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  1. I think if it's for something like that, the second one. :) Although the black in the first gives it a little more of a formal edge, I think that the second one is still just as 'formal' (although both aren't that formal, but I think it suits), the white one is definitely more innocent/cute. I think it depends on what sort of vibe you want to give off - especially to his parents. I think the white one also looks more classy, and the black one a little more cheap. The black one would come off as more bold/confident, I think; and the white one more innocent. Also, if you have a small frame, definitely the white one; I don't think that would suit a larger frame as well. (Are you buying these online?)








































































































































    i think you seriously look fine. if i was single, i'd be glad to date you.
























































































































    you're 22, your body is still maturing. give it time.
























































































































    those girls that have been slating you are just really shallow and immature. why would you want to associate yourself with people like them in the first place? don't stoop to their level.
























































































































    you'll find someone who sees you for you are and accepts you for who you are.









  3. how do i stop being clingy?

    we've been together for slightly over 4 months, officially. the way we got together was slightly strange, as he first intrigued me when i was in a relationship. so he was dating other girls during this period and it hurt me. i know it shouldn't, because well i was in a relationship so he obviously thought he didn't have a shot. but i guess ever since then i've been a bit uneasy around him.

    i'm his first girlfriend, so you'd expect he'd possibly be the clingy one.

    but i am. and it's driving me insane! it's my final year at uni, so i really cant afford to mess up. he told me hes going back home for easter break for a bit. easter break is revision season for me. i know i won't be able to focus properly during the period he goes home because i'm the sort that needs to know what he's doing. but he still kinda acts as if he was single and doesn't really contact me much when he's back home. there are slight parental reasons for that as well, but yano, a text every now and again won't hurt? hmm.

    so i need help as to how to stop being so clingy!

    he's a great guy. we talk about the future. he's going to be a doctor. there will be multiple times when i'll be disappointed due to his scheduling. so i guess it's better to learn how to stop being clingy sooner rather than later.

    please help :(
















































































































































    prom dresses already?? haha i'm still looking for a dress for the valentines day formal!








































































































































    our prom theme is Sunset Serenade.








































































































































    i'm not really into long dresses, so i'm most likely going to go short.








































































































































    i'm really in love with this dress but it's $330! i guess it's time to start saving haha on sale for $231 (:























































































































































































































































































































































































































    oh wow! where is this dress from? it's so pretty :)









  5. 3 months ago i came out of a 2.5 year relationship. recently, 2 guy friends confessed to me.. X confessed to me first and i told him i wanted to get to know him better first. things were going well and as i regarded Y as a friend, i told him about it, to which he then confessed. i haven't spoken to Y since.

    they're both v different and i've known them for different amounts of time, so i like them in different ways and to different extents.

    i don't want to hurt either of them.

    i don't think its fair that only Y knows about X so i thought i should tell X, however, i have been advised by a girl that it wouldn't be wise to tell him. should i?

    if i told them that i wasn't ready, what may run through their heads? i kinda want them to wait but i know it's selfish and just horrible. but will me, rejecting both of them, mean that nothing could ever happen in the future?

    sorry it's just complicated. ><

  6. Yes, GMarket Has it ;D Here's the Site

    Lg lollipop Cases

    Lg Lollipop Cases (Another one)

    But the Shipping is really Expensive its $15

     it depends on where you Live..

     and the Weiqht of the Case..

    iWas qoin to buy one..

    But Yeah it was too Expensive D:

    All of the Cases Are very very cute..

     iWant All of it.. But yeah No Money.. Haha

    Anyways,,, Hope iHelp (;

    hey thanks for the links

    are those the only 2 sellers/links that sell them?

    i was kinda more looking for a plain/clear cover that didnt have a gap for the LED thing?

  7. does anyone know roughly how much the lollipop 2 and lollipop 2 wifi phones costs and if its unlocked and sold in hk (more specifically sin tat?)?

    also is it true that lollipop 2 has 3mp cam and lollipop2wifi has 2mp?

    i got this off ebay so i dno, may be dodgy lol


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