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  1. I always thought Eugene was super pretty and natural. And she is the same age as me ..1981 /82. Kim so Yeon has always had a mature face even in old pics back in the 90s. She seems ageless.
  2. I thought ghost Rona was kinda funny but creepy at the same time. YIKES imagine seeing her in your room at night LOL
  3. Who is Yoon Hee trying to stab with that trophy in ep 7 preview? Is it YC, SJ, or EB? They certainly deserve it. I don't think that woman is SY. Even DT looked doubtful when he asked Shin Su Ryeon? It's the lady that looks identical to her....did she have plastic surgery or is she a twin?
  4. Also the constant bullying of other students in this drama has got to stop. I couldn't watch the "eating" scene with Jeni I just couldn't stomach what they were doing to her. It's amazing that they dont have school shootings in SK with that severe bullying, they always end up committing suicide. If BRN gets hurt then that will be like a karma button for YH, she hurts MSA so therefore her daughter gets maimed. If it is EB, then that will be karma for SJ for her constantly hurting other ppl. And why doesn't anyone dare to slap SJ or Seok Kyung down? THey are always putting their hands on ppl
  5. I heard that the writer changed the killer of MSA . It wasn't supposed to be Yoon Hee at first. Why the change? It should have been someone else. Having her be the killer kind of ruined her character for me. Now the only ones I totally rooted for were SY and MSA and they are both dead now. I hope Lee Ji Ah comes back as a zombie or ghost. Its been 2 years later so she is deader than a doornail Lol.
  6. Wait when was season 1 filmed? I thought it was pre produced. But on LL instagram the pics from last episode are dated to yesterday. I thought they started filming in March. Does anyone have trouble watching such evil ppl on screen? Whenever JDT or CSJ are on screen I am filled with rage and want to to turn away. I can't stand their exaggerated facial expressions and laughter and her crazy eyeballs LOL. And they got away with murder. But CSJ will never be completely happy she will forever be haunted by her father, and MSA, and possibly now SSR and Yoon Hee. The dead won't let her be happy.
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