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  1. Same here...I agree with those comments above. Its cute to see the bromance between R and LJW behind the scenes too hehe
  2. Cant believe we have to wait til next week!!!!!! Also funny how Nokdu forgot that he wasnt wearing a top ~__~ Haha Haha
  3. The jawline and cut is so sharp...like how ahhaa. A legit real life manhwa hahaha Love the overall styling in this show. Like each character's fashion and styling really suits
  4. Ohhh I was so ready to watch it last night and I was wondering why it wasn't airing (as I didn't hear any news of it not airing in advance)...I thought I had the wrong channel and everything haha. I hope it actually airs tonight!! T_T
  5. Ohhh that preview *____* How can we wait until next week?! I really enjoyed ep 6. MR and DC are so cute. I think they've always found each other interesting but now it's growing.
  6. I think ep 5 was really good. Finally starting to get moving. The chemistry between the two is really good and super cute even though I see why people are saying some parts seem to be off with the drama overall (scene tones from comedic to serious). I think the story between the two leads is what makes me keep watching the drama.
  7. I watched the last episode again and the scene where BK starts pushing Haru into the bookshelf is actually actually part of the stage and a scene where the writer intended it. So the story is actually changing, but maybe the 'fate' of each character will still be the same as intended by the writer? I read a comment here about Haru and DO being from another comic...and I think this is true too. They are probably originally from a comic set back in a much older/historical time and that green/black hole has something to do with it
  8. Ohhhh mannnnn just started watching this yesterday and binged the 4 episodes. I think i'm getting the second lead syndrome with Bae Kyung. I like the characters that aren't exactly 'good' and I wish we could see his character change for the better but I don't think that will happen because the drama isn't long enough and it's a kdrama lol. I really wish there wouldn't be a love triangle because you already know who DO will end up with and so far I like both of the two male characters. I've never really watched any kdrama with a PROPER love triangle where its 50/50 on who will end up with who. All three of them have good chemistry together too. It's pretty obvious that BK genuinely cares for DO and he's never been aware of it because she's always been there pretty much stuck? I'm looking forward to BK actually feeling and experiencing hurt. Despite DO not having much longer to live, I think BK needs to experience not to take things for granted with DO (since it's been so long, BK believes DO will always stick to him). I agree, Baekyung has definitely been more aware (even since the start of the drama) and he was the first one who actually noticed Haru in the library. I also think DO's flower in the childhood flashback is the same flower that Haru always looks at. Haru's is basically writing/drawing his own story I think haha. I am really enjoying the actress playing DO, she's doing a great job especially since a big part of the time it's she's talking to herself. Dohwa is a much more interesting character than the main manhwa leads JD and NJ. I don't really pay too much attention to them since they aren't as real hahahah. Wondering if any other characters will become self aware? I think it will only be the kitchen fairy, do hwa, dan oh and lastly, baekyung. I wonder what the 'black/green' hole is? The easiest guess would be real-life but I dont know if the drama will touch on that. Overall I think this drama is doing really good. Storytelling in a different way with the 'manhwa' theme.
  9. Started watching this the other week and am loving it. I think the story and pacing is really good. The cast is great. Our two main leads have really good chemistry with each other too. The fan dance scene is really beautiful. I am fangirling and shipping them hard - haven't shipped a couple in a while like this Jang dong yoon has really expressive eyes.
  10. I just started this and it's looking good. So excited to see SSR again on screen so quickly. I love the intro with SG's character and the flashbacks clips of him with his nephew (?) really nicely done. Having been a fan of suzy in dream high but no so much in her other dramas, I hope she shows some more range here Updated: loved it haha
  11. I think the drama is portraying the terrible korean work culture. He and his girlfriend are like because they kind of have to just do whatever their bosses say/anyone who is higher ranking than them at work since they are young and very new in the field. They are pressured to take in all the nasty comments and are basically ‘owned’ by their bosses/superiors. Work> anything outside of work for them at this point even though they are trying to meet up
  12. Loving this drama so far. I usually do like romance but for this drama I think it would be nice for the two main characters just to remain close and help each other with what they love the most - music. I think it keeps it more poignant that way. Lee El is great. Her look is just awesome.
  13. I like man weol's and the guard captain's chemistry hhaha
  14. I love how Yi Do is kind of letting JH/YR gain the courage/confidence/build up her own self esteem on her own before really going to her.
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