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  1. heyy sorry if anyone has asked this before, but is "The great escape" not english subbed ? i've been trying to find it but i kept finding the korean one instead of the chinese one with DL
  2. ohyeah nirvana in fire. huh its a normal period drama issit.. okay thanks for telling me! have you watched it? is it good? i dont mind a normal period drama started story of MingLan, just on episode 10 but its already so good hahaha
  3. would you trust MDL with their drama ratings? because i've been thinking to start either the story of ming Lan or nirvana in heaven since they are the highest xian xia drama ratings in MDL loll
  4. nahh its okay i watched all the non subbed ones on yt, thankyou though for the offer, how about presscons ? have you watched any ? i remembered they dont have much budget for the promotion i think thats why its hard to find any fancam of presscons. i know they did one in thailandd (i think..?) and one on set with them on costumes. but thats about it haha... still need to cure the drama hangover
  5. its already almost a year after the drama ends but so little english subs for the BTS scenes . really loved this drama and the chemistry between the characters, i feel like i would be so fun to watch their interactions off screen. if anyone know of any BTS subbed videos really appreciated if you could share the link because i've watched all of the non subbed and the viet subbed ones haha. nothing cures a withdrawal like fun BTS scenes
  6. i know, the last scene gave me the chills. I hope the sniper or the prince or Master Ahn or whoever are fast enough to realize whats happening.
  7. this drama is SO GOOD! can't wait for season 2 and cant wait for other soompiers to tune in with all their wild (and very entertaining) theories of how the story will unfold
  8. OMG THANKYOU for giving me such a long and comprehensive reply ! and really loved this quote btw. This quote doesnt apply only for MOTA but actually for kdramas we watch. nice knowing you and your blog see you in another forum!
  9. I really love your blog expecially the ones about MOTA because you are one of the people who don't question the logic of the game because i really get how the game works. i dont understand how Jinwoo is a bug but you have already kindly explain it in your blog, and i find it plausible. the only incosistency i get is when Sec Seo is getting murdered, Jinwoo is still on the train that takes him away from Granada, he got a message that he's away from the game server (which is in Granada), also the message thar Prof Cha gets when he ran away from Seoul after being Jinwoo's ally, he's away from the game server in Seoul. No NPC can get to them if they are out of the town. But JW also said that he still can see Cha Junior even in the US. from the story line, i didnt think US has been included in the game server, because the game is developed only for Granada and Seoul. So why can JW still see junior Cha? maybe the server region only works for the game NPC (meaning the soldiers and the terrorists)? That i think, is one inconsistency that i still hasnt get, maybe you have an explanation for that? sorry if you have written this somewhere in your blog, i might miss it. BTW W is so good, except for the ending. hahaha atleast in my opinion.
  10. Episodes 5-6 are slow episodes but this drama is so good already in the first 4, its alright to catch a breath in these 2 episodes. And that ending tho and the preview thoo can't wait for next week plus yeo jin goo and se yeon's chemistry is off the roof
  11. i really think the whole show is perfect other than the fact that how the hell is Jin Woo a bug..?? i mean he's a player right? is he a bug because he's "the master" which is not supposed to be programmed in the game ? so if Jin Woo actually did not rescue SeJu from being the master, is Se Ju the 'bug' thats supposed to be stabbed? well wont get the answer now i dont even know why i'm asking in the first place
  12. Thank the writer whoever they aree.. atleast we can see them with a happy ending in the future after that depressing ending... gosh. Seeing this cameo reunion of WonShim got me thinking how good it would be if someone had came up with an idea for WangSo - Hae Su couple future reunion from scartlet heart : ryeo
  13. I really hope this will be the finale story i wish SeJu has some kind of role as a developer, it is right to start and end it with him too. There's gotta be more to him than just dissapear and be found lol this is my last 20% hope of a good ending for me. As for JW - HS at this point i have given up any hopes of good ending for them
  14. omg i knew Zombie Cha is gonna come sooner or later when Prof Cha asks for the server to be turned on again. I think Professor Cha and Jin Woo were save for quite a while because of the glitch after Jin Woo plucked out the keys from his heart. Well somehow when old geezer Cha asked to turn up the server, the game is on again and thats when Zombie Cha shows up again (why you ask? i dunno, i gave up in finding the red line). IMO verdict after watching episode 15 is : 80% sure tomorrow will be a disappointing finale after all but still gonna watch it tho, overall, this is still a good drama.
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