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  1. Hello everyone! first time to post here  (I think :phew:)) .... but, I've been religiously watching  ‪#‎1박2일‬ since day 1 (2007) and my favorite season is of course SEASON 3! Although my fave member is Gu-Taeng, I still watch it because it is included in my weekly default setting.... It became my stress reliever to be exact.:P

    Last sunday episode was really emotional, educational & historical. I just want to praise Yoo Ho Jin PD nim and the crew for their excellent job, they never fail to amaze me for always coming up with great & well written episode each week. :wub:

    And because of that, Ahn Jung Geun became my hero... I've so much respect for him. (currently marathoning 1979 & 2004 Ahn Jung Geun movies)

     I just hope someday his wish will come true and the two countries (North & South) will be united once again....:(


    "日不讀書口中生荊棘"  "Unless one reads every day, thorns grow in the mouth."  안중근‬

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  2. 1 hour ago, annisaaa said:


    hello.. Welcome to this thread :)

    Yea, I agree with you, Kim Hyun Joo really looked young and Ji Jin Hee still charismatic.

    We are all here hope they meet again in another drama

    Thank you :P

    If it weren't for both of them I guess the drama wouldn't turn out so great... I actually ship them now and wish they are together. (sorry to their partners) hahaha

    The last few kissing scenes are very passionate... very surreal! I'm not so sure about the weekend ratings (episode 1-50)  in Korea but I bet it went great with the ratings eh?...


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  3. Hello!  new fan here but I've been following the series since day 1.

    I just miss my saturday & sunday drama :(

    This drama really broke my heart from Ep 1  that I've been crying literally like a baby.

    Kim Hyun Joo (still looks so young) & of course my handsome Ahjussi bias Ji Jin Hee are an amazing actors. I hope they could  make another drama together soon... good chemistry.


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  4. ^ The Cloud Ajjuma's and chingus are so sweet and generous... I guess most of them are filthy! hihihihi.
    Thanks @azuvilla26
    Does anyone know when is the airing of Running man with MLG cast? @willenette?I want to watch that chinese film of his, wonder if its gonna be in our local theaters...
    Let's make these Hashtags trend#내겐너무사랑스러운그녀

  5. willenette said:

    [08-Jul-14][KDRAMA STARS]K-Drama Actors Who Did Not Go To College

    Many k-drama and k-pop stars are discovered in high school. Some go back to school once their careers are established but a few opt to skip out altogether.

    On a recent episode of "Healing Camp," IU admitted that she was one of the stars who decided that college was not for her. She never liked school.

    (skipped unrelated.....)

    Bi Rain became an orphan when he was 18 but the same year he signed with JYP Entertainment and started his career. Rain attended an arts high school so he could learn to act and improve his dancing skills but he was reportedly not a model student, being truant on several occasions. Once he began making music and acting, he was never truant again.

    Not everyone who gives up college to pursue their dream of becoming a performer will succeed. But in these cases, the singers and actors made the right decision for them.

    SOURCE : KDRAMA STARS / memo-rain

  6. Thank's to everyone for sharing all the Updates ,Pics and Fan accounts really appreciate it a lot.<3

    Anjjo ty to the new set of Manila Photos,those are really nice shots!

    Willenette: I'm so Happy for you,Finally got the chance watching and even seeing him upclose eh?lucky You Girl!!!

    Bam: I understand your sentiments and while reading your previous posts i LOLED a lot.hahaha.missed reading your posts.

  7. i am watchin NA for the 3rd times. Ticket sold out for

    Tonite show. My sister watchin NA in Penang (north

    M'sia and she has to buy the ticket one day in advance

    Coz the ticket was sold out. Sooooooooo NA is doing

    Fantastic in M'sia.

    I need a movie buddy,please come to Manila!Lmao

    I'm really excited about this,i'm very proud of 비..Can't wait to watch the movie this week even if i'm alone.

    Thank's for the news guys,i check this thread once in a while for updates.I love u guys.missin u all.

    Hwaiiting Bi bi bi!

    fyi:i saw the vampire movie and i thought it's not bad but it's the cheesiest thing ever,i wanted more action,more wolves and vampire battle! and mind you i didn't like the powder edward used...

  8. I got excited when he came up from that elevated/slanted huge giant screen but, i was scared!!,Thank god .

    It was the best performance in that show!

    haha 5 songs baby!!!!!! Lol was it 4?..it felt like a mini super sexay concert,didn't have the thought of counting becoz of THIS ---> http://i493.photobucket.com/albums/rr296/R...85e72235zp1.jpg

    LOL,ofcoz i love the whole performance!

    LOL he's got a lot of Airtime...

    he's so sexyyyyyy...RAWWWWWWRnessss


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