He was irritated with ML not because she's smarter than his other children, it's because she refused to bowed down to him, thus threatened his authority over her and the family. SH is extremely "saving his own face" oriented, all of his actions are largely motivated by this. I wouldn't call SH evil, cause he's never gone out of his way to hurt ppl, he just really selfish and would always do what benefit him the most. As soon as Minglan represent him a solution that benefits him, he would listen right away, no yelling, no slapping whatsoever. As GTY put it, he loves his reputation more than his family. Also, I wouldn't want him to lose everything. If he does, it will only hurt his children. They wouldn't die or be completely destroyed, but it would make their life harder, which is not something I wish for HL, RL, CB and Minglan. He's awful but I hope he turns out okay for his children's sake.
  4. I think the one you're talking about is General Shen, who is the Empress's brother, Prince Huan's maternal uncle. All three were in disadvantage, but the concubine is the only one who behave badly. She was domineering and hell bent on bullying the main wife. If she was nice then the situation would not be that bad.
  5. IMO, ML did not exactly dissappoved, she just didn't understand why the Emperor insisted on being unreasonable. But calling his birth father father and wanting to title him as an Emperor was never his true intention, it's just a tool of power struggle between him and ED, to see who win. The moment ED was willing to compromise and stepped back, he also stepped back and didn't title his father an Emperor. This battle, the Emperor barely won, but he won anyway and QH became the scapegoat for ED's losing battle. QH was still too naive, he thought that he was protecting the rules and the feeble ED who was bullied by the Emperor's side, when actually, he got duped by the ED to do the dirty work for her. He only think by the book and did not realize that this is a power struggle, not the fight about who follow the rules or not. Even his parents knew that he originally got involved into this mess was due to of his grudge towards Sheng and Gu house. It's not confirmed, but I think GTY tried to get beaten on purpose so that he could avoid the battlefield, he did speak up for the Emperor once and get punished for it, so no one would be able to tell that he didn't help even if he left the battle early. Even the Emperor's son, Prince Huan, went on a business trip before the battle even started.
  6. If ML marry Dr.He, I think she'll be fine, she'll have a peaceful marriage without too much trouble. Nice husband, nice in-laws, even the nasty ones probably won't be smart enough to put up a proper fight against ML. Dr. He is the faithful kind, so ML won't have to worry much about concubine problems. But I can't help thinking that it will also be a waste of her talents. Right now, she has to deal with the nastiest kind of people, but man, is she powerful and awesome flexing all of her brain muscles =))) And I doubt that Dr. He will be able to fearlessly stand up against SH for her like GTY did in ep 52. Also, her current marriage is exciting, her husband gets her better than most people, their banters and interactions are bursting with so much chemistry and energy, even their fighting, whilst dumb and childish sometimes, are fun and thrilling (and very entertaining for us to watch). I, for one, don't worry about their fighting, they fight but it doesn't strain their relationship, they fight but they still have each other's back when necessary, they can fight then stop to discuss other matters or stop discussing other matters to fight. Idk, I just find all the fighting endearing and actually help strengthening their relationship not damaging it. I laugh at GTY's stepmother's glee when she finds out that they're sleeping in separate rooms, like lady, you underestimate them, they're not gonna break that easily Anyway, my point is that though Dr.He is nice and all (bless him), I think that ML would have to settle for much less than she's capable of if she marry him, that her marriage with him, while peaceful, would left her somewhat cramped and unsatisfied. I genuinely believe that she will be much more free and happy marrying the one she's with now.
  7. Oh, so that's what you mean. Yeah, like you, I get the same impression from that person, too. Sorry, I was a bit annoyed at that moment so I jumped the gun
  8. Yes, I like GTY, and I am defending him. QH irritates me to no end so I'm criticizing him. So? Other people can be biased towards QH and defend QH try to find faults in my favorite character, who I think does nothing wrong, to make QH looks good, I don't agree with it, so I'm defending him.
  9. You've been writing "one thing I don't like in GTY" several times now, so I guess it's not really just one thing, isn't it? IMO, GTY did genuinely wanted to help them. There no reason for him to lie about that. What if QH agree? You're implying that if QH agreed, then GTY would just bail right at that moment? Because he didn't mean it?? Even if the kidnapping thing was risky, they could always come up with another plan, or plan the kidnapping plot carefully, both of them were smart enough. Point is GTY WILL HELP HIM! Why are you implying that GTY is a buffoon who just lie on the spot for no reason like that? What makes you think that he was not genuine? Why are you keep painting GTY as this bad guy who's out hurt the innocent precious QH? He didn't tell QH all of those thing to rub it in his face? He was just try to point out to QH what he thought QH did wrong? Why do you keep insisting that GTY has malicious intentions towards the innocent precious QH?
  10. I remember that in the scene where the emperor was yelling at GTY, Prince Huan told him that many officials criticized GTY because of the MN's matter, too, but as soon as GTY showed them his wound resulted from MN's attack, all of them just stopped. That's why no one brought it up during court, only QH did it, why is that? At least the other officials went to ask GTY first, QH didn't, he was just trying to find fault and grabbed it first chance he could, didn't even bother to investigate at all. Why would QH want to make life easier for GTY, you ask? Cause he's the one who claimed over and over again that he "only wished for ML's happiness", so attacking her husband is his way of making her happy? Hypocrisy at his finest. I don't need him to help them or whatever, just leave them alone ffs, why is that so hard for him to just let go and live his own life? Honestly, the guys can be political rivals and fight each other to death all they want, if the fight is purely about politics. But as QH, while crying prettily , unconvincingly convinced himself that it's not personal, I'm just not convinced in the slightest. I can't help but finding his motives and actions petty and pathetic. I, for one, do not find him compelling or interesting at all, I'm just so tired of seeing his face on my screen, I guess I'm probably the only one who is indifferent towards ZYL and his performance
  11. As I was saying, QH was affected because he himself is hurt, he's looking for someone to bear the blame for his misery. He can't be angry at the stranger like Dr.He, of course it's easier to blame someone he knows. They didn't grow up together, they know each other growing up, there's a difference. GTY was going to risk himself for ML's future happiness too, not just for QH. If it wasn't for ML, I doubt he would go to talk to QH the minute he heard about his engagement. QH doesn't have to ask for her hand right away, but he could at least let his intention known. No one was obligated to go and ask for his permission to propose to his ex girlfriend, years after he'd already married someone else. Yes QH doesn't care about anyone's feelings other than himself. He didn't care about ML's feelings when he ignore all of her warnings and rejections. He didn't care about her feelings when he decided ALL ON HIS OWN that he should marry her after his wife died. He didn't care about his parents' feelings when he pull the birthday stunt on his mother or starve himself. Did you see how he was treating his 2nd wife? He obviously didn't care about her feelings either. I would say that he didn't care for GTY's feelings, but you would just say that GTY doesn't deserve it, so don't bother. I mean honestly, have you seen him talking about anything other than his own feelings, his own issues? And please don't say that QH had it "unfair", everyone in the world has some sort of hardship. QH was born rich, handsome and talented, with parents completely devoted to him. Right now his career is going along greatly, he can have a nice marriage too if he's willing to work on it. Life is not unfair to him, he's bleeping blessed. He's the only one doesn't appreciate it. I'm honestly so done with his whiny, entitled richard simmons throwing tantrums and blaming others when things doesn't get his way. So what if GTY wanted to put his own need first? He doesn't own QH anything, he has already tried to help QH the best way he knows how, he doesn't have to curate his life to please some random guy who's only his friend when he need him and nowhere to be seen when his life is hard. That's how I see it, GTY did nothing wrong to QH and QH needs to stop acting like a spoiled child.
  12. LOL, I don't get why GTY should value and consider QH's emotion over his own? If QH was a close friend to GTY like CB (who still care for him when he was kicked out of the house, when his life was ruined) or all those people from Yuzhou (who been through life and death battles with him), then I agree that he should have talked to QH first. But they're not THAT close? They were like casual friends. Remember what QH was doing when GTY was kicked out? He was happily preparing the dumb birthday plan for his mom :)) Why should GTY sacrifice the love of his life for such casual friendship?? (I'm not saying that QH has to care for GTY when he was at his lowest, but the fact that he didn't implies that their friendship has never been that deep, hence GTY has never owned him anything, let alone sacrificing his love for QH) As far as he knows, QH had already married someone else and moved on from his relationship with ML. It's been several years since their relationship ended, he had married, she had moved on to talk about marriage with someone else. I don't get why GTY had to care about the feelings of some ex lover of her from years ago? QH didn't own ML, even after his wife died he didn't tell anyone about his intention to get back to ML, how should anyone knew if he still had feelings for ML or not? Why should GTY consider his feelings when QH himself obviously does not care about anyone else's feelings other than his own? He doesn't even care about ML's feelings!
  13. GTY didn't take her from anyone. QH and her had no longer had any relation whatsoever after he married, I don't care if he had reasons or not, their relationship was over, period. In modern term, they had broken up and she's single, that's it, anyone could try to court her and QH had no say in it. Dr. He hadn't even officially proposed to ML yet, so he also had no claim on her. In modern term, they hadn't become an official couple yet, so again, she's still single, any could try to court her and sent proposal gifts to her house and Dr. He couldn't say anything. After his wife died, QH only INTENDED to go ask for her hand, but he didn't actually do it, he didn't even tell anyone of his intention, how could anyone suppose to know what he wanted? He couldn't just expect her to stand in one place waiting for him? Hadn't it occur to him that there can be other guys who like her too? He could at least ask around to see if there's anyone else, if he did, he would have known about Dr. He and he might had the chance to act faster. But he didn't do it. If GTY wasn't there, he would have still lost to Dr. He with his way of handling things. His tantrum right now towards GTY is just him unable to cope with his own incompetency, him looking for someone to blame on for his misery. The mature thing to do is to face your mistake, move on and let your wound to be healed. Both ML and GTY had met with as much pain and struggles as him, if not more; but they didn't sulk in a corner being bitter and blaming the world, they moved on, that's why they are able to be happy with each other now. QH not only refuses to let go, but he tries to drag others down with him just because he's unhappy is nothing less of an angry child and a sore loser. Until he's willing to admit that this is his own damn faults, he has no right to blame it on anyone. And GTY didn't rub salt in his wound, agitating QH do no one no good, why would he do such stupid things? He was just trying to tell QH what he did wrong, trying to get him to face his mistakes, not blaming on others; he told him point blank because he cared about QH and he wanted him to move on.
  14. The Sheng shenanigans are problems within families, even if something bad happened, the whole family would just solve it inside the house, to outsider they still have to act like one harmonious family, not airing their dirty laundry for everyone else to see or going around killing each other. Plus, they don't have ED and other officials waiting to find faults on them. I still don't understand what you want him to learn from the Shengs? In Molan's case was just her and her mother were at fault, and they still ended up giving Molan what she wants to save everyone's dignity, they could only keep her kneeling for a few days and then that's it. Concubine Lin was merely a servant, she is technically a slave under SH and Big Madam's hand, they can beat her to death and no one would care, no one could criticize them. In Concubine Wei's case, only a few servants were punished, ML didn't speak up because her father wouldn't listen. He let the murderer roamed free for years, what should GTY learn from that? Unlike the concubine, MN is a free civilian, his stepmother is a high born noble, a main wife with good reputation, his uncles and aunts are all nobles and his elders. He can't force them to kneel or beat them all to death like Concubine Lin and other servants? Even though his family is trash, to outsiders and enemies, they still have to keep up appearances as a family, if the family is not at peace, it only implicates GTY even more.
  15. What would you suggest him do? Kill them? Or imprison them? He's the head of the household now, he has to protect them whether he wants to or not. Anything bad happens to them, he could be implicated too, because technically, they are his responsibility. As long as they behave, there's no reason for him to handle them. MN commits grave crimes towards him, he and ML didn't even dare to touch a hair on her head, but she still manage to bite him in the behind. Right now he can't afford to make any mistake with ED and QH watching him like hawks. Not to mention his scary stepmother, she's already gone around tarnishing him and his wife reputation, they don't need to give her more opportunities to harm them. Remember, the whole capital still thinks of her as a saint, if anything happens to her, it would definitely blamed on him. If he was alone, then he could be reckless, but he has a family now, ML would never let him do anything rash.
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