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  1. Yes that sounds good!!! sorry I haven't logged in last week was swamped!! I'm ready!! Shall we post ep 1-2 thoughts this week?
  2. Rewatching... started on Monday haha! Still loving each moment, watching them fall in love all over again. let's do it!! Monday???? haha
  3. @rafeusjanela @debbsthebee @ponderings @cherrhys88 @annamchoi @Jillia@vangsweetie637@Sky8lue @nicoley@Ameera Ali@ferily @Abirami Ramakrishnan And many more... Brahms Chingu-deul!!! i haven’t been replying even though I’ve been reading this thread multiple times a day... you guys helped me cope through the week while waiting for mon and and tués, comforted my aching heart when we suffered with the leads, kicked butts together at the annoying ppl, and spazzed together at the swoon worthy scenes. What I really appreciates most was how the show and the characters’ struggles
  4. totally agree about Liszt's arrangement!! Yeah @debbsthebee go for it!!! even if just to play the musical motif phrase would be a start!! I'm trying to learn the Cantata and Traumerei to help me cope with post DYLB...let's do it!!
  5. He looked totally crushed when SA said "I came as a friend"... ouch my heart. really well done scene!
  6. Thinking about the show today I realised why writer nim has JK played unaccompanied-- it was her finally trusting herself to overcome things by herself, not hiding in the shadow of her mum, the foundation, the prof, or JY or even HH. They all returned the scores to her... she was alone and truly standing on her own two feet. Her getting the professorship would have been under the tutelage of the prof too, but she found her "conviction" (which she shared with SA during masterclass) to pursue the music she loves instead of becoming foundation chairman like grandma wanted. I love how she got her
  7. I wonder If anyone has the list of pieces played in the last ep?? I'm so happy I finally got to see the trio perform the Mendelssohn piano trip no. 1 which I have been listening on repeat since the ep they were practising it. yay! it was so well filmed as well, seeing as the rest can't play as well as Eun Bin and MinJae in real life. well done to all the actors!!!
  8. JY is SO sweet he put the ring on her right hand, because(it was mentioned in an earlier ep) string players wear their rings on the right finger. He still acknowledges her as a violinist. the first to do so, and still he does ...AWWWWW His new Brahm's album's autograph says "To my beloved (Saranghan) SA-ssi" and he is smiling so brightly, unlike the dark feel of the first album. With their stone wall at the background. LOVE IT
  9. You know it's so wonderful because JY is no longer lonely when he travels and going to his empty hotel room by himself... he has SA to talk to
  10. can I also say, when we rewatch tomorrow (and for the next few days (>,<) everyone please look out for the LOOK in between the kissES in confession scene. WOW. It was really amazing so much emotion between them. And when SA finally said "I love you" JY had that moment where he literally stopped breathing and had to catch his breath. The scene is really superbly acted. The two leads are incredible. My heart is still beating so fast... I was SO afraid that SA was gonna say no in that scene. I'm SO HAPPY it ended so beautifully, we got our performances, our duet between JY and
  11. And I love that no words are needed between them, he knows why she is there... ahhh so lovely.
  12. I totally bawled in this scene... MORE KISS after putting the ring on. IT'S OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS
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