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  1. The 20/9 event its like nightmare to me...that I don't want to encounter!!! I wish I never see it
  2. Can chengyi do some sort of explanation bout his attitude yesterday? Btw, Love and Redemption still going strong at No 3 this week. really?? what is it?
  3. Me too...I watched the concert yesterday and saw the interactions between CY and BY with others cast member seems normal. Its just between 2 of them very distant.
  4. Yeahh...i saw that too...zero interaction at all. Seems very very distant. I understand if the company asked to avoid aby interactions during public event but this is L&R concert, of coz fans would like to see at least little bit of interactions since they're the LEAD of this drama. Again, i think they're just be careful this time since the backlash they get last time.
  5. Almost a week since love and redemption ended. Still having "post drama syndrome". watching short clips of L&R and listening to OST on daily basis. Dropping mseg here..just to say hi...how yall doing so far? Btw, L&R still strong at no 1 for 6th week. congratulation. no doubt!!
  6. I haven't start any ep of promise of chang an. since the storyline is too heavy. added to my playlist but to be watch..not now.
  7. Finished all 59eps. Its been rollercoster ride emotions throughout the drama. Both of them deserves all the love and happiness. No doubt one of the best drama for this year. I wish they're shown sifeng and xuanji marriage life together (add 2more ep...maybe). its too early to let go this drama. Can't wait for sub to come out. Hope they will have new project together in future. Both of them are amazing actor and the chemistry really really good . I'm not ready to say goodbye to this drama. *btw....I love phoenix sedan car*
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