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  1. This afternoon at lunch a korean place near my house was playing this OST with a pic of our RIRI....*hearts!*!!
  2. hello!! anyone knows where to find the translated Naver comments from the knetizens? always love those to see what they think of ep 15 and 16!
  3. you know why i think the epilogue kiss is ad libbed? I feel like YJ was looking at HB and it took him a split second too late to respond-if it was planned he would have executed it immediately when she looked up at him. it was like "hello~~.....this is where you kiss me" and he's like "riiiighhhttt, on it now" haha. that's how i felt! like it was a second too slow for it to be preplanned;)
  4. Things I love about the last ep 1. the border crossing scene/DMZ scene: The daebak acting of both actors- i just love JH's "don't run!"- her well being is his everything. Seri's desperate run "Ri Jeong Hyuk ssi~~" and all her painful thoughts "What will I do when I'm going to miss you so much??"--her pain at the moment they were separated... (i love that side shot from the ground you can see Seri's pain as their fingers were pulled apart)-crazy crazy good acting there. 2. JH's mum and Dan's mum scene: Dan's mum was so cool and classy and protective of her daughter's dignity. Love it. Basically, all the mums in this show are just awesome. Even Seri's mum and the NK ajummas. Tribute to the mummies! 3.The timed messages--- broke my heart and filled it with sweetness all at the same time *cries* 4. The ducklings going into auto protection mode when they were almost executed by the Military Director. Man Bok even threw himself forward to protect JH, then JH swung him around, and the ducklings did their formation around their captain! They are fiercely loyal to each other, so much love!! 5. The concert handholding--didn't it look like a HB and YJ moment there??? *heart eyes* 6. not one but two kisses hehe. Tho i wanted some mundane scenes of them making coffee, etc. like domestic life... and where are my TWINS?!!?
  5. the reunion scene after Seri woke up was REALLY good. seriously good acting there. love it so much! i skipped most of the awful family parts.
  6. anybody else loved Man Bok's oh-so-true to character game changer move of bugging Seri's room???
  7. oh my goodness ep 12 was FANTASTIC. I was dying at the ducklings' attempts at making contact and they spectacularly managed to miss the two of them... even when they could have SPOKEN ON THE PHONE/met at Subway. it's GOLD. and the soju scene was so delicately balanced, it totally broke my heart and twisted the knife in for good measure. "i'm getting sober" *cue next shot* "I'm totally drunk" --these two just get each other without missing a beat. The writer has totally reeled me in and I'm a goner for this ship, hook, line and sinker. Any logical side of me which says they can love and then be apart bec, hello reality, is gone to the wind. I cannot take it if they were to part, even though I cannot see how they can be together!!! imagine mama Ri's devastation!! <Spoiler>