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  1. I wish they would also get back Lee Kyu Hyung on S2....even as a guest appearance. They can show HYJ or the other members of the investigation team visiting him.
  2. Just came by to pitch my tent here and say hi to all my FoS season 1 thread-mates. @UnniSarah Hi... Keeping fingers crossed for BDN to confirm.
  3. Yeah, that's what I said. The bf who cheated on her with HEJ, he wants to be an idol....the cousin knew about him. So if KI had been her bf, YY would have told her. I keep rewatching first 2 episodes too....they had a much better narrative than recent ones.
  4. Exactly! Where are the traces in her life of her love life from a year ago. Though I admit it's possible her family removed everything that could lead YY to ask about KI.... I think her cousin knew about her idol wannabe boy friend. She was warning YY about his cheating or something in 1st episode.
  5. @sw33tm3lody First, Thank you for your post. It convinced me to hold on to this drama for a while more, when I was ready to quit yesterday. And I have to agree with you. I have a similar theory about YY and DH. I think we are being mislead about a lot of things. Mainly regarding HYY....her feelings, her actions, or whether it was JDH or KI she liked. Everything we are told can't be confirmed or denied by YY right now. So we are left to mull over what others are saying about it all...which then depends on their own perspectives. So not 100% correct. Few doubts of mine... If HYY liked KI and was dating him, why does no one in the family or her group know about it....the super nosy gossip poster...or even HYY's bestie or her cousin don't seem as if they are hiding this fact from HYY. Second, everything NJW does seems to have ulterior motives. Helping HYY is actually doing more harm to her....like isolating her from her colleagues. Anyways, my biggest problem right now is that YY doesn't seem to have any agency....blame the writers for this. Everything YY does is being orchestrated/pushed by someone else. Even finding out the truth of her lost memories. For a year, YY had insomnia and nightmares but she never tried to find out the truth....until JDH pushed her by doing some mean underhanded things. Her cousin who could have helped her immensely, blocked her instead...because of her fears based on incoherent words. The cousin should have continued her therapy sessions instead of just leaving YY to get traumatized by unknown triggers. NJW also has been manipulating YY since day one. @guinearoyal Believe me I welcome the frustration that comes from good storytelling...for e.g Secret Forest. It was edge of the seat, bite your nails every week during that drama. But this drama is the bad kind of frustrating...where you want to pull your hair or throw something at the screen.
  6. I don't mind TJ Miri too....but TJ seems too pure sometimes. He's like a little goldfish surrounded by sharks. That doesn't mean he's not smart....he does actually know how to handle his family....but he's too nice and polite to do or say anything...even when the situation demands it. Like, he knows his stepmom abuses his mom....but he can't do anything to stop it. Thank God Miri doesn't take crap from anyone.....otherwise that house will become hell for her. I mean, just look at Seonja.....she never fails to go extreme where her daughters are concerned. Kicking her SonInLaw's richard simmons, pulling hair of bio mum...even beating up her daughters if they disappoint her. Yes, I agree TJ's well suited with Miri here....she needed someone who loves her like crazy. But still I can see how Ujin and Miri could have come together nicely. The drama is still entertaining for me but with the handy fast forward button.Though I'm still at ep 60....so who knows.
  7. You guys.....maybe I'm weird but I feel Ujin and Miri would have been a great OTP. Also I think I like Jaebom mihye more than Ujin Mihye...I see Jaebom and Mihye more as a separated couple going through some issues.......and Ujin Mihye more as a mentor mentee. Yes JB is super clingy and submissive to mihye.....annoyed the heck out of me at the start.....but I think thats because he knows he's the only one who will ever 'see and hear' mihye....coz until now no one in that family listens to her or takes her seriously. Also it doesn't help that Mihye is very immature at times. JB also instantly knew UJ is a threat to him....when he realized UJ knows mihye is special too. What sold me completely to this couple is that every anecdote Mihye was writing from her memories of her family had Jaebom in it. Even she didn't realize it....JB was already a part of the family. Or maybe that is exactly the reason he has not become something more than a friend and family to her. Also I started to see some lazy writing soon after ep 30 or so. The writing really started floundering during the "will she or won't she marry him" that plot went around in circles so many times it made me dizzy. I also lost count of how many times Miri and her bio mom had ...'go and study abroad'.....'I'll tell Taeju the truth... we can't tell the truth'.....discussions.
  8. Oh wow...OTP kiss at ep 4.....isn't it too fast....especially with this story. Or is this kdrama still following the rule of OTP kiss at ep 8.....with the changed 30 min format.
  9. Just started this yesterday....and got sucked right in. I'm on ep 23. Can anyone give me a heads up as to when it started going downhill....coz right now everything looks good writing wise and all. So reading the comments here, I'm preparing myself for when the writer went blank and started writing nonsense plots. Also has KBS changed the format of their weekend dramas....looking at the 30 mins time length, I first thought it was a morning daily. I couldn't believe that all these actors...KHS KSY, CMG, etc were doing dailies now. KSY needs to get out of this family drama type casting hole she has dug herself into....or is that all she is being offered after she got married? What a pity. And HJH....watching him after such a long time. These kids from White Christmas are so talented but are such late bloomers.
  10. I enjoyed the 2 episodes a lot. More so because of YWJ and the way he's playing his character with grey undertones. I was rolling my eyes at the first few times they "fatefully" ran into each other...but was happy when they soon hinted JY was actually stalking HYY...and for a good reason. The chemistry is also pretty good between the leads. Also HYY deserves full praise for listening to both songs in entirety. I muted the sound after first few lines. The mystery is also very intriguing. I don't think she killed anyone. But I do think they were attacked by someone....the guy, maybe her boyfriend was killed and she escaped. She was running away from someone in one flashback scene with the bloody knife in her hands.... Please tell me that was not the same knife JY was eating his apple with. Lets hope he has not been carrying the murder weapon around in his pocket for a year.....to cut up and eat fruits. She may have injured their attacker. Maybe thats why she had the knife....then dropped it somewhere.....and was found by JY later. There must have been a police case filed and she had to have been investigated. But since she lost her memory and no murder weapon, the case must have remained unsolved. One thing I realized is HYY seems to have lost her memories after being confronted by JY in the rain. When he asked her if she remembered him....she did recognize him. And something.... maybe guilt, maybe sorrow.....made her just bury everything deep into her mind. I have one gripe though. Why was it necessary to make HYY so pathetic? People sometimes deal with trauma by putting their everything into their work. I'd have loved it if HYY was shown to be reasonably successful in her profession but still have her issues with insomnia and PTSD of some sort. Now next episode we will see her being an errand girl for her ex-classmate.....more emphasis on her pathetic life.... smh.
  11. I was one of the many who were outraged at the way everything was handled in that drama. It could have been one of the best kdramas on my list, if only the director had kept to the original source material. And to think she was the reason I got more excited to watch CITT because she also directed my favorite Kdrama of all time, Coffee Prince. I still can't understand what was going on in her head to mess the whole thing up like that. I remember reading somewhere that during Coffee Prince, due to its popularity, the network decided to extend it by 4 episodes. This same director refused on the basis that story will suffer....after a lot of back and forth she agreed to one episode extension and convinced the network too. In CITT, she was the one to cause the story to suffer. Back to this show, I sometimes wish the writers had not gone the easy way and made the ex-es 321 and ZY so unsympathetic to the viewers. This has brought on frustration from the audience towards WW for not making her decision sooner. At least then we would have understood better WW's wavering back and forth on her relationship with 321.
  12. I'm kind of glad with the way things ended up happening in epi 09, but I really wish the plot had gotten here sooner. I'm also glad KH is not being all aggressive like before. From what I see he's not pushing her into doing something she is not yet ready for. He is just making her feel so looked after that she's getting used to him. I don't think that he planned it or anything....to me it feels more like he just misses her too much and wants to hang around her all the time. Like when you like someone you always want to be in their company....even as just friends or colleagues. JL did a great job with his expressions in one of the scenes where he has to subdue his sadness and his love for her and put on a smile and greet her as the friend that she wants him to be. About 321.... during one of his calls to WW....was there someone in his bed? It looked like that to me. If its true then what a big fat hypocrite he is....he goes and does whatever the hell he wants and expects WW to sit around and wait for him at home?? I'm happy WW went back to stay with KF....that house has bad juju....glad she's out of there.
  13. Hi, can you tell me how to access the novel on your blog? It says password protected. 

  14. For me, 321s whole point in buying the house was owning his own house. Buying the house so he could marry WW was just what he told his father and WW to convince them to chip in. I don't think his father would have helped him financially if WW was not in the picture. Similarly if they were not planning to marry, why would WW need to buy a house with him. Just to give him benefit of doubt, I think 321 has convinced himself that only way for him to own a house is by having a family.
  15. WW is such a strong lady. She got him on that sofa in the end.....but got herself entangled in octopus KH arms and legs. I was lmao when he started snoring during the kiss. KH, you are so dead. @AlexandraReid thanks for the clips. It looks so good...sadly I can't watch the epi til tomorrow.
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