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  1. So Joon Gi is back to dramas and I'm back to soompi... couldn't be more happy. Seriously this drama is the best news ever! it seems so interesting! and i love this couple reunion!

    I'm also happy to see familiar names in this thread! Thank you so much @LyraYoo for starting it :wub:

    I'll be checking for more news... can't wait for june


    hughs to all, finally i'm a happy fan

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  2. OMG OMG OMG I can´t believe it (would you?) but I'm here again... it's been so long since the last time i came here but believe me, my love for my LJG is as strong as ever... i missed the fun of coming here and chat with you guys so much!!! sadly, work, studies and internet issues kept me from soompi


    anyway, JG has been very active this past months and i must confess i'm so behind... but everything he did was pretty, good and fun... as ways he's a delight to see


    Before i forget: CONGRATULATIONS for making it to 2000 pages!!!!!!


    My smile for today


    Credit as tagged



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  3. Done backreading! and no @pixelsticks thank you for your concern, but i still haven't solved my internet problems. so i don´t know when i could be able to be back here in full force :bawling:


    first of all i want to thank @glassnokamen (you even write words :w00t:) @violina @missmaudy @lisethvr @bluelilac1214 @happyfanlgx @willenette@pixelsticks and last but not least@phoenixheart (sorry if i forgot to mention someone) for sharing so many goodies and comments :heart:


    I loved all the IG JG updates! i will always be thankful to Jiu-jitsu because we get to see more of him thanks to it! and the messy hair updates: LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


    I'm also happy to see meeting his LL costars and dining out, and lucky lucky fans who met him... i would have die of blissful happyness


    And I'm so happy he's posting again in Weibo :wub:


    @bluelilac1214 i'm so happy you got your LL OST. i love it so much. i use to like/love LJG's OSTs (my current ringtone one from Sholar instrumental OST). Oh and so many anniversaries now: thank you for the many Sato vids... i will watch them ASAP

    About RM i didn't watch it back then but like a year ago, and i found LJG so charming and adorable... and of course Beautiful. 


    we are close to MLSHR 3rd anniversary, arent we? i must be the worst fan ever, because i don't know the actual date. and i really must go to MLSHR thread and comment... 


    I wasn't sure if talk or not to adress the 'weight' issue... because i promised myself i will never do it again. it's an issue that always ends in confrontation and we are supposed to be here to feel good about JG (at least from my POV). thankfully i don't need to add to the point because @pixelsticks you speak my mind! 


    Last about polls, i remember last year i wasn't able to figure out how to vote in the AAA awards. About the most handsome face one, i used to post every now and then but forgot to keep doing it. thank you @violina for the reminder


    More from MLSHR 



    And my smile for today 



    Images Credit to uploaders 



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  4. WOW so many goodies!!! Thank you all :heart:


    besides LJG beautiful looks in Elle pictorial and his to die for abs on IG, i think what i love the most is reading his interviews, is not only that everything he says is charming, but i feel that i get to know him more and more.. and the more i know the better i like, respect and love him :wub:


    That said, i don't know if i can wait until next year for a new project, i know we are seeing a lot of him lately but that only makes me more greedy... i would like a movie so much (still waiting for my dream to come true: a reunion with director LJI)


    image credit to uploader



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  5. On 7/26/2018 at 12:03 AM, willenette said:


    Hi antoniaclamens they say that people's values change as they get older. Your values are influenced by the tasks you perform at different life stages. Some traits tend to change while some traits tend to stay stable. There is an increase in consistency of a trait as age increases. However, personality does not stop changing at a specific age. What's more, those changes are usually for the better. ... I noticed that, too in LJK..... he develops a sense of humor and builds a confident disposition. These traits give him the ability to inspire and fascinate his fans more, making them more drawn to him as a result. I love his confidence. He's sexy and he knows it. ...hahaha - I love his intensity in acting, too. :lol:


    what you said. in fact i'm not sure if the right word to use is change... i think he just evolved, for better. everything that was good in him is still there, amplified. And you used a word to define him that i must agree 100% because i'm a victim: he fascinate us.


    On 7/26/2018 at 1:22 AM, phoenixheart said:

    Hello there, antoniaclamens and willenette! Comparing JG's acting ability from TBDW and LL, both with the same director, I see credible acting 11 years ago at that younger age. He already showed a lot of promise, and I got the distinct impression that there was so much more to come. All he required was time and experience, in both his profession and in his own life. Maturity enables confidence. And yes, throwing humor into the mix, all along the way, definitely helped!:lol: I sense that JG has some good values that have remained pretty constant all throughout his career. He's sincere, he's funny, he's caring, and he does not have an overblown ego that other actors might tend to acquire. He's hard-working and wants to present the best of himself in everything we see him do.:thumbsup: He has a beautiful personality, and oh yes, remind me not to forget he's gorgeous and sexy!!! Again, OH MY BEATING HEART:w00t::wub::wub: Anyway, all that has come to fruition in LL. In my opinion, if LL doesn't win a whole lot of awards at the end of the year, then there will definitely be thunder and lightning coming from my direction!:angry: This drama deserves the recognition and so do the actors and actresses and crew. My apologies for a longer post, but I just needed to get all of this written down.:unsure: Looking forward to JG's next work with bright expectation!:rolleyes::wub::wub:

    Ohhh i love everything you said. so true. i also wish for tons of rewards this year but sadly tvN doesn't give awards.. though if you ask me this is a good year to start


    On 7/26/2018 at 3:53 AM, happyfanlgx said:

    thank you thank you thank you. you are a savior!!! :heart:

    thank you for this and all the useful weibo info. i'm gonna try all!


    On 7/26/2018 at 11:29 AM, glassnokamen said:



    thank you as always for sharing... i guess you run out of vowels...


    On 7/27/2018 at 12:46 AM, girlyponytail said:

    Anyone read breaking news today?


    Apparantly PMY is in relationship with PSJ for 3 years, does it mean that she was in relationship while filming Candy in My Ear too? 
    Isn't it so funny when LJG got critizied and take all the blame and burden in his shoulder for appearing in that variety show while being caught for being in relationship status, meanwhile PMY (whom many people feel sorry for her at that time) even feel happy and freely showing  all of her lovey dovey affection  to the real man whom she is in relationship (with all praise from many people for great acting, chemistry etc)? LOL 
    Oh  my super handsome young man LJG, I just wish him to be happy and happy and happy and never experienced any bad things may happen in his life.

    Oh i remember those fatal days last year... if only they can be undone...it's not clear if they are dating or not. the only thing that it's clear to me is that all the mess created was unfair to our JG



    On 7/28/2018 at 1:45 PM, pixelsticks said:


    @antoniaclamens had reminded me that there was an eclipse yesterday.  A Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse that most of the world got to see but not us "lucky' people in North America.  The last Solar Eclipse....Wang So visited the Path of Totality across the USA .  This time....I envisioned Wang So visiting Korea for the 1 hour and 43 minutes of total eclipse they had yesterday....

    i absolutely love your fanwork! i need that to be true


    On 7/28/2018 at 1:45 PM, pixelsticks said:

    During my research...I found this....


    Pics of Gwangjong's Burial/Resting Place in North Korea

    so so interesting. thank you!


    On 7/29/2018 at 11:26 PM, happyfanlgx said:

    thank you for the link. he looks amazingly good (though i'm not sure why it amazes me... he always looks so)


    On 7/30/2018 at 6:41 AM, violina said:

    as always... love to read him praised


    On 7/30/2018 at 6:41 AM, violina said:


    This comment is so true:

    I can not imagine another actor doing Gong Gil, Kay, Iljimae, Jang Tae San, Wang So(well this one has been played by someone else before JG. But going forward, I cannot imagine another wangso who is so beautiful, so intense, so charismatic and so memorable).As for Bong Sang Pil, The director of LL said this work( LL) was actually conceived long ago.When the project was still in its early stages before casting.He introduced the synopsis to his team and the first name that came to mind immediately was Lee Jun Ki.They said the role was perfect for JG even before he was told about it.



    everything you said! i just can't imagine any other actor playing JG roles... though i always imagine him playing other actor's roles


    On 7/30/2018 at 2:47 PM, astrantia said:

    New photos from @ ellemenhk


    just beautiful


    17 hours ago, phoenixheart said:

    Just wanted to say that I received LL OST in the mail on Monday. I had ordered it from Gmarket straight from South Korea. Very reasonable price too, including shipping. I have been listening to it this evening with my headphones on so as not to be disturbed by stray sounds around me. I started listening, and had to stop what I was doing! I closed my eyes and was mesmerized by the gorgeous music of this OST.:o Absolutely awesome music!:thumbsup:I couldn't help moving to the insistent beat of Burn It Up, smiling at the Muvengers theme, and having my heart go out to some of the emotional pieces. This OST definitely belongs right up there with several other of JG's drama OSTs. I'm thinking Moon Lovers, of course...and Two Weeks...:wub: Angels, don't let this one pass you by! I'd like to read some of YOUR comments on this OST.:rolleyes:

    congrats!!!!! the OST from the drama must be one of my faves


    6 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:


    YES! All of the above plus his humbleness. Such a precious person! One does not have a choice but to fall for him after getting to know him. hehe onion head

    what you said! another reason to love him more


    6 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:


    Everything you said! Looking at him is a feast to the eyes…. the only problem being you don’t know where to look at first... 

    so true


    6 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    May he only experience good things in his life! 

    all fingers and toes crossed... all good energies and thoughts too


    6 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    I’m not planning to give up using the term Elusive Torso either, even if he shows his torso fully. Then it’ll just become Not-Elusive Torso. evil smile onion head We cannot let anyone forget how elusive his torso is/was right? Because history is important. :P

    the elusive will always be the elusive... even when not so elusive. lol


    5 hours ago, violina said:

    I knew I wont be disappointed(But when does he ever put out subpar pictorials?). Elle Men HK and JG collabo delivered.He looks gorgeous.My eyes have been purified once more:heart:.He really needs to do this hairstyle(the slightly messy but not too messy look) more frequently.It suits him:wub:.If I was a model scout and was looking for asian models to model designer clothes.I would pick him if I got this magazine pictorial sample out of hundreds of model portifolios. He is so charismatic and he makes even the dullest clothes look trendy.He poses well too.He knows his angles and uses them well.My favourites:


    he never disappoints... yet he always surprises... love his looks and style so much


    1 hour ago, missmaudy said:

    It’s only been 3 weeks since the finale of Lawless Lawyer but I feel like it’s been too long. I hope JG will announce his next project soon. I hope he will do more projects, at least 1drama & 1 movie per year perhaps. One drama a year is too less, don’t you think. :lol:

    fully agree!!!


    My smile for today (with a little of the elusive)


    image credit to uploader

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  6. On 7/18/2018 at 9:35 PM, girlyponytail said:

    Sorry to cut this, because it remind me to myself lol. I remembered saying this after watching Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo : " I haven't seen Lee Joon Gi ever in my (more than a decade of) Kdrama life, where has he been?"  Well, I didn't blame him for this, but i blamed my cable tv instead *sigh. Despite the fact that he works every year, I didn't know him *doublesigh. After i watched his previous works, I find him incredibly amazing as an actor. I remember watching his previous saeguk works continuously, I've never get bored of him, the face may be the same but everything was so different the way he portrayed each characters, the gesture,  body language, pronounciation, diction, all are different  eventhough all in saeguk style, which is i know it's sooo different compared in modern style, but yet he successfully managed to make all of them are different, that's how amazing he is as an actor to me. Back to my cable tv, well, it only shows family daily drama or a romcom, i guess that's what majority audiences looking for a cheerful and comfortable performance in a drama. Not sure if he's thinking to take this kind of work, because i don't know what kind of scripts he's being offered, but I laugh a lot reading that he prefers to be a fox rather than a cow. (Once i wonder why he only do one work a year, because i know many chinesse actors do 2-3 projects a year, but i guess he immerseed a lot in his character, even he always needs a period of time to say goodbye to the characters he portrayed, and i dare to compare him with these c-actors, silly me, even the quality is soo different lol). Yes, choose the next project smartly, agree with that. 

    it is sad that he had to worry about stuff like this wgen he is so talented. everything you said right. and i'm sure he will choose next project smartly and it will be a good and successful one. i got this feeling this will be his year and from now on everything will go up and up for him!


    On 7/18/2018 at 9:35 PM, girlyponytail said:


    hi @antoniaclamens sorry to cut this 

    BTW i'm really thankful he did LL, not only it was a great drama but BSP is one of the awesomest characters ever!


    Agree, agree and agree. Bong Sang Phil is awesome. Honestly I want to watch him in action again. He's so good. 

    I wan to see him in action again too. Seriously BSP set the bar to the highest level. he was so good and so stylish in every action scene... but they didn't feel staged they feel so real. BSP left me wanting more... maybe an action movie... just saying


    On 7/18/2018 at 10:02 PM, willenette said:


    Hi bluelilac, thanks for sharing this BTS clip. It's always fun watching a video where you could understand what you're watching at. :lol: NICE. I always love watching BTS & the Making because it's always candid. :lol:

    i watched the BTS, they are a pleasure to the eyes... he's so lovable. and he still is. yet you see the difference from TBDW and LL. he's more confident now and more goofy wich i love


    On 7/18/2018 at 10:02 PM, willenette said:


    ***  One of the reasons why I adore him is because he is very sincere to his fans... I’ve been a huge fan of his since a long time ago. I know he'll rest in the meantime after just wrapping-up his last drama. But, I hope he'll be back soon.  He’s so freaking talented. :lol:

    everything you said. i'm sure there are many good and talented actors out there. but what makes JG so special is his love for his fans and his sincerity. it's imposible not to love him back



    On 7/19/2018 at 12:43 AM, pixelsticks said:

    tv baby 17 I know I know... WHO IS this errant JG Soompi fan?  

    am i seeing things? am i dreaming. is it our lost Pixel?


    On 7/19/2018 at 12:43 AM, pixelsticks said:

    I think @antoniaclamens has wanted me to do writer pink mouse in regards to the SOOMPI Director's List

    yes yes. not only for that reason but yes


    On 7/19/2018 at 12:43 AM, pixelsticks said:

    Gotta LOVE JG photoshoots!  He is REALLY enjoying his body right now and that is very attractive!!  I wish his fans would also revel in his body confidence and not constantly harp on his apparent thinness. He's a lean dude. He's a strong dude. He's a beautiful dude. Just like he sang in his fan meet....LET IT BE!!!

    you speak my mind! Let him be!!! i love his gorgeous body and i love how confident he is about it. he knows his assets... all i can say is ever since last year i'm a fan of his beautiful shaped and toned arms... now thanks to jiu-jitsu them and his abs are more muscled and looking fine. and i'm a happy fan to be delighted by their beautiful sight


    On 7/19/2018 at 12:43 AM, pixelsticks said:


    Remember...this was his arm last year....<<<he has such gorgeous hands and Jaw and....>>>

    hands, jaw :wub:


    On 7/19/2018 at 12:43 AM, pixelsticks said:


    OK... I am going to post the Soompi Director List/Chart for Lawless Lawyer... and I need your help!  Remember when I said my mind was a blur...well...it can remember SUBWAY and teacups and suits.  Please tell me what got accomplished (and better yet...if you remember which episodes).  


    Yes...I stopped updating after Episode 4.  Yes I am a bad PIXEL!  No...I cannot fully work on it right now.  Maybe mid August???  Why does RL have to cut into my fun online K-life? 



    well mid august will be here in short time... i will try to point out the accomplised items (and maybe episodes)

    in fact i haven't ending screencaping... stopped by episode 8... bad antonia. i need to restart


    On 7/19/2018 at 9:58 AM, violina said:

    It seems he was really immersed in the character too. Seo Ye Ji said the same thing too in her magazine photoshoot interview with Elle today.They are having a hard time getting out of their characters.I also think the LL project as a whole has had a positive impact on everyone involved.I am very happy he was a part of it too:).


    In JG's own words(cosmopolitan interview): 


    I believe one of the reasons why he monitors and worries about the outcomes of any projects he works on is this:

    In JG's own words(cosmopolitan interview):


    Even when the interviewer said this: 

    Here is the thing, for him, a flop drama has very little effect on his career except maybe a hit in morale.As you can see, although his agency dont mediaplay the amount or frequency of offers he gets and rejects(which is good).The interviewer points out to us, that JG is highly sought after(whether he gets a hit like Lawless Lawyer, or a drama that was panned like Criminal Minds).Dude has scripts ready for him, even before he finishes a drama he is working on.However, The ones who get the full brunt when a drama flops is not the lead actors, but the people behind the scenes.The staff, the crew and the production team. If the drama has low ratings while its airing.It can lower the motivation of people working on the set.Usually, the female co-stars also get hate from fans of the lead actor when this happens.So maybe thats why he feel guilty and burdened by these things(even though he shouldnt, these things cannot be controlled by one person).

    yes he said it all. what a stressful life must he have... he's almost always smiling but it can't be easy for him. so much responsability on his shoulders


    On 7/20/2018 at 12:17 PM, pixelsticks said:

    L:heart:ve the Cosmo images coming out...but ARRGGHH!!!  I know this was "2 page spread worthy" <<<and they cropped well enough>> but the seam???


    OMG two post from you on the same page! :scream:


    On 7/21/2018 at 1:30 AM, violina said:

    I love Jiujitsu this year because it makes us see our JG outside of work:D.Can you spot him in these photo


    he looks so happy and relaxed. he's surely enjoying the night (or day) i only wish he was near to the camera. and i love jiu-jitsu too... and i always be thankful that JG discovered and fall in love with it


    On 7/21/2018 at 9:08 AM, violina said:


    Translation of korean caption:


    That was extremely hot... like almost to much to handle

    it's my spirit writing for me, because you know i'm dead again


    On 7/21/2018 at 3:39 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    As @pixelsticks has returned back to Soompi, here’s a small Elusive Torso Parade:


    oh @pixelsticks now you are truly forgiven for your long absence...


    On 7/23/2018 at 11:23 AM, glassnokamen said:

    :ph34r::w00t::ph34r::scream:  Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!


    the IG post fully deserves all the uhs and emojis

    JG's manager was so fun to watch and JG was so jaw dropping


    On 7/24/2018 at 9:47 AM, violina said:

    Remember that dude from Elle, the photographer who said he likes Lee Joon Gi?He posted again today.Can you see how gorgeous our JG looks already?I am looking forward to more gorgeous photos and what he will say in the interview this time..


    so happy he keeps posting about JG


    On 7/24/2018 at 9:56 AM, bluelilac1214 said:

    I'm so very glad that we are not suffering form JG Drought this year and we are getting another photoshoot also! happy dancing crazy rabbit

    i'm more than glad!


    On 7/24/2018 at 9:56 AM, bluelilac1214 said:
     More praise for JG :wub:

    oh! I love it!


    20 hours ago, phoenixheart said:

    How about those Jiu Jitsu situps?!:w00t: JG has beautifully sculpted arms and torso, and it is obvious he has his body under control. So effortless! And yes BLUELILAC, I agree. JG is getting bolder!! Such a stream of sexy pics!:w00t::wub::wub: I think JG is trying to gently make a point to all his errant Angels who can't quite leave the subject of his weight alone. He's healthy and lean and gorgeous and...and...!!!:rolleyes: Just a little sexy payback, don't cha know! Point made...just saying:)

    everything you said! and i really wish fans stop talking about his weight


    13 hours ago, happyfanlgx said:

    Hello everybody ! :heart:

    Lee Joon Gi, my favorite Prince, is back on Weibo https://www.weibo.com/leejoongi?from=feed&amp;loc=at&amp;nick=李准基&amp;is_all=1#_rnd1532526683184

    I am so happy :heart:

    OMG I'm so happy too!!! thank you so much for sharing, because i can't access to weibo content  (or don't know how to do it)


    11 hours ago, violina said:

    @glassnokamenThe insta update.His VOICE:wub:!!!!!


    Can Joon Gi do more audio books please:wub:.I was failing to concentrate on the content of the poem because I just want to listen to him speak.There is a reason why he usually does the narration in his dramas.He usually has long monologues too.Such a pleasure to my ears.


    He is such a sweetheart too.He chose a poem which was written by Kang Ha Neul's character in " DongJu:The portrait of a poet"(a korean movie) to read to us out of many other poems he could have chosen.The movie was also directed by another long time acquaintance of his; Director  Lee Jun Ik of "The King and the Clown".


    I could listen to him reading for hours! his voice is so perfect and lovely. a pleasure loke you said. I didn't know the poem was from that movie. It's on my to watch list since it's from Lee Jun Ik (my favorite k director)


    it's been ages since i do it. My smile for today (and old one):


    credit to uploader

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  7. 16 hours ago, willenette said:

    July 18, 2018

    Lee Joon-gi talks about his role in ‘Lawless Lawyer’

    The arms! the profile! my heart!!!

    thank you so much for sharing


    13 hours ago, glassnokamen said:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! :wub::flushed:


    of course that video justifies both... and more.


    4 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    First of all, crazy monkey 064 crazy monkey 065 I give up! I don't know how many more times I can revive after being attacked so mercilessly by JG! He posted so many pretty, sweet and innocent pics continuously, and then BAM! There he attacks again!! A striptease to be exact! crazy monkey 121 

    haha.... i feel exactly the same!


    4 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    You are absolutely correct! A brand new parade! crazy monkey 148  But for those gorgeous eyebrows to be seen clearly, the Pretty Forehead should also be shown.... just saying.... :D

    new parade alert! i like it... bring it on, forrehead included


    4 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    She did and I'm still shook!

    same here


    4 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    and i'm dead again


    4 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    The Section TV interview with the English subs: Part 1

    thank you so so much


    4 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    Sorry about the XL sized post and the rambling - it's all JG's fault! The JG Heatwave is a bit too strong... crazy monkey 095

    why sorry? i'm sure we all love your XL sized posts



    4 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    As 18th July is the 11th Anniversary of TBDAW, here are some related contents!

    BTS with English subs

    I've never watched this (or almost any TBDW BTS) so many many thanks. I must watch asap


    4 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    Gorgeous Lee So Hyun :wub:

    Gum blowing/ Pouting! Kay :kiss::

    Um... *Blue adjusts her halo* Kissing Lee So Hyun :w00t::

    Oh my heart... so beautiful!:wub:

    Smirking badass Kay B)

    And I'll sing off tonight with these:

    love you crazy rabbit

    loving this TBDW parade! and it was long since you sing off!


    34 minutes ago, violina said:

    Quoting what one JG fan posted on his/her instagram yesterday with his photo on section tv(its amazing coz this interview hadnt come out yet):


    With this kind of filmography, he should hold his head high:).

    I so agree!


    34 minutes ago, violina said:


    I actually think the fact that he carved his own niche not rely on his look, charm to star in only female-only oriented drama, is the reason why he has lasted this long in the industry and remain successful.If more QUALITY "cheerful and comfortable" projects(I believe "slice of life" and rom coms can help with this)  come his way, where he can show "a natural, everyday performance or a relaxed performance".Then by all means grab them.But the emphasis here is on the QUALITY.If its the kind where the drama has no plot(even a bare minimum) and it has to rely on him saying cringey cheesy lines, or kissing his co-star over and over again(i like smooching scenes but not overdone where it no longer gives feels), or just relying on cliche upon cliche from ep 1-20, then NO stick to the "esoteric works".This is why there are very few rom coms that are doing well and more legal dramas in kdramaland.


    On the other hand, "slice of life" also need not only good chemistry with fellow cast and acting, but also a very good writer to work.This was the common denominator of the success of  "Misaeng", "Live", "My Ahjussi" and other slice of life that produced "good results".People will connect to slice of life dramas they can relate to, or make them think and tug at their hearts.Otherwise, a non immersive plot will make the whole drama flop.His excellence in sageuk and action, would help him well for movie comeback. Pure Melo, romance and comedy rarely make big box office hit in Korea.But he can be one to break that record.He did it before with King and the Clown.Before that movie, Sageuk movies were just doing ok not selling millions of tickets. Now, we can see sageuks do well in cinema.



    Quality is the key word. Of course i would love to see him in the highest ratings drama but i would rather have no ratings and good quality. So far i never felt ashamed of his works. I'm a proud fan, because all his characters are awesome... ratings are a plus. A plus he totally deserves

    BTW i'm really thankful he did LL, not only it was a great drama but BSP is one of the awesomest characters ever!


    34 minutes ago, violina said:

    SMOULDER(is it???) CHECK

    Make a crew member into a fanboy.JG got you loud and clear.(That guy on the left is mesmerized:D).He(JG) knows he looks pretty. Look at his wink smile.I can totally hear PD Kim of LL screaming Yah!!! stop fooling around(being so cute in the BTS that the PD cant focus on filming.He did this to Seo Ye Ji:D).The man is glowing from inside out.This year is really his year.Be happy our JG!!!

    The gifs! i'm dead again and again

    and of course he knows he's pretty. what are mirrors for?

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  8. On 7/7/2018 at 9:32 PM, violina said:

    and he has a strong fanboy:lol:.I understand its from the Elle Men Hong Kong photoshoot


    Lawless Lawyer wrap-up interviews:


    Aw! i love to see JG loved and praised by everyone. Thank you so much for these and every article/review posted! I'm so proud of being a JG fan. He's an amazing actor and he's so multy talented !!!


    On 7/8/2018 at 2:44 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    Since I miss my love Mr Bong so much...

    Me too! thank you for the awesome video links


    On 7/8/2018 at 2:44 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    ....and since I miss my love Wang So...


    Again... me too... i need a Wang So fix pretty sonn


    On 7/8/2018 at 2:44 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    ....and most of all, since I miss JG...

    love you crazy rabbit

    Ezacly, precisely!


    On 7/8/2018 at 11:56 PM, violina said:

    Here is some JG for your eyes.No JG drought yet.2018 is a year that keeps on giving:wub:.There are japanese, chinese and korean subs if you go on their youtube channel.I just posted the English one.


    Thank you again! it seems to be JG year and i'm the happiest of fans because of it


    On 7/9/2018 at 11:09 AM, bluelilac1214 said:

    Hi, @willenette more info about the English subs on the LL Blu-ray

    I can't comment about it. I'm so sad and heart broken


    On 7/9/2018 at 11:09 AM, bluelilac1214 said:

    And here's Oppa, happily practicing JJ! Look at his smile!! :wub: He's glowing - there's no other way to describe him! love you crazy rabbit Oh, and Elusive Torso Alert btw... ;)

    I will forever be thankful to jiu-jitsu. my new favorite sport!


    On 7/9/2018 at 11:09 AM, bluelilac1214 said:
    As it was the 3rd anniversary of SWWTN on 8th July (and bad Blue didn't know... :ph34r:), here's the most beautiful vampire ever!


    Ohhhh my favorite vampire. how could i miss the anniversary! to this day KSY is the most sexy JG character ever! I miss him too


    On 7/10/2018 at 11:00 PM, violina said:

    Who loves drama Instrumental OST:)?Especially the ones in JG dramas.His dramas usually have good imstrumental osts.I remember loving the instrumental ost from TBDW, Arang, Scholar and Scarlet Heart Ryeo.Kind souls have started uploading the instrumental OST for Lawless Lawyer on youtube.Here are some of my favourites:

    WOW thank you so much. LL must have one of the most beautiful and emotive instrumental OST ever. a favorite for sure. I need the mp3 in my playlist so badly. i must admit that i cried tons while listening to them songs. I'm still crying... 


    I miss LL and Bong Sang Pil so much!!!!


    On 7/12/2018 at 2:51 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    hell yes onion head I have no words to describe how happy it makes me when JG's talent is recognized and praised by others. Seeing these words from Kim PD, who has known him for 11 years, is a testament to how much he has achieved and how he has become an even better actor - how he has become a great actor! And the PD is absolutely correct, Oppa is a World Star. He deserves all this praise and even more and I'm so, so proud to be his fan!

    everything you said!


    On 7/12/2018 at 2:51 PM, bluelilac1214 said:


    YESS! I put so much effort into actively ignore Subway whenever they forced it into the scenes! <_< @antoniaclamens's worst fear regarding the PPL did come true....

    Yes... i don't think i will ever be able to eat subway... it spoiled what otherwise it would be a perfect drama. i will try to see only the bright side.. if there were so much subway it must have been because the drama was a success


    On 7/12/2018 at 2:51 PM, bluelilac1214 said:


    And a very important update about his... crocs... teehee crazy rabbit I LOVE THIS!

    [update]: lee jun croc spotted in flashy, unseen pair.



    OMG so funny


    On 7/12/2018 at 2:51 PM, bluelilac1214 said:


    One more picture from the wrap up party:

    There he goes again, attacking our poor hearts by being with a kid! admire2 onion head

    Yes, there he goes again, being more cute than kids


    17 hours ago, phoenixheart said:

    Thank you for the warm welcome, bluelilac1214!! I know I still have a lot to learn about how things work in a thread, and I trust that you and everyone else will take me under your wing and show me the ropes.

    As for my JG story, it all started one day wayyyyy back middle of last year. I was looking for something else to watch on TV or online, when I discovered DramaFever on Roku. I thought, oh! Asian TV sounds fascinating. And I wasn't disappointed! Can you, by ANY chance, guess which was the first Korean drama to capture my attention? Let me just say that I've got my own pretty coffin, just like you guys have, after being slain by none other than our favorite Prince Wang So! And I do agree that LJG made that all happen because of his many acting talents. Another actor would simply not have done that role justice.

    I also happen to have one more item to add to the Beauty Parade list that I don't believe anyone has thought about yet, and that is JG's absolutely gorgeous eyebrows! On that note I'll say good night until next time. Bye!


    Welcome welcome to the thread! so happy to see you here and read how you get sucked into JG charms... you were so lucky. meeting him as Wang So! how not to fall for him? (i'm still puzzled at people who didn't fall. lol)



    16 hours ago, glassnokamen said:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! :wub::flushed::wub:

    She used emojis



    and letters


    did i see right? lol

    the power of the not so elusive!!!


    6 hours ago, violina said:


    Lee Joon Gi Talks About His Past Works And Wanting To Act With Ha Ji Won

    Thank you again and again for the info!

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  9. @glassnokamenisn't it silly of me that i am so happy that your are posting emojis? well i am. love his latest update so much. can't wait for the photoshoot


    On 7/6/2018 at 2:27 PM, cedarwood said:

    SOMEONE *cough* @bluelilac1214 *cough* told me you guys miss me. Here I am!

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY welcome back!!!! and please don't dissapear again. we need you here so badly!!! you can do it! for us and for LJG!!!!


    On 7/6/2018 at 2:27 PM, cedarwood said:


    Of course I saw the drama till the very end (with pictures at the end as well! would never miss the chance to see our baby!). Our chart is probably fullfilled and with something extras too - I mean he even (kind of) spoke English in the last episode. My, my, he worked hard ot fullfill that chart. :) 


    yes our list was alost fulfilled i'm pretty sure... we must have asked for more. hope we all learned a lesson for next project!


    On 7/6/2018 at 2:27 PM, cedarwood said:

    But to tell you the truth... I loved Bong Sang Pil but... Wang So is still the love of my life. :wub:

    haha... i have a big heart. right now i love both. in fact i'm unable to watch other dramas now. even JG dramas. all i want now is BSP. but after a little while i guess i will rewatch MLSHR again... because yes, i miss So too.


    On 7/6/2018 at 3:58 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    Oh my! He looks flawless even when he is hungover. And looks so, so soft too… :wub::wub:

    soft! the perfect word to describe how he looks

    On 7/6/2018 at 3:58 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    And I trust him – he knows what is best for him more than anyone else. So I completely trust his judgment, as always. All that matters is him being happy, healthy and successful in whatever he does.

    talking about his weight... the other way i was in the subway (not the restaurant but the transportation one.. lol) when it strucked me. there's a reason why ostrichs can't fly. they are fat. imagine a fatter JG flying like BSP did ... imposible. So he was right he needed to be slim. he knows better


    On 7/6/2018 at 3:58 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    Thank god for JJ. We’ll at least get to see his JJ updates and hopefully the JG Drought won’t be that severe. It’s been raining JG since April, and I’m spoiled rotten with the continuous updates….

    yes thanks for JJ. maybe there won´t be a drought after all


    On 7/6/2018 at 3:58 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    My favourite after Mr Bong would be Cha Moon Sook and AOJ – I couldn’t decide between these two. Every character was done very well, it was very satisfying to watch.

    AOJ of course... in the end i cared about him, felt bad because of him... CMS i wanted her to suffer all pains in hell. no i don´t love her. i can´t, but i recognize she was an amazing villian, but i villian i can't love or emphatize.


    On 7/6/2018 at 3:58 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    Again and again, you speak my mind. Do we have to let go of any character? Of all the dramas we’ve watched, with how many roles have we fallen in love? But with JG’s roles, every single one of them was special and memorable in one way or another. So many roles to love!  The more to love, the better, right? We are lucky to be JG’s fans in that regard also!

    i fall in love with every JG character, i even love Hero wich many people seem to dislike. evry single one of his characters is special. i love and miss them all. well well. what about some rewatch? one episode a week like when we did MLSHR...what do you think, and what drama would you like to watch? Two Weeks? TBDW? Iljimae?...


    On 7/6/2018 at 3:58 PM, bluelilac1214 said:


    He is the best. He made the character so believable, it’s like Mr Bong is a real person to us. And I know for a fact, that his next role would be a great one too – he will continue to amaze us, as always!

    you said it all. as Wang So is real to me BSP is a real person too


    On 7/6/2018 at 3:58 PM, bluelilac1214 said:


    Isn’t this about that posting snack event thingy? Maybe they are announcing the winners….

    oh.. it must be


    On 7/6/2018 at 3:58 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    Fine doesn’t properly explain how good he looks in those pics! An angel has done a comparison:

    That confident smile is everything! love onion head

    Sorry everytime i saw that picture i got stucked in his arms... i'm hopeless



    On 7/6/2018 at 3:58 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    Some more new stills from https://twitter.com/CJnDrama. There are tons more – go check them out!

    PERFECT! love you crazy rabbit



    On 7/6/2018 at 4:11 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    More praise for JG! hell yes onion head


    Lee Joon-gi, star of “Lawless Lawyer,” has lived up to his name

    (source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=396&aid=0000483922)

    yes more praise... keep them coming, he deserves all the praise in the world


    23 hours ago, violina said:


    Hello there:) long time no see.I agree with everything you said too.It looks like every collabo with Director Ji Min produces good results.He also seem to know who to cast to work with JG.I remember loving the chemistry/bromance he had with a actor Jung Kyung Ho.But also the chemistry he had with the senior actor who played Mao in "Time Between Dog and Wolf.So I hope it wont take another 10 years before they(the PD and JG) work together again.

    I love him with Mao they reunited in Joseon Gunman...hope he works with CMS again (i know i'm like a broken record) and i also hope he makes another collab with Director


    18 hours ago, glassnokamen said:



    I can't with this video... i'm blinded by his beauty and happy. yes i don't know why but that vid makes me feel happy


    8 hours ago, violina said:

    Such a contrast from last year's post drama time.He looks happy and he is glowing:wub:.I am guessing he is at the photoshoot

    You said it! Glowing that's what he is. he must feel good


    7 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    And according to this translation, he would appear on Section TV on Monday!!! cheer3 onion headhappy dancing crazy rabbit

      Reveal hidden contents



    He is being so busy after LL has finished - TWO photoshoots, appearing on a TV program... Can I hope to hear some good news about his next project???? wow1 onion head

    We must be thankful to LL and BSP... if not there won´t be photoshoots or TV programs... i will say it again: I AM THE HAPPIEST OF FANS!!!!! and i wish so badly for a new project soon (i know i am being greedy. he needs to rest, but i need a new project)

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  10. 20 hours ago, willenette said:


    Hi antoniaclamens, time flies so fast that "LL" seems just begun & now it's finished, wrapping-up its 2-month run. The drama has been doing well-rating-wise & this is a good win for the cast especially LJK. They truly deserved it! It's truly a team effort from the cast who acted up to 16-EPs. The plot was good but the fun on the set was better. It's fun watching them having this great chemistry on/off-cam. LJK has fantastic chemistry with his female partner. Congratulations to LJK & to the "LL" team for making a drama worth-watching until the end. Good story & solid acting. A job well-done to everyone! LJK is fortunate to have great co-stars. And this is NICE because this was under cable network. Right now, quality dramas are mostly produced by cable stations.  :P

    Yes sadly time flies so fast... i try to think positive and believe that now i will get my life back... but sometimes i think i'm just fooling myself. Chemistry onscreen was awesome and offscreen maybe even more. I agree that BSP and SYJ had great chemistry but i will do honorable mention to BSP and AOJ chemistry... I'm dying to see them working together again... or at least hanging together again. CMS's wife speaks good of JG so maybe there's a chance


    16 hours ago, violina said:

    Photoshoots!!!!I think we can expect interviews.But am wondering if this means another project is already in the works or its just post drama interview?He usually appears in magazines when he has work to promote.I mean one magazine, maybe its post drama interview but two on the same day????Either way, am excited for the gorgeous pictures coming our way:wub: soon.


    2 photoshoots! i think i died and went to heaven... i just sneaked for a moment to say how happy i am. but i'm afraid they are wrap up photoshoots, though it doesn't hurt to pray for a new project coming soon  (who needs a life after all?)

    16 hours ago, willenette said:


    Hi violina, is this DVD with Eng subs? :o

    most important question


    13 hours ago, glassnokamen said:


    No emojis this time????

    let me say that JG is looking mighty fine in those pics... it's been a year since i noticed how beautiful his arms are... so those pictures are like an extra gift for me... i can not look at them arms any more


    Latest pictures from http://program.tving.com/tvn/lawlesslawyer/3/Board/List?page=1









    New release of old pictures from viki FB.










    I promised to share my favorite pics from my pretty in pic...









    My smile for today


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  11. On 7/3/2018 at 6:23 AM, willenette said:


    Hi antoniaclamens, thanks for sharing the videos. Ye, he's flooded with flowers & stuff. I love his get-up & love his heels & his pink shirt. :P

    I love everything about his outfit too! He looks so natural and handsome and adorable


    On 7/3/2018 at 9:49 AM, violina said:


    Another Success from “Time Between Dog and Wolf” Duo; Lee Joon-Gi makes a glorious comeback with “Lawless Lawyer”


    (source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003045652)

    Translation Credit: https://allaboutjoongi.tumblr.com/


    I feel so proud and happy everutime i read something good about the drama and JG. As if i was part of it... well maybe we all were, watching streaming, searching naver, supporting, commenting, waiting for next episode, for ratings, reviews... i was inmersed in LawLawLand since script reading...


    On 7/3/2018 at 10:37 AM, girlyponytail said:

    Yeayyy :D so happy with the final rating, even peaked at 10,2% wow. Considering it's a spring season, a perfect weather to go out at weekend, combined with the wave of euphoria of the worldcup ... it's not an easy job to make people sit in front of tv to watch a revenge-and-law-theme drama.  Well, LJG and all of the LL team deserved it after all of their hardwork. 

    The wrap up party looks like he's having a special fan meeting on street. Love to see him surrounded by flowers. 

    Everything you said!  This drama was a success no doubt and the team and JG fully deserved it...


    On 7/3/2018 at 10:37 AM, girlyponytail said:


    I watched V-live after the finale, and he was sooo adorable.  The english subtitles was not good, there were many moments when it didn't appear at all, but just by looking at him, his gesture, his facial expression, all are very very amusing that I forgot I didn't understand what he said LOL.

    OMG with JG is always the same, hearing his voice, looking at his face, watching his antics make you forget everything else, you feel like you don't need to understand... then when everything is over you do want to understand. lol


    On 7/3/2018 at 10:37 AM, girlyponytail said:

    He happily greeted and answered fans questions.
    Fortunately, there are some funny moment during Q&A session when the english subtitle appeared.

    Fan               : please gain more weight!
    JG                 : I'm trying... I really trying!
    Another Fan: please don't gain more weight!
    JG                 : Then what should i do?



    Fan                : What genre are you planing to do?

    JG                 : I'm reviewing many scripts 
    Fan                : Do historical drama
    JG                 : I'm open to anything, but maybe not historical drama this time.

                            I even think of a villain character in movie although i'm not the lead actor, i like a character that give influence to the movie

    Fan                : Don't do villain character!

    Another Fan : I want to watch you acting villain!



    Fan                : Please do rom-com

    JG                  : That's also possible

    Another Fan : No bed scene!

    Another Fan : and no kiss scene!

    I guess it's hard to grant all of fans wishes right?*LOL*


    Someone ask him to end the v-live

    JG                  : Don't ask me to end it! I've (enjoyed) talking too much with my fans


    This is so so funny!!! priceless!!! thank you so much for sharing. It must not be easy being JG. fans are so hard to please, but he always does his best to please them all, but with such contradictory demands, what could he do? lol lol.

    BTW Lee Joon Gi ssi, if you are reading here: I am very easy to please. Just be happy with the things you do and with the way you are and i will be happy too!



    On 7/3/2018 at 10:37 AM, girlyponytail said:

    Btw, regarding his fans concern about him loosing more weight, here is his answer:

    He knew many people concern about his weight, He really appreciates it. However, he is currently portraying Bong Sang Pil, a character who suffered for 18 years, that is why he looks thinner. He is not sick. He's perfectly healthy. He regularly checks his physical condition, including blood test, all the results are good... except cholesterol (fair enough, i know he's meat lover LOL but try to lower it if possible ok). He likes his current weight while shooting action scenes, because with his thinner body, he got less injured. 

    Agree with him, his body is perfect for his action scene in Lawless Lawyer, so slick, sophisticated choreography in jiujitsu style (that i've never seen before), and effortlesly executed by him. 

    So, no worries JG angels, he said he's healthy, he'll try his best to gain weight, or at least he said he won't lose wight more.

    He knows his fans are worried abouth his weight, from what i've seen he looks very healthy. He can't be unhealthy when he's sheding so much energy and happiness where ever he goes... If he says he's ok i decide to trust him... as always


    On 7/3/2018 at 10:37 AM, girlyponytail said:

    With all news about high drama rating, good acting recognition from viewers, health confirmation, currently reviewing many scripts, I guess I'm the happiest fan in the JG world who is patiently waiting for his next project... yesss... make it soonest please *pray* aghhh... miss him already LOL

    same but impatiently waiting


    18 hours ago, violina said:

    Hahaha so funny.I agree.I was so immersed in this drama and their world just like the actors.Its going to take me time to snap out of it.Even CMS's minion is sad to say goodbye to his character:

    Love minion... maybe (not sure but maybe) my favorite character after BSP


    18 hours ago, violina said:

    I got the same bittersweet feeling like when he said goodbye to wang so when he was saying goodbye to bong sang pil.Sweet because im so proud of him for doing such a great job and getting satisfactory results.Bitter because we have to let go of the character.

    Did i say good bye to Wang So? Will i say good bye to BSP???


    18 hours ago, violina said:

    Yeah Wang So was under threat indeed for me too but this is the perfect solution.We dont replace characters we collect them.But I apologise to "Jang Tae San"(two weeks).He has been my second most favourite character of JG's after Wang So, but Mr Bong will now be number two and Jang Tae San moves to number three.But its a tie for JG dramas as a whole."Two weeks" and "Lawless Lawyer" both hold the same place in my heart.This two are love:

    Poor Jang Tae San, of course i still love him so much, it's  only that i love BSP a little better. But seriously, I'm really happy and relieved that LJG still can pull a character such as BSP. When you are so good it's hard to surpass oneself, and JG did it. BSP is the perfect modern hero.. and if @pixelsticks ask us now, i will answer her that i would not only date BSP but marry him if i can...


    18 hours ago, violina said:
    By the way here is the netizen reviews of Lee Joon Gi's acting in Lawless Lawyer:


    [Lawless Lawyer] Countless of moments possible only with Lee Joon Gi's great acting


    Thank you so much for sharing, as i said i love to read BSP praises...


    Did you see this?


    from tvn Twitter, is it some kind of event?


    And Farewell messages translated by an angel


    They joke about season 2... i would love it (I read some articles speculating about season 2 too... well that's what i understood with my poor korean)





    And episode 16 BTS




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  12. @glassnokamen thank you as always for being my official JG insta post notifier! the last one is sublime!!!!


    @violina I'm in heaven thanks to the ratings news! almost 10% en Seoul!!! it was a great achievement. in a time slot where most of the people are hanging out of house (specially on saturdays) with World Cup...it wasn't an easy task and LL cast and crew make it posible. no one can say LL wasn't a hit! It was a hit! and I'm the happiest of fans... And LJG was great in it... he deserves this success so much. after so much struggling, so much badmouthing, finally korean audience recognize his work with good ratings!!!!


    @willenette @violina @bluelilac1214 @roseyyyy thank you again and again for so many goodies... i'm all heart shaped eyes!!!!


    @leesopark16 @lyserose go marathon it asap!!! you won't regret it. it's an awesome drama! there's nothing lacking about it (well maybe a little more romance in the last part) but it has a great and entertaining story, never a dull moment. it has not only a solid cast, but an amazing cast, seriously my jaw dropped so many times at the great acting, and in the middle of all those wonderful performances our LJG always managed to shine bright! Bong Sang Pil must be one of my favorite characters ever and Wang So was very nervous because he was afraid he might loose his place. lol. Luckily @bluelilac1214 gave me the perfect solution: Wang So is reigning in my period fantasies and BSP in my modern ones. lol lol.


    @lyserose about your new drama suggestion... that would be wonderful. i'll be crossing all fingers and toes... let's hope together. Soompi Powers at full force


    About wrap up party... OMG LJG is pretty in pink. i'm blinded by his beauty and his smiles... i had so much yet to watch and check. i promise i will do a parade of my fave pics asap


    7 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    More pretty!!! I'm floored

    I don't know how you managed to select just a few pictures, there were so many and all so beautiful. as i hate the idea of them not being posted, i will add a few:













    please guys go check the rest and droll and give a heart!


    I'm not sure if those were posted here, from http://program.tving.com/tvn/lawlesslawyer/3/Board/List?page=1







    My smile for today




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  13. I'm devastated. I can´t believe the drama is over. It was such an exciting ride... and i love all the characters so much. and of course uri Bong Sang Pil the most of all.

    i'm not ready to let go

    and i won't

    i still have the kakao show to watch. and LJG final v live properly

    i still have a lot of pictures and videos to download and organize

    and i still have to screencap from episode 8 on... i'm so behind. i will do it calmly but i must finish it. and post my beauty parade here and IG

    and of course i must watch episode 16 raw and with subs... in fact i'm currently planning a rewatch


    so no adios for me now


    @violina @bluelilac1214 @willenette @glassnokamen thank you so much for the goodies

    @pixelsticks i demand my updated list

    @cedarwood where are you?


    well i think i will drop by after watching with subs

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  14. @bluelilac1214 @willenette @violina @mxxella

    thank you so much for so many goodies! i love them all

    i'm so busy with RL so i just peeked in but:

    pre-debut JG is so cute and adorable.. you can see he's a natural beauty

    CMS and wife are a hoot!

    LJG is awesome and cute and lovely and he read us! that's why the elusive is a little (very little) less elusive

    LJG fighting skills are getting awesomer or is it just me?

    I want the DVD but, is it in english? i want to know

    i don't want LL to end



    image credit to uploader

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  15. On 6/21/2018 at 11:04 PM, willenette said:


    Hi antoniaclamens, usually BTS clip is short. The shorter the better—usually from one to four minutes in length is ideal. I love watching BTS. It's always valuable and usually entertaining! :P

    i know... but i can't help wanting more!!! maybe more BTS videos then :D


    On 6/22/2018 at 8:40 AM, hiluna said:

    On another note, I have to mention that I love his hairstyle in LL. His best yet, although I do like his long hair style in K&C and MLSHR. *sigh* I miss him in sageuks and I hope he would do a Goryeo drama again. I will even accept a Joseon one :tears:

    it's so hard to decide between a JG hairsyle... but BSP is perfect without any doubt

    I also missed him in sageuks... i would love him in Goryeo drama but Joseon is fine for me too...

    i would like a modern drama with long hair too (a musician would be fine)


    On 6/23/2018 at 7:04 AM, bluelilac1214 said:

    I don't want it to end either. But the JG drought is only a couple of weeks away. :(So let's enjoy all the updates while they last....

    16 episodes are so short


    On 6/23/2018 at 7:04 AM, bluelilac1214 said:

    Is cannot be healthy to have heart eyes all the time, right? I'm worried - I have a very serious case of Heart Eyes because of Oppa.

    if any consolation let me say that you are not alone...


    On 6/23/2018 at 7:04 AM, bluelilac1214 said:

    Some new still from Ep 13 from https://twitter.com/CJnDrama and Naver articles


    those stills are killing! literally


    10 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    First of all the ratings of LL:

    Ep. 13 crazy monkey 033

    The ratings for Ep 14 happy dancing crazy rabbit

    And we've got the highest ratings so far!!!!

    I think LL's ratings are a great achievement so far. For that kind of drama to be airing on weekends, when target people usually don't stay home... and while a  football world cup is happening is awesome... still i think drama deserve's better and JG deserves way better. i know we can safely say that LL is a hit drama. still i wish it would have been more of a hit! but i'm still happy for the ratings and i'm crossing all fingers and toes for higher ratings on the finale (pretty pleaseeeeee)



    10 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    Catering support from the LJG Taiwan Fan club today with lovely artwork - JG's Angels are the most creative!:wub:

    artwork is so so cute... i want everything for myself!


    10 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    And Oppa's latest update ( @glassnokamen confused onion head)

    How it is possible for a man to be this cute and adorable is beyond me!admire2 onion head It makes me so happy to see that he is having so much fun!!:wub: And that precious smile!!! love you crazy rabbit


    i'm loving the latest updates from JG... impossible not to love him




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  16. Bong Sang Pil Episode 7 Beauty Parade








    Green Suit!









    Black shirt!




    Hello sexy



    sigh... the elusive...




    My smile for today









    The most beautiful sight











    So Badass










    My poor baby








    My BSP Episode 7 Highlights here:


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  17. On 6/20/2018 at 2:26 PM, pixelsticks said:


    Bad Bad BUSY Pixel!  June is a TOUGH month for wedding photographers.  WHY oh WHY did Lawless Lawyer have to be broadcast during MY busiest time!  <<<and why did SHINee have to have their comeback as well- and I feel driven to support them???>>> 

    I think i'm dreaming! is it really you pixel??? the real pixel??? pinch me!

    and yes bad bad pixel for leaving us alone... i need my updated list... no presures, but i need it


    On 6/20/2018 at 12:29 AM, willenette said:


    Hi antoniaclamens,  I like how he is training her to look after and protect herself. So NICE that Lee Jun Ki is well-versed in jijitsu in real life. We can see that he looks confident and relaxed in this scene.   The BTS of the scene is so cute. I can say that they really have good chemistry on/off-cam.    :lol:

    Yes the BTS is so cute... i wish it was longer


    On 6/20/2018 at 3:50 PM, joybran said:

    I'm impressed by her, too. It was game of her to try, and she did well enough to make the scene work great.


    I think SYJ is the best leading lady LJG has ever had. She is a terrific actress, they look great together, and they have super chemistry.

    You make me think... i like NSM a lot, specially in TBDW (maybe director is good at female leadings) and i like a lot leading girl in Two Weeks... everyone who reads my posts MLSHR related know that i had a love/hate relationship with HS, but i really like IU a lot. But SYJ is so good in LL but as the drama hasn't ended i will wait for my verdict about her... so far i don't know wich one is my favorite leading lady


    21 hours ago, violina said:

    She is so relatable:D.imagine this situation at a fan meeting.

    GJ is love and so so relatable...


    9 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    Did I say that I loved you recently? No? Well, I do love you! Thank you for these blindingly beautiful parades! love you crazy rabbit

    I will post my episode 7 one asap!!!!


    9 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    Even his feet are pretty! He should take more pics showing his bare feet, just saying... teehee crazy rabbit

    i hope he listens to you... it would make a happy fan of me


    9 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

     many updates from yesterday:


    Thank you so much for so many updates! it's raining JG and i don't want it to end


    9 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    This namoo beauty parade is too much for my weak heart... it's like an updraded version of BSP (is it even possible) he's not human i'm sure... i can't decide on a favorite, so i picked one randomly



    Latest images




















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  18. 18 hours ago, joybran said:

    The funniest part was that she couldn't knock him down even when he wasn't doing anything to stop her. I saw at least four times when she should have been able to bring him down if she had executed the technique correctly. Great techniques can make up for a lot of difference in strength, but as she said, it is harder than it looks. The one I found the funniest was when she tried to flip him over her head with her legs. He was in the perfect position for her to do it, but she couldn't manage the movement. No shame for a woman with no experience. She did manage to execute a nice armbar at the end of the scene, although the editing probably made it seem better than it was. He was giving her so much help with it. So much fun to watch.

    yes it's so funny to see them. even me noticed that he tried so hard to help her... still i'm impressed by her.


    @violina thank you so much for the Blueray/DVD info. i hope we all participate... let's this baby see the ligth! Soompi Powers in full force!!!

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  19. Better late than never

    BSP Episode 6 Beauty Parade:
















    My sleeping beauty ( @pixelsticks i need my updated list... did we complete it already?)HmJjr2U.jpgtEq77GF.jpgPmp9FCY.jpgW30BvXW.pngvSrkV3m.png




    Yes i was in heaven...










    He really rocked the burgundy suit








    My smile for todayCyuz8it.jpg













    In my defense everything was against me doing this post. there was a long blackout at home, my pendrive where i was saving the caps catched a virus and BSP looked so delicious that i overdid myself taking pictures. In fact i didn't selected wich one to post. i closed my eyes and just pick some from every scene.


    Anyway hope you enjoy


    My episode 6 highlights here:


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  20. On 16/6/2018 at 9:05 PM, joybran said:

    I love this scene. They are sparring with some basic jiu-jitsu moves, but it almost looks like they are dancing. Jiu-jitsu never seemed this sexy when I did it. :wub:

    Thank you so mcuh for sharing those beautiful images... you are right, they seem like they are dancing. it was lovely, sexy but more than anything it was sad. all in all a beutiful scene. i was really surprised


    On 17/6/2018 at 2:34 AM, bluelilac1214 said:

    Um... do you think people would concentrate on their work if the boss looks and dresses like this??? :ph34r:I know that it would be difficult for me...:ph34r:

    ehhh you just don't concentrate at work


    On 17/6/2018 at 2:34 AM, bluelilac1214 said:

     Oppa's lates update from last night : (I thought @glassnokamen would've posted this... :blink:)

    I loved this update so much... not only for the bare foot, but he looks so inocent and beautiful and natural...

    On 17/6/2018 at 2:34 AM, bluelilac1214 said:

    The ratings for Ep. 11 of LL:


    I was so sad about it... i understand there is a world cup going on... but why it has to be while LL was airing... why always make things for JG more difficult?


    On 17/6/2018 at 2:57 AM, bluelilac1214 said:

    A small Beauty Parade for my love Mr Bong :wub:


    WOW. thank you. i'm blinded by his beauty. i don't know if it's just me but BSP is getting more beautiful and hot every episode


    On 17/6/2018 at 6:02 PM, violina said:

    Geum Ja knows whats up:D.She is such a fangirl:D.

    i always can relate to her... she would be me if i ever get the chance to be near him


    21 hours ago, glassnokamen said:

    OMG second picture... i still can't get over it. Have i said before how much i love his arms... well i do. very much


    21 hours ago, willenette said:


    Hi joybran, thanks for sharing the pictures. After so many pictures we saw that they can't stop laughing now, they're focused on each other with serious face this time with her eyes that show her wanting to win on this sparring. The story is getting better & better. :lol:




    you are right the story is getting ways better... how am i supposed to live until episode 13?


    19 hours ago, joybran said:

    The scene is so sweet, I had to watch it over and over. It is obvious that LGJ is trying not to hurt SYJ, but that works for the scene since BSP is trying to teach HJY enough to protect herself so he can reluctantly leave her. He is rough enough to make her take it seriously but, when he throws her over his hip, she wouldn't be able to land on her feet without his help. She looks so fierce and he looks so sad. 


    The BTS is especially sweet. Learning to tie the belt correctly is so hard, it is really nice that JG is doing it for her. A kick to the ribs is definitely cheating in jiu-jitsu but also very likely to backfire, so JG's reaction is very funny.

    everything you said


    @willenette @joybran

    thank you for the comments about jj. i'm pretty ignorant about martial arts (no matter how much i read about them in wikipedia. lol) but i always enjoyed watching any kind of martial arts since i was a kid.

    i think i read or heard that jj is a technique were you dont need to be strong to defeat your oponent, so it could be very helpful for women...


    7 hours ago, bluelilac1214 said:

    First of all ratings of Ep 12 of LL


    I'm s happy about ratings going up again. i hope they surpass 8 in the upcoming episodes... i'm not optimistic though... blame it on world cup. and yes i love football


    Latest TVN stills












    Go check the rest here:




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  21. On 13/6/2018 at 4:25 PM, violina said:

    here is mine for the day:

    a.imagine a world where your boss looked like this:

    b.and a lawyer who looks like this(I can see his biceps shining through even while covered)

    and there is loads of free forehead

    I know the answer i could not work, or live at peace... i would only think of him, talk about him, do stuff related to him...

    wait a minute, that's me right know about BSP!

    of course i would have the added task of trying to look good at him (well yes that's Geum Ja too)


    On 13/6/2018 at 5:02 PM, _gillianne19_ said:

    @antoniaclamens@glassnokamen it is indeed a lot!! I'll reserve my late reactions for later!

    I'll be waiting for them! don't forget


    On 13/6/2018 at 12:27 PM, bluelilac1214 said:

    The English subs for them:

    Translation for his 1st IG update yesterday:

    This man! Multiple pics = last pic is dangerous! Does he really want to kill his angels?

    BTS of Ep. 10 of LL and the translation:

    One more new pic of Oppa

    me new pics of LL bts (source: twitter.com/CJnDrama)

    My smile of the daylove you crazy rabbit

    Wow thank you so many goodies!!! love them all!!! BTW JG really knows how to tease us and play with our hearts... and no, i'm not complaining. i am a very happy fan... JG you can play some more!


    17 hours ago, willenette said:

    Hi violina, thanks for sharing the pictures. Love the 2nd photo. I read that he's one of the Top K-drama Actors for this month, June due to his current drama. He's holding strong in 6th ranking. :lol:

    Yes that's why beside looking for the drama in naver, we must look for him too. i searched him and the drama (and click and like every article related) at least once a day. i do it multiple times on weekends





    Some pictures from viki FB




    And from http://program.tving.com/tvn/lawlesslawyer/17/Board/View?b_seq=11



    there are more...

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