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  1. Hello, maybe i should have paid closer attention but where was the wedding invite? In the trailer for ep5? And here i was thinking that SYJ was interested in YJG lol. Her animosity towards HYE makes alot more sense if she was supposed to be married to YSW. But i do wonder if he was really going to break up with HYE for SYJ (to please his mum?). It does seem like it might be the case since YJG had some "should i tell her the truth" moments.


    Thanks for updating with all the latest info and what other fans are spotting! :) this drama is turning out better than i expected lol. Also yes alot of things have happened already but I quite like the change of pace from the usual melo slowburn (this is quite slow but not sooooo slow)

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  2. Caveat: not a big fan of SHK, tuned in because it looked interesting, and ended up really liking the first two eps. Idk i won't say shk and jky have amazing chemistry but there was a nice vibe and it's certainly a drama I feel I want to keep watching. i specially revived my long dormant account to join the watch party haha. Hello all!


    A few other things:

    1. I felt the PPL was tastefully done, for a kdrama. I think that's about as much as we can ask for nowadays, that it's not soooo super obvious

    2. I don't find anything odd or off about the pacing/ editing/ way the story is going. It's a kdrama! 

    3. I didn't watch Encounter or DOTS (saw some comments on other forums that HYE is basically SHK character in Encounter and DOTS?), but so far i feel HYE has been written realistically and SHK is doing a decent job emoting. 

    4. jky jky jky jky jky 



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