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  1. 17 hours ago, sp17jcshipper said:

    Its sooo weird even how that topic is avoided in all interviews, they can mention all of his other dramas but SP will be left out. To me it looks like questions about NJH and Suspicious Partner are being screened, by the managers reason being Wookie will not be able to lie. I have a feeling once NJH is mentioned Wookie will let the cat out of the bag so better to avoid the topic like a rash at all costs IMO. So because media houses are not talking about it therefore they are no rumours and also they haven't been outed yet so....


    what i found odd was when news reports came out of his discharge interview, none really covered the topic of NJH. 


    regardless of lack of rumors or whatnot, my only wish right now is to see them in one frame again. :bawling:



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  2. 1 hour ago, babyval22 said:

    Yeap! Drought is really here for good! LOLOL. But lately i'm missing namji tog on screen more than ever prolly cos we keep on seeing Wookie on screen now.


    So far, he has been under control but i have an inkling that the questions during the iv are being screened. Lolol. That is one way for damage control too. Hahahah. LOLOL. 


    for real.. i think i need a break. lol


    same thoughts. lol i was waiting for that mbc host to interview him again.

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  3. 3 hours ago, daloula said:

    Yes! You could see that his hand was itching him to do it and he kept clenching it to stop himself and once the Pd said cut he had to reach for her chin lmao


    2 hours ago, luvforever said:

    I was cracking up when he tried to slightly lift his hand then stopped then tried again then stopped. Then, he grabbed her chin. Boy was so eager to touch her chin he had to stop himself multiple times only to reach for it at the end:lol: Hyunnie's chin must be really soft for him to reach for her chin all the time. Ji-goner indeed!


    :lol: :lol: dude was determined.


    he did it in the neck tie scene bts too. that time she fought back. lmao

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  4. 9 hours ago, achinawa said:

    I've been meaning to find this post last night but my nets a bit slow. And same,I can't get over this too..that I kept on picturing it on my mind :lol:


    Seems like it :lol: It has probably been a habit between those two. I actually wanted to see the filming of JW BH confrontation when she found out JW knew who was HS all along...but then we see a bit of it,(not the actual scene) , wookie touching hyuni's chin before she closes the door..to which hyuni reacts.:p :lol: I'm happy even  its not the actual scene  :wub: I so love their playfulness .^_^NamJi is taking over my life..I'm doomed :lol:


    this one in the NG right? he couldnt wait til director yell cut lol

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  5. 9 hours ago, midorinokerochan said:


    In particular, let me gush a bit about the third kiss and its bts... I was already floored by breathless Wookie  (seriously, have fan/viewers ever seen him like that? Certainly not after a kiss scene with one of his previous co-stars, but I guess not even after some intense action scene?... <_<) and his dazed expression at the "cut!".  His red ears and neck.  The red knuckles of his right hand as he was problably still trying to control himself and not press too hard, and yet the red mark on Hyunie's cheek. Her looking totally sexy in his arms, definitely kissing him back.  

    But then, thanks to the bts camera that kept filming after the director said cut, we clearly saw that Wookie, the kissing expert, was really flustered and Hyunie looked also rather high.  BUT did they go separate ways to recollect themselves? Nope. They kept hovering around each other, hugging multiple times, holding hands, letting go for a moment and then reaching out again for a touch, even while their styilists were attending to them. And don't get me started with Hyunie's hand on Wookie's chest even if  only for a couple of seconds... To reassure him? To calm him down? To feel his hearbeat that probably had not slowed down and returned to normal yet? All of the above? Whatever, it's just :heart:   



    i keep replaying this part :wub:


    dude was shook after that first take. LOL






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