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  1. NAME: paul

    AGE: 20

    GENDER: male

    AREA: maryland

    CONTACTS: aim-> pchoi22

    LINKS: don't have any ^^

    FAVORITE GENRES: ballad, r&b, hiphop, kpop, jazz, rock, blues

    INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: John Mayer, brown eyes, dbsk, kanye west

    WHAT IS MUSIC?: me

    FUTURE PLANS: graduate...?! >_<

  2. Everyone is seems so hesitant about this :P

    You know, it's just for experience. No one is guarenteed to make it. Majority does it for fun... with that said, I'm betting there are gonna be A LOT of people that are, erm, not really good at singing. Everyone needs to take chances! go and try out!!! xDD




    ok... so another question about the final... does that mean EVERYONE has to wait until EVERYONE goes to see who makes it to teh finals? and then what? so if you are the first group to go, then you have to wait like 3 hours to see if you are one of the finals? waht if you cant stay or you just dont want to? will you not make it in if you dont compete in the finals?


    i'm going to the audition without my parents knowing... so IF (prob not.. T.T) i make it to the finals... then i cant perform in the final bc that "festival" or watever has SO many of my parent's friends that if they saw me... my parents are bound to find out. and whats worse, if i don't make it into SM and just like sang in front of a whole crowd, my parents would scold me... it would be different if i sang in front of the crowd and did really get signed. but waht are the odds of that?


    it sucks DC is one of the cities to have the finals... >.< ugh...



    Rofl sounds like you are in the exact situation as I am in... xD


    But I might not even be able to go because I'm stuck at church 'till 4... Tragedy...



  4. I wanted to try out the "rhythm" thing, where you just play a random song. So i put on that Kangta song "Scandal" which I've never heard before. And decided to try it. So this thing was made up on the spot.


    :blush: Please keep in mind that I've had ABSOLUTELY NO DANCE EXPERIENCE whatsoever. When I watch it though, I feel like I'm doing the same BORING thing over and over again. :unsure: I should take some dance classes if I want to audition.


    Question: If you're going to audition for acting, does the script have to be in english? Also, should you bring a clip from the movie/show or something?

    Dancing and rhythm wise, this is perfectly fine and good. The thing is, though, they aren't actually looking for rhythms I'm afraid, but rather people that stand out from the rest. You are a great dancer, just try to come up with moves that are like *WOW* and you are all set! :)

  5. Heh yeah all those have been answered.

    1. If you can't go, then you just can't go. Nothing will happen. There will just be one less contestant, which is, no offense, better for everyone eles :P

    2. Hmm.. dancing. Learn easy popping moves that you can just dance to any music. basic movements should be all over the net. If you can't find any, go to popping section at www.bboy.org.

    3. If you are 13, then I think they will want innocent type. For now. And as you grow the type of things they expect from you will also change.

    Hope these helped. ^_^

  6. Making you a full-pledged singer isn't exactly just a charity work... think of what it takes SM to prepare them and take care of all the expenses. I would get pissed too if all that investment turns out to be failure. They hit you. Tough. You can't just expect everything to be a smooth ride. Especially not in SM. If you are determined, then they will see that. If you give it all you've got then there is no reason for harsh treatment, is there? If they still don't like you, then tough luck.

  7. Unique voices are always better off than the normal voices, IMO... for example I know someone who sang EXACTLY like gummy at the JYP audition but didn't get picked... because there already is a singer with that voice, they are not looking for duplicates.. so if you have a "different" voice, you are lucky :P

  8. Alright this is new stuff. This concerns DC area participants:

    Preliminaries are from 12 - 3, but not sure about the place

    If you make it, you then perform at the Korean Festival talent search in Virginia, that is held from 5-7. There is a fee of 10 dollars, and there will be 3rd, 2nd, 1st place winner with prizes.

    Can somebody verify this information for me?

  9. ^

    It doesn't matter what song you sing, as long as you show them your skills.

    It's your prerogative not to show up. After, it's not hurting them in anyway. I think you should let your parents know. What would you do if you do wonderful and get picked, but later find out that they won't support you?? xD

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