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  1. @hyuuhikari whoa..same like you, after finished MoA, i rewatched Doctors, definitely my fave char of SH. And also think the same things as you did. Imagined HB replacing KRW's char, it would be refreshing and interesting to see their interactions. But, i have to say KRW was the best choice for that char. and about SH being Emma/HJ's char, i love them too, but sadly the writer wasted so much her potentials. She could be badass char actually.
  2. @roswara i love your alternative story, it away more make sense to me than the original story. It could be the best for this drama. couldn't agree more.
  3. @sandhya05 totally agree with you. If we looked at their interactions in MoA's BTS, I don't know about you guys, but i saw their interactions in the BTS little bit strange. It looks like 'something happened' between them. I feel they act differently with the other co-star. I can't explained it well. But i believe they being attracted each other and adore each other. But, unfortunately not in the right time. So for me, they look like hold their feeling but sometimes can't resist to touch and being playful each other. Anyway, just love HB's stare and smile for SH.
  4. If there is any season 2, better they change the writer. I want hj and jw being a badass couple. I desprately want to see SH in action alongside with HB. They enter the new game world and kill all the mosters.
  5. Hi everyone i've been a silent reader for MOTA, but i can't resist to not join this thread. I really love this pair, i'm falling in love with their chemistry. And talking about the rumour, i've been shocked for awhile. But now, nothing to worry about. @sandhya05 yeah i felt that too, it seems they have feeling for each other.
  6. It's been nice talking to you all here..hope to see you again in another thread. Well gonna miss this drama and the OTP.
  7. Actually i don't want this drama over yet, because there's still a lot unresolved problems. And has potential to be a great story by develops GY's character. Such as GY going to US with her mom to study business and management and take a place as a branch manager. It would be a great ending for this drama.
  8. Love today's eps..finally GY reunite with her bio mom. That's touching moment. Loved that scene. Can't wait for ONR's downfall. Please writernim this time give us satisfiying payback for cockroaches ONR.
  9. @angelwingssf i think JS said he wants them back together again. Sorry i don't understand what HJN said..maybe it related to ONR, since she knows the truth. Time for payback i think. cmiiw @sava2sava yes, it is. It ends on friday.
  10. @Iclarakl yes, i noticed that too. TP should questioning SR's blame on him. That would be his chance to point out SR's fault. But again, this writer didn't do that. So I give up for that one. The writer seems intentionally wants to insulted us as a viewer. And about YS, again i agree with u..how could she dared to grab JS and being mad to JS's family, what a shame. she has no right to do that since she's one of the biggest reason why GY's left. Glad SR told her, slap her down in her face.
  11. The biggiest slap for all of them, when TP tell them that GY knew she's not related by blood with TP but decided to leave them all. I really enjoy their shocked face. Finally, i can see their shame feeling for GY. It's little bit lift up my mood. And about TP, i think he will be forever being blame by JS's family. And i hate the writer cannot fixed her stupid ridiculous own mess.
  12. @lee-chanI think she doesn't know yet..i also doubt she knows TP is GY's father. Because when HJN said wants to find TP, her reaction seems doesn't know GY related with TP. Cmiiw.
  13. Why suddenly concerned about GY? When she was there no one cared about her, so why all of a sudden they looking for her. And SR only wants her back to ease her own conscience from the ridiculous stuff she requested and did to GY, not because she actually wants her back. And the most disappointed was JS didn't angry on his mom about everything she had done to his wife? Or he could have at least apologized to GY on his phone message for not protecting her well enough against his mom. Sadly the writer ruined JS char at this point. His char keep disappointing us, i think the writer can fix it later when GY decided to leave. But not, she makes it worst. This episode left a sour taste because ONR gets rewarded for despicable behavior; JS turned into an incompetent person; GY's sister still acting like a spoiled child; GY's brother misses out on a whole year without GY; HJN still doesn't get a clue about her daughter. Seems like a year has been wasted. Now JS's family completely fall into NR's provocation, that TP was the cause of the death and GY also responsible for it. Unless people, SR are aware of the lie and she could honestly declare her own fault and apologize to GY sincerely in front of her family members. If the lie is not exposed, this problem would never be solved. JS nightmares would keep recurring and SR could do something bad to GY again someday when something bad happen to her son. I'm very disappointing with JW for tell GY about his diagnosis without doing some research. As an expert, he needs to extensively interview not only JS but also other people who were involved in the accident, particularly his mom. In this manner, he could get the right diagnosis, points out the mom's fault, and gives JS the right treatment.
  14. @Iclarakl totally agree with you. Me either don't like the convo between JS and his mom. It's implied GY still responsible of her FIL's death. They still didn't get the point. So what's the point GY back to them? To make her feel guilty watch her husband being suffer from his trauma? To make her as punching bag again, when something bad happen to JS? Nah...there's no need GY coming back then.
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