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  1. guysss.....help... i'm having literal emotional pain from the ending of ep 6 and the preview of episode 7. what made it worse is weekend is 5 days away. omg....why did i even start this series this soon. why do i torture myself like this... maybe it's better to be like joo mook who only watches the drama 9 years after it got released instead.hahahaha
  2. as JS had said,she's gonna drag everybody to hell with her. i live for this revengeeeee! hahahaha
  3. so i basically ended up livestreaming the episode and have no regret whatsoever. whenever the cheaters scene came on, i just listened to their conversation while doing something else cuz focusing on them just boils me. still got the gist but i think we have a new enemy at hand starting from next week. zzzzzzzz
  4. Our JS is finally starting her REVENGE path on that dinner. Such a jaw-dropping moment!!! Everyone.....please be careful of eating while watching tonight's episode.... Cuz i'm afraid you'd choke on it.heheheh
  5. i'm torn between wanting to live stream tonight but at the same time afraid that it's just gonna consists of me cursing YR non stop instead of watching the episode.hahaha
  6. finally i got around to watching the latest episode just now and finally teared up at the ending scene of ep 28. they both knew what's coming and acted like everything's fine but when they're alone, they're both so ready to die for each other. my heart is breaking in pieces.
  7. Although,Daout is physically not there but i guess her furniture is still on her side.....by stopping our OTP from full out rated scenes.hahaha
  8. he's so not clueless! Just look at the way he smiled after he leaned by her side. He was just teasing her and she definitely was expecting something for it.hahahahahahahaha Evil Ryan is a Sexy Lion.
  9. that KISSSSSS scene and that awkward lunch scene got so many views in 1hr..! guess we're gonna keep on replaying the vids until tomorrow night arrives.hahahahaha
  10. Honestly,I thought the real kiss was gonna be just okay cuz the thumb and imagined kiss was already so passionate that I don't think the real ones are never gonna top it off. Boy,was I glad to be proven wrong for once.
  11. can u please DM me the streaming link if possible?i'm dyinggggggg out here w the link that i have.huhuhu
  12. The new stills r pure GOLDDDDD (pun intended)....hehe If looks could kill,Ryan could actually be just toasted lion instead cuz deokmi is basically shooting lasers at him.hahahahaha
  13. I love the caption but knowing how terrible they have been trolling us,I could only maintain a very low expectation of such kiss happening in order to prevent a bigger disappointment.hahaha
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