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  1. Glad I was not the only one who dislikes Won Jin-Ah's acting, for a while I thought I was biased. Seems like my distaste was grounded and logic. Honestly, we've seen in the episode today more humanity in other characters than her character, who's , no offense for those who like her, corny. President Gu will not be inspired by SunWoo's humanity, but he will be touched by his night walks with Barbie NoEul. Talk about cheap methods to make her relevant and to ruin good plot. Barbie NoEul is out off the place- everyone is stressed, everyone worries about the new policy in the hospital or who will become the next director. But ofc, she is relaxed and makes jokes, firts with the president and the actress is not even that good. Call me a richard simmons, I admit I am, but I just hate each second I see her on screen or close to characters that are well written! Otherwise, loved the episode. So much humanity and well expressed shades of that - greed, anger, pity, sadness. I am liking how things progress and I am waiting for what's next. I love President Gu, how can one not love a complex characters that has so many layers of depth. I really liked when he noticed his secretary starts to know and read him, how he tried to stay away to not to judged. I also really liked to see him defeated, proved he is actually flawed and he is also stressed by his job just like any doctor is, that his status does not mean he is not lowly compares to his superiors. After all, he is like a piece that can be replaced anytime if he does not manage to do his job. Ye JinWoo starts to become constant in thoughts, movement and actions. I really hope the writer does chage this situation and makes him feel more varied emotions. I am sick of seeing Lee Dong Wook with a sad face, he has potential to do so much more! Also, where is that reporter, he seemed infatuated with her and I liked their chemistry. He needs fresh air and she would be a hot catch! SunWoo feels pain iss this a sign he will be able to walk again? I really hope so, that would be the greatest gift the writer-nim could give us! I hope he could be a doctor in the real sense of the word. Lastly, can we all agree that the old dude doctor, who screamed all the episode, is a pure narcissist ?
  2. This episode made me love the president even more, his development is smooth and increasing. I find it interesting how this drama treats the protagonists differently than usual: JinWoo, the epitome of the positive protagonist fall into shadows and into the abyss of dark emotions, while Mr Gu, the negative epitome grows into light more and more. JinWoo falls into dark emotions, while Mr Gu experiences more and more positive emotions. If last episodes I was disgusted by the doctor from the organ center, this episode made me see him in a different shade of gray. I like how they portray him not just a typical shallow character, rather different shades of humanity. He is not a bad guy, he is someone whose job depends on the whims of the patients and I understand, in a way, why he behaves in the way he does. He does not seem to be talented / extraordinarily intelligent, does not give the impression to come from a rich background, so my guess he took his specialty hoping he would make money without much stress. Yet, now he is at the mercy of his own patients. What makes me glad is that he shows concern for his friend and cares in a way about their friendship, not seeking his company just for support and influence. It's a friendship based on mutual benefit, but they still seem to care about each other. SunWoo is such a puppy and the way he refrained from not crying when he talked about the surgeries the arrogant director did. I hope he was not one of his patients who have been fooled by him, that would be sad.I want them to give him more contribution for the plot, not just being the protagonist's brother, who has a crush on his brother's love interest. He has so much potential, right now he is, after Mr Gu, (honestly, for me), the character with the most potential to be a surprise / to have something hidden that would make the plot explode. Also for the Barbie NoEul, I still do not like her, and that will not change until I see her at least performing a surgery or doing something that doctors do (instead of gossiping with the nurses or flirting with the president) ! I want her to see struggling to save her patients, to see her being involved in her job. Till now, she is all words and nothing factual to contribute to her claims. She has nice sentences and appears smart, but I want to see her treating patients and feeling remorse for failures. I want something that would make me care for her !!!
  3. @bedifferent I miss Bae DooNa too, especially the personality of her character. She was a female lead that actually did something more than crying or trying to be cute. I do not think you have to befeminine to work with parents and children, more over since the job of a doctor does not involve behaviour but skills. What I dislike about her is the fact that what defines her is not what she can do or seeing her actually treating patients, but acting as a crush for other male characters; and by treating patients not just making a kid laugh.She has so many patients, but she has time to wander around the hospital and take the presidents to a tour... I have to like her because she is beautiful? Hell no, if she has no interesting background or if she does not have any hidden layer to stirr my interest, no thanks. More over, the actress does not have anything outstanding, her acting is plain. Compare her to Seo HyunJin or Moon Chae Won, whom were both leads in a medical drama, for example. @ganko I was not talking about Oh Se Hwa, but about Lee Sang Hee - the nurse from EM. I've seen the actress in another drama and her skills are better that "NoEul"" actress. I do not even care about Oh Se Hwa's character, the nurse caught my attention more than those two, not because I recogneized the actress, but because her character was interesting from the beginning. The NoEul girl complains she has more patients, but we never saw her dealing with the stress the EM nurse had.We actually saw the nurse treating a patient, under stress conditions. She stood up for her rights from the first "staff meeting" and actually has something to stand for", except from being the protagonist's crush or being "the pretty lady everybody likes". I like she is realistic. Good for NoEul for being open minded when she has no principles to defend, no other that being the "girl-next-door"type. Until she goes through the stress we've seen the nurse go or standing up to defend her rights, just to be denied...i'M WAITING. @wanda77 I like your analysis, did not think so deep about things. If that proves to be true, him being poor and his mother... Makes me like his character even more.
  4. I might be only of the few those who actually like the president more than Ye Jin Woo. Unlike the EM doctor, the resident actually tried to find a solution for the collapse of the hospital and seeks improvement. I get his methods are do not fit the philosophy of each individual, but how else will he be able to find a common solution for all the departments, including those who are in debt? To me, the doctors come off as arrogant and seeking their own benefits, that look up for their social status than the real meaning of their job. When the president found a way for them to remain in Seoul and asked them to do something to compensate for what they were given, I got frustrated. You do not get fired or moved somewhere else, you receive medical equipment, yet you complain if you have to do something that does not fit the standards of your own pride ? JinWoo's reason seems selfish to me too. The fact that he spent"his best years" working for the hospital it is understandable, but I see at not wanting to be separated from his crush. If he really wanted to remain in Seoul, why not seek a job to another hospital. If he is as good as he pretends, then there should be no problem. The hospital it is private property, not owned by government, which means someone needs to take care of its needs and the future. That someone will always be the bad guys since it has to deal with the ugly part, with the "shadows", so ofc he will not be liked by the majority. And no offense, I dislike throughly the female lead. She lacks the depth, the story that would allow me to identify for her. She has no aspirations, she is only the pretty doc that serves as part in a love triangle. And she is not an outstanding actress too, one of the nurses was the evil wife in Mistresses. Her skills are better than the "main Barbie", which has a lot to go to match Cha Seung Won and Lee Dong Wook. I don't get why they did not cast a better actress or at least write her character better. I like the older doctor with glasses that works 36 hours. He seems really humble and truly dedicated. He needs more screen time, more than the main Barbie. The actor does a really good job and I would like to see him more, his character would impact the story more than the main Barbie, in my opinion. Those are my opinions so far, from the perspective of a pessimist.
  5. Is that lady in comma his ex lover, SoHee? Noo, I am a hardcore shipper of the main duo.
  6. I read somewhere that the body kid Tae-Joo sees is Na-young's. Some people even speculate his father killed her, hence why he seemed like he knew her when they first met. I hope that it's not true.
  7. Gotta say, this is the second best drama of the year, after My Ajushi.
  8. Actually, I see her as his determination to remain alive. If he fell of the roof, he would also die in 2018, as his brain would die. Reminding him that he is real, that he is alive. She recommended the doctor that told him his situation ---> his unconscious understanding with the help of his own determination. I know I am setting myself for disappointment, but am I the only ones getting romance vibes from HTJ and Na-Young? I hope I am not confusing that with acknowledgement and kindness. But, the look when she went near him on the roof.... My imagination is at it again.
  9. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I really dislike YunHee's character for having her happiness depending too much on the others., which rises the further question - why didn't she have any friends of her own, to spend time with? Even if she disliked her husband's, why didn't she have some people to share her time with. This makes her actually hypocritical - she judges the entourage of DH, yet she has none. Ok, it would be different if she actually had some friends, better than those who DH spends time with. But she doesn't, she just criticizes what she is not able to get. She blames others for what she lack the determination to do, for her refusal to get out of her comfort zone. No matter how dull or passive DH became over the years, he actually, takes responsibility for his decisions and does not blame others for whatever happens to him, even if it's slow and in a passive way. Also, what I disagree with other people - DH is in no way a selfless man, on he contrary, he is also very selfish. In order to maintain a connection with someone, he gives, but not freely - he must also feel that he receives back what he gives. That's why he hates DY, because he knows he never gets back from his what he wants. He did not start to help Ji-An, not until she was the first one to help, to prove that the efforts he would invest in their connection would give him the feedback he expects. He can't detach himself from materialism and become like his friend, linked to nothing on this world, because he knows he already gave too much to do that. Ironically, that's the source of his suffering - not receiving back the amount he gives, which hurts his pride and ego.He feels worthless because he can't determine others to return like he gives, hence why he would rather die than to admit his wife won't give him the same amount he thinks he has given all this years. He would rather hold onto her than to let her go for someone that his pride doesn't consider worth. Yet, this selfishness, masked under a humble attitude, is what makes him more interesting, my opinion. The fact that he learns that he is selfish and his wife is too, that all people are. I believe that's the reason why trusted and got closer to Ji-An: he recognized, unconsciously, in her, the attitude and the thoughts he tried to repress in himself. Once he learns he is selfish and there is not wrong with that, he is able to free himself of all the burdens.
  10. Nobody stopped her to join him when he went to eat with his family, or to go t Jung-Hee's. DH must have known how she felt about going, about her distaste, hence why he stopped bring this to discussion. Slowly, he no longer told her about those things, which is not his fault. If she was the first to refuse or started treating those with hostility, that's her own fault. I'm pretty sure Yun-Hee was the first one to slowly detach herself from her in-laws and from the neighborhood. If she became passive and expected DH to take responsibility for her OWN detachment, that's her own fault. DH is not responsable for her own feelings, she is. If there is anything she felt was not viable, she should have brought it up and discuss it. Instead, she let rot more and more. I don't think it's fair make DH guilty for YH being a coward and ignorant woman. I never heard his mother complain about her job, but her attitude. The fact that she seemed so arrogant and never seemed to motivate DH, but not for her own ego, but for what he needed. At least to me, it looked like the mother was rather upset that YH was not so open to her husband as DH was to her, that DH was focused more on her than he should have been on himself. Even when she left, the mother did not talk bad not so much about why she left, but the fact that it looked like YH abandoned DH when he needed his wife's support the most. Pretty sure the mother sensed the decay in her son, and she expected YH to give DH what her son gave his wife all these years. Not trying to deny that Park mamma is not acting cold towards her daughter-in-law, but I don't think she ever dismissed people who have success. Look at YR or JH, they are both successful, yet they are humble, and the mother does treat them well. Maybe it's the fact that they are humble and do not expect her sons to be more that they are. The mother's attitude towards YR changed only when she asked too much from KH, when she tried to force him out of his way when he was not yet prepared to make the first step. When you marry, you are expected to do certain things. C'mon, this is happening with modern couples too - when you enter a family, certain obligations arise. I'm not saying that DH is not a momma's boy sometimes and that he might be too attached to his family, but if what you wrote was right, then these would not be happening: 1. DH and YH would be living with his family, not in their own apartment. 2. Their son would not be living overseas, but studying nearby. These are two major moves DH did for the sake of his wife, which in korean cultures are for some families unimaginable. And it's not like momma Park would not seriously object her grandson to be sent overseas. The fact that it happened, shows DH made some sacrifices too - he has to see his son via phone, just to comply to his wife's wish. Even more, he ALLOWS him to remain in the states, although he would WANT him to return. Talk about expectations, really now ! To me he seemed an average man, nothing special. Ironically, viewers have nothing against historical dramas, where a 15 yrs old bride marries a king in his 50s, or maybe even older. Or when noble men deflower Kisaengs that barely grew off their puberty. But that's tradition...
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