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  1. so sad... she is crying to Mrs Lee the tea lady that she doesn't know what to do bec Jh's ordinary and simple happiness is destroyed by her... she said thanks to her ex husband, she knows how to break up...no....
  2. help! all my live steam links are not working...does anyone have one to pm me?
  3. haha! He was the kind king in Sungkyunkuan scandal! he's really a good actor... and i have to say this role shows so much more of his range than the nice king role
  4. I think it'll be so cool if the envoy sends his army to *help* CP instead of fight him... and the qing army marches all the way to the palace to kill KCE! Since the envoy said he did not like KCE and KCE revealed the rock (challenge for war) to him. He seemed to really like CP..hope he comes in to help! Please please please have a happy ending for the two love birds!!
  5. This kiss is much improved from the previous one! Love it that they upped the game in this one;) so sweet!!
  6. yay!! my heart is healed with that last scene. DO nailed it "yi-suh yah"... "Yoon Yi Suh" (^.^) Can't wait for their convo tomorrow!!! I have to say the actors really sold the romance. The first 5 mins was agonyyyyyyy NJH's crying was SO heart-breakingggggg. And that little girl is SO pretty. -I- was smitten haha. Don't blame the young CP for being smitten too
  7. This ep is tuned to maximise pain in the viewers... the interspersing of the vastly different lives of the two leads, the pain in CP's eyes... Poor Hong Shim!! my heart broke for him when he looked at the table full of food and said, 'have you seen what the people's meal looks like?" So painful his loneliness...his eyes really showed how different a CP he is now... to Crown Princess, wanting the friendship of JJY... Love how he showed off his knowledge-- He is still the same guy...his body remembers his distaste for KCE!! So badass. love it! I also went all wobbly when he told the enunchs to get out of the room during his private audience with JJY, and when he insisted to go out at night. DO is rocking this role!!!! both the emotional scenes and the authoritative ones... He's fast becoming my favourite CP (mianhe PBG :P)
  8. looks like next week Mr Dimples will receive an order to look for and protect Yi Suh/Hong Shim, and he will struggle between loyalty to CP and his feelings. This actor is super cute. where has he been all this while??
  9. THANK YOU for the kiss gif.... love the small smile lingering after the kiss (^.^) Yah he has a haunted and vulnerable look... a lot more humane and compassionate, even to the crown princess he used to spun. He is totally going to do his duty as the father of the child and to his wife... argh i hate the lies KCE fed him... now he's advising CP like he's on his side.. argh that's SO WRONG.
  10. heart pain to the max.... for the whole ep watching them miss each other... DO's acting is really impressive!!!! My poor CP:( preview looks like it's angstville next week and lots of tears....woo hooo
  11. he doesn't remember vice premier!!! man this guy is totally playing our dear CP... now he looks like the loyal subject bringing Yul back to the palace!!!!!! and the preview-- omg they fed him the lie that he impregnated the crown princess and he is playing the dutiful husband:((((((
  12. hooo hoooo:((((((((((( seconds after his first real smile ... (and I SAW A HINT OF THE DIMPLES ahhhh) so cruel so cruel... but oh so good the drama
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