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  1. excuse me for venting this out.... but can't somebody knock some sense into jh's mom?! the heck is she thinking... no regret whatsoever and so ready to be punished? she said it's okay if she's the one being punished as long as it's not jinhyuk? hello woman! ur son is so obviously suffering and u still think you're right? also jh's mom saying things like it's okay if jh's dad wanna curse at her? lemmme curse in every language that i know then. it's like every scene i see her in,i wanna slap the sense in her or something....even more than what I felt for sh's mom in the earlier episodes.urghhhhhhhh (flips every table in jh's house so his mom have to clean it up) sorry guys for the angry rant.i needed an outlet or i'll explode since i'm going on a trip tomorrow and there's no internet for streaming till then.huhuhuhu
  2. the level of cuteness and overwhelming love that our couples (even dae chan n sec jang) have in this episode alone is so freaking high that i wanna cry in my tiny corner of loneliness and single life.hahahahahaha super can't wait for tomorrow! jung woo seok can rot in his stalker delusional life for all i care. how dare he called soo hyun as his woman in front of jin hyuk's face....why now woo seok?after allllllll this time?
  3. NOOOO! Don't let ur consciousness disturbs their hot making out sesh! We need a rerun of that next week and no other external forces are allowed for it. Even your consciousness.hahahaha
  4. ⬆️⬆️ translation for the epilogue scene.may our sleep be sweet enough to last until next week. currently having that painful time of the month but the moment that ending scene came up,I'm like what pain!?waiting for next week is even more painful.hahahaha
  5. thank God tomorrow is Thursday then...the suspense is killing me already.haha thanksss!!!
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