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  1. Ep 12 is a bit slower than 11, but it s still good. Now YN has the support of Soron, but in history, Noron would support him. Thus i do not know how the drama would address this. Regarding YN and YJ's relationship, i think that YJ has a strong feeling for YN. However she has not recognized that feeling as love. YJ told YN that "she would go to the palace and protect him." We usually hear it from ML to FL and not another way around. It s very refreshing and interesting. Also, it can be YJ's fate at the end. She would die in protecting him. YJ, MS and YN treasure their relationship. Thus, i do not think one of them would do any thing to change the current status unless they are sure about other's feeling.
  2. Just finished ep 11. Seriously, this drama keeps getting better and better. I like the strong bond between royal brothers; and the king is getting more and more confident. I applaud the drama of how it portrays king GJ. He could do so much more for Joseon with YN's helps if history was on his side. I read that someone wonder why Saheonbu arrests YN and not MP, since he killed so many people. The reason is that who is the killer and who is the victims. In Joseon, not all people are treated equally. MP killed salves, who, in the eyes of the nobles, mean nothing ( although MP killed YH, but that case was not investigated and to most people, YH died of illness). However, although YN does not kill anyone. There is a eye-witness, and the victims are nobles and are killed by slaves. To those nobles, it is not a crime to kill salves, but it is a crime to kill nobles. It is just a f-k up caste system.
  3. According to latest news, Go Ara will not appear in ep 14, 15 and 16.
  4. I agree about the moral dilemma here. YG is smart and logical; however, he is not emotionless. He knows well that murder is wrong and the girl should be punished. Yet, he also remembers how the gvt can abuse their power and treat people like dirt. [ It s also impressive that how MS, YJ, and YG are still believe in government institutes like Saheonbu, just not the people who run them.
  5. I, for one, do not see it as a love triangle. The way i see it is that MS cares for YJ as a younger "brother" and now as a younger sister after seeing her in kimono. I m tired of Go Ara's character falling in love with her fake brother. So, please no more of the same old story. Ep 9 is still good but a bit slow comparing to ep 8. Also, it s nice to see other damo in the background and YJ is not the only one.
  6. IIRC, Go Ara injured herself at the end of the drama; thus it did not cause any delay in filming. To be optimistic, any time she has accident on set, she always gets recognized for her acting. So i hope it will be the same this time.
  7. @gerrytan8063 Thanks for your wonderful post. Your information enrich the watching experience so much. Several more questions if you do not mind to explain: 1. is it possible for gisaeng like Yoon Yoeng becomes queen consort? 2. how does civil exam in Joseon work? How is Moon Soo sure that if he passes the exam he would work at Saheonbu and not another department? Does Minister of Personnel assign jobs for those who pass the exam?
  8. It was among 1000 comments in Go Ara's article in Naver. @gerrytan8063 Do you know any thing about Cheon surname in Joseon? is it a common for people to have that last name beside Lee, Kim and Park?
  9. They finished 12 eps already BTW, is "Cheon" a popular last name for low class in Joseon? I m curious because iirc, Yeo Ji and Yoon Young share the same last name. Not sure whether they are related or it s just a normal thing to share a same common last name.
  10. I hope she would have a speedy recover. Last time she broke her ankle was at the end of Reply94, and it took her a month to recover. I hope this would not be serious this time around. Yes, she can speak japanese very well. By the way, speaking of the drama, i have a feeling that DM and YJ are connected in some way.
  11. She does all her actions by herself so it s unfortunate that accident occurred. I read that the filming will go normal but they will use more of YJ's other skills in languages.
  12. I m not an expert in Korean history, so maybe someone around here can give more details about Yi Tan Ep 8 moves so quick. Two things i appreciate about this drama are that (1) the royal brothers are very supportive each other and (2) queen dowager is so loyal to her husband and the royal family and does not over steep her duties. I hate it so much when other dramas portray most queen dowagers as political power hungers.
  13. Yi Tan is a real figure although he was not as crazy as he is in this drama. Go Ara mostly has good chemistry with her co-stars, and she and JIW worked together before, so they can generate nice chemistry. However, this is a traditional sageuk, and not fusion saguek or historical romance drama, thus, YJ and YN's relationship will not (i hope) the main focus. Yup, do not think they have a budget to film 50 eps, and this is a good thing as the story will move faster. IIRC, at the press conference, they said they finished filming 8 eps, so they will start live-filming soon. I hope they will keep up with the quality so far.
  14. Today ep is brilliant. Everything moves so quick and all the characters are developing very well. I hope that the king will not side with Minister Min to oppose YN as his heir. The gang is working together again, and YJ is smart to come up with a solution to turn public opinion to their favor ( but she is so dull when it comes to romance). This ep also confirms that YJ has not developed any romantic felling toward YJ. He cares for her just like how he cares for MS.
  15. i have high hope that the romance in this drama will be good without unnecessary third wheel. Like others, i appreciate YJ so much. She is smart and mature and good fighter. The other thing i like about this drama is that YN is very very smart, and he shows it thru his actions. In other dramas, heroes are usually told as smart but their actions are not as brilliant as YN ( and many of them can not recognize a girl, when she cross-dresses)
  16. This is VIU version: <ep 11, around 26:00> YN to his servant: Mun Su failed to pass the exam, Ja Dong. Regardless of how hard he tried, he wasn't able to overcome the irregularities of the exam. However, Mun Su will be given another chance... just like how I was given another chance thanks to her. But until then, I need to take care of this on my own. <ep 11, around 30:00> YN to CH: Please make sure Yeo Ji doesn't suffer. She behaves and talks differently...compared to other normal women. So it'll be hard for her to get by. CH: Why don't you meet her and resolve the misunderstanding? It seems like she's resenting you. YN: Seeing each other will only end up hurting us even more. CH: Then just forget about her. If you do that, you'll at least feel at ease. YN: I'd love to do that, but I can't stop thinking about her. I want to forget about her. I really do. ==================== Viki version: <ep 11, around 26:00> YN: Moon Soo could not pass the test, after all, Ja Dong. No matter how hard he tried, he could not overcome the long-standing dishonest practice related to the civil service exam. But Moon Soo will find a path, just as he had opened a path for me. Until such time, this work must be undertaken wholly by me. <ep 11, around 30:00> YN: Please ease things for Yeo Ji. Her actions and words are different from those of ordinary women, so she is a bit of a bungler with the ways of the world. CH: Why not meet her and fix her misunderstanding? She seems to resent you. YN: Seeing each other will be painful for both of us. CH: Then just forget. If you pretend to not know, at least your mind will be at ease. YN: I want to do that, but my feelings just won't stop.I want to forget her...I really want to, but... ======================== I think that the problem is that the previous scene when YN mentions the he/she opens the path for him, the following scene can be read differently. If the one opens the path for him is MS, his feeling for YJ is more guilt and platonic. But if the one opens the path for him is YJ, then you can see that his feeling is more romantic. I don't know, that is what i read from 2 versions. People can read it differently.
  17. i was surprised about YN's feeling toward YJ as well. However, when i compare the translation between VIU and Viki, and i can see the different. In VIU version, it looks like YN has strong romantic feeling toward YJ. But in Viki version, it feels more platonic. Can someone understand Korean explain it?
  18. only check this drama because of Go Ara, so far so good i hope this drama can be something like "Nirvana in Fire" where the focus is on power struggles and not romance (although it would be better if Liu Tao's character has more screen time) @spark101 Yeoning and YeoJi is a sinking ship and i do not mind YeoJi dies at the end as long as her character plays important role in helping him get the throne, reform the system and shape his philosophy as a king. A good and well meaning love story is always better than empty HEA romance..
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