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  1. I saw MDL updated air time for this drama is on Feb but then again today I see it changed...postpone to Oct
  2. OMG!!!! as much as I love spoiler...i need to contain myself for this drama. currently I am at ep 26.
  3. I was thinking the same thing..that feng xi is eryu...since he the only one can hear the flute sound other than DY. Also FX's concubine seems very nice lady...but i can see her jealousy towards DY since DY enter FX's harem. I really hope that "jealousy" don't turning into bad. Btw...I love opening song of drama And even though 3rd prince is nice guy. I don't think DY has any feeling for him except being respectful towards him.
  4. I'm only see them as brother/sister in law..huhuuuu..nothing can beat cheng yi and bingyan chemistry so far...
  5. I have watched all 8eps last night...can't wait for the continuation next eps..
  6. Oh dear..just finished reading all the comments, i am start worried ending of this drama probably will be sad ending . And I haven't watch ep 15 & 16 yet.
  7. Judging from the OST...it seems like this drama would be heart breaking story. I really hope this drama will be happy ending. *crossfinger*
  8. Saw the behind the scene....looks like really high budget...the filming set...really beautiful. I am not familiar with FL..
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