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  1. I just watched till episode 48 and have these thoughts: 1) They cheated me out of a steamy scene!! That was so PG! YeHua xx BaiQian had much more steamy scenes! More passionate embraces. Heck, the first time they kissed and rolled around was much more steamy. T^T They made it up with DH being so jealous and affectionate but still... Is that all the kisses in the books? There are no more opportunities for intimate scenes? 2) I have to wait another 7 days to see them get out of Aranya dream , and then the rest of the story will be squeezed into 8 episodes. Do you all think this 8episode is enough to capture everything else? 3) ShenYe and Aranya are so so pitiful . I think Aranya's story was really fleshed out cause of the mirror but then due to that we don't see much DH x FJ sweet scenes.
  2. Let me translate it DongHua : In what way is Shenye better than me? FengJiu : This, I have never compared . (I have never compared you 2) After Donghua pulls Fengjiu into the water DongHua : Shenye knows how to say nice things to make you happy? FengJiu : Are you really jealous? DongHua : I have never thought I would not be in time and I have never thought you will treat me this way ( I think they cut a scene here with more conversation as it seems a bit disjointed) FengJiu : I like you so much, how can I even like somebody else Fengjiu then gives DongHua a kiss
  3. Really did look like the end of his backbone and almost at the butt crack. We need a slow mo gif !!!
  4. I can imagine that haha Too intimate to say and spoils their imagine..But.. he did a lot of other things that were very embarrassing too
  5. Omg. I went for lunch for 2 hours and I can see I missed all the excitement!! That bathtub, that scene. I need to slide into the water and see too haha
  6. I am so excited for today!! @nitepolaris Appreciate the translation. Didn’t see some of them when I was at Weibo. Good job catching them all. please click if you can’t see the pictures I am not sure if this picture is loading, but here is the link - Here
  7. I agree, he nailed that smirk and knowing look. @SC2019 @Fuefuu Whyy didn’t they include that scene?! That would have been so fun to watch! @SC2019 Ya, when FJ sang, it was quite sad. Like she was thinking of her own ill fated love With DH, having no fate. DH being so lofty probably doesn’t bring up his humble beginnings often, but he felt comfortable with FJ to do so. The breaking of the barriers between them.
  8. Here are more pictures!!! Cannot wait for these scenes and the last picture of FJ in her wedding outfit is so pretty!!
  9. Some more screenshots of the yam dessert FJ : Here is some Yam biscuit for you to try FJ: I don’t usually make this biscuit DH: You made it because we are finally together
  10. @FuefuuThanks! Thought it was some custom lol. @SC2019 I tried to google but nothing came up! Will look and see in the Chinese boards
  11. I don't really get why purple yam symbolises their deed? Is it a Chinese culture or a tradition? Haha is this something I should know as a Chinese?
  12. @katfindlay I agree with that, and all along she couldn’t believe the high and mighty DHDJ will marry her. She lacked of confidence that DH would love her that much. @jimmylyne I feel like I will be crying buckets when those scenes start. The separation is just heartbreaking @jimmylyne @Asliza Mohd It is a deep purplish blue tone. Totally a DHDJ color.
  13. Let me translate parts of this video too, it basically shares the gist of how the next few episodes will play out as well as JiHeng’ ending.
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