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  1. 1 hour ago, Changsky said:

    Wookie’s update from CNBLUE Jonghyun IG  :love:



    With Choi Taejoon and Verutum CEO. I think they went to Jimjilbang (sauna)?


    Caption trans: Full Bloom ㅋㅋㅋ


    From left to right: Choi Taejoon, Lee Jonghyun, Kim Sunwoong (Verutum CEO), Ji Changwook :wub:



    Nice that he’s hanging out with his buddies ... especially his new (not so new actually) Friend Jong Hyun of CN Blue, a member of my favorite Korean band.


    Looking at this photo, I’m pretty sure there was a meet up with Hyunnie (me being delulu :lol:)

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  2. 2 hours ago, songsongdiehard said:


    I had to cut it to save space... remember we can't go beyond 2000 and we have long wait to go. Anyway, let me commend you. Spoken like a true shipper !! Hugsss


    After 2000, we will have Thread 2 ... if it goes to more than 1 thread, it shows Namji shipping is really something then (to me that is).  I do hope we do go far and Namji will go far too (until they get married? - wishful thinking)


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  3. 20 hours ago, ptp321 said:

    Without sounding like a pervert (maybe too late for that), but oh yes!!!!  There was definitely some T-action and if my eyes didn’t deceive me, I may have seen some lip biting too.  I just have to rewatch the whole thing again now...hehehe :wub:


    Again! I thought my eyes was playing a trick on me (this old eyes!!), I thought I saw lip biting too!



    16 hours ago, masthu said:


    Same here. Gosh these two were smiling while kissing and man the eye talk between them makes me tear up big time! :bawling: Thay looked so comfortable in each others arms :heart:


    From the very first time I watched the court room kiss my gut kept screaming that something really changed between them. It's as if they had realized their feelings for each other by that point and it could be a begining to something beautiful. Looking at their smile, the look in their eyes especially wooks, who's trying to eye talk with her. It's as if  they no long are afraid to show each other how they make each other feel.




    I've finished re-watching SP and also done 2nd round of BTS and Couple discs.  My view on the court kiss where Wookie was seen smiling, it was scripted for NJW (and BH too) to smile because he was to be happy to be finally reconciled with BH.   


    But, but, but that very end of the kiss when they release each other's lips, the expression of Wookie is something elseI  Delulu me thinks maybe Wookie was very happy because NJH accepted his proposal to date each other (albeit him being in the army)!

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  4. @midorinokerochan Well done, you said well.


    @ss1504 yes, they are 2 professionals hard-working co-actors who are comfortable with each other, but on different levels (to me that is :D)


    @purebliss12 if you are saying the one with CTJ wearing a pyjama like outfit, yes it is in it. 



    I am now re-watching SP from the package,  They have English subtitle.  How I wish the other disks have English subtitles!!


    Oh, I did find the 'Easter egg'

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  5. 6 minutes ago, midorinokerochan said:

    Annyeong everyone. 

    I was planning to catch up with the thread yesterday evening, but when I got home I had the awesome surprise to find out that my DVD had already arrived. I was expecting it for next Monday, and instead there it was. You can imagine my happiness. :D And you can imagine why I went MIA and will probably be MIA for a while longer :tongue::lol:

    But since I am on my way to the office, I'll take the chance to drop these few lines. I have panda eyes at the moment because I couldn't get much sleep even if I managed to watch only the first couple disc for now. 

    As others have already said, totally worth the money. I placed the order last August, exactly on my birthday, as this DVD was my own birthday gift to myself and from what I've seen so far I'm very happy I decided to go for it despite the cost and the long wait. 

    NamJi is love, and the whole SP team is love too. I am currently in awe of PDnim, the photography director, the staff and all the work that went behind this drama. I can now perfectly and completely understand Hyunie's words of appreciation and love in her acceptance speech during the SBS awards. 

    Ship-related, for now I can only confirm what the others have already said. The kiss scenes, while very professionally done, are definitely a sweet and hot treat for NamJi shippers. And finally we got too see more of the courtroom kiss, and it is really all kind of awesome :wub::wub::wub:

    And then, so much happiness, skinship and affection all around... 

    If you guys have been stalking twitter and above all IG, I am sure you have already got an idea even if you don't have your own copy of the DVD :wink:

    Time to go now, but I'll try to be back during the weekend to backread and comment a bit more ^_^. For now have a wonderful Friday you all!


    I think the whole SP team, from the PD to all the background staff, loves Namji


    What I find amazing is, PDnim did not 'disturb' them much during the takes, unless the angle was not right for camera.   I kinda timed the kisses, I think the court room kiss was the longest! 

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  6. 5 hours ago, noodlez_ said:

    ok this dcut got me to delurk lol. apparently theres an easter egg on the dvd/bluray. has anyone checked that out yet?


    What Easter egg?


    I haven't really looked at everything in the box.  I just opened the package (when it arrived in the office) just to scan through and checked if discs work on computer.  Got home a little late in the evening and went straight to watch couple discs (only managed to watch the 1st disc), didn't bother to unearth everything else in the box :tongue:


    D**n! they actually made a special segment - 27 minutes - for the KISS!  I had to switch on the AC! LOL


    I will probably not go out this weekend! and re-watch the couple discs again! :D

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  7. 24 minutes ago, jinam53 said:

     Hi! @Swanflwer, I was wondering since you bought the DVD Cut version. Is there's any difference from this to the Blu-Ray Cut? I mean are the contents the same like does it the bonus disc with the NGs, BTS, etc. ?



    As @babyval22 mentioned, the contents are the same. Only difference is Blu-ray disc cannot be played on DVD player, but if you have Blu Ray player you can play both Blu-ray and DVD discs.

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  8. Holy *sharks*!


    My set arrives in the office this morning! Totally not expecting it to be so soon, since I ordered it only 2.5 weeks back.  Also there was no notification via email or anything about my shipment.


    Office receptionist brought a box to my table and I was like "wah, who is it for?  My boss?" She said it is for you.  I totally forgot about it and was like? "Huh? ... from Korea?"  




    I opened it and Voila!!! 










    Da**!! How I wish I can unpack everything and start watching all the Bonus Special Cut!







    Wooooooooooohoooooooooooooo!! I managed to load photos in Soompi! .... for the many years that I have been on soompi, although not so active, only now I managed to load them!

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  9. 1 hour ago, daloula said:

    Dear all, I want to ask all of you you have an Instagram account to please report this account whose actions are starting fanwars by attacking JCW’s previous leading ladies and being disrespectful:





    OMG! This person is SICK!!  Please report this person and I would advise you not to comment or post anything on his/her IG



    On that note, can we start a pledge on not to slam or diss other shippers? Something like this ...

    I jiji/namji/jibong shipper, pledge that I will not slam or diss other shippers and call them delulu or whatsoever, on all types of sns platforms.

    I also will not participate in any conversations that would create fan wars with other shippers.

    I shall remain hopeful and delulu in jiji/namji/jibong ship only


    You can quote or cut and paste this pledge or create your own pledge! This way we can show the rest of the people out there we are peace loving shippers :D

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  10. 29 minutes ago, midorinokerochan said:


    As requested.... :wink::tongue::lol::wub:



    Nothing better than a few NamJi kisses to bridge us over to page 1500 (and to start the new day, for me... Happy Thursday!) 





    LOL! I 'sound' like a pervert! :tongue:








    5 minutes ago, babyval22 said:

    Omg... u guys.. we are determine to start 1500 with lots of hugs and kisses right? Hahaha. Bring in on! I'm hiding in the toilet to view the thread anyway! Kekeke. 





    Woots! Here we go! Happy 1500 page milestone guys! Can't believe its almost coming to a year! Hehe. 





    We are 1500!!!






    P.S: sorry to take out all the videos and photos from the Quotes, keeping to Soompi rules

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  11. 1 hour ago, luvforever said:

    Hello chingus if you missed out on the past deadlines of the pre-order sales for the SP DVD cut you are in luck. The pre-order sales for Suspicious Partner Blu-ray/DVD cut starts today, March 28th at 10:00 am KST, and will end once everything is sold out. These batch is from cancelled orders and the remaining leftover copies. 

    Blu-ray 81 copies

    DVD 108 copies

    Shipping date: April 11, 2018 - onwards

    The pre-sale orders include the 14 discs + the 2 couple making discs. Take note: couple making discs are only included in the pre-orders as it is limited so grab your copies. 




    Domestic/ Yes24

    BD: http://www.yes24.com/24/goods/42759996

    DVD: http://www.yes24.com/24/goods/42760519


    Overseas/ Innolife


    BD: http://innolifeshop.com/product/blu092-sbs/164789/?cate_no=88&display_group=2

    DVD: http://innolifeshop.com/product/dvddr1110-sbs/164790/?cate_no=88&display_group=2



    BD: http://shop3.innolifeshop.com/product/blu092-sbssuspicious-partner-blu-ray-directors-cutdpre-order/164789/?cate_no=88&display_group=2

    DVD: http://shop3.innolifeshop.com/product/dvddr1110-sbssuspicious-partner-dvd-directors-cutdpre-order/164790/?cate_no=88&display_group=2


    Thanks for sharing .... ordered!


    Can't believe I am spending more than USD$150 for these kind of things!

    38 minutes ago, adi2019jiji said:

    i was in the middle draft part 4 of their stories, looking for pics & video to attach along the quotes. . discover this pics, sorry it maybe share here before, but for me it was my first time saw it.. 



    quote the caption from this pic

    " Behind the scene still of Nam Ji Hyun encouraging Ji Chang Wook through the filming of Suspicious Partner" :wub:


    remind me to this pic shared by official suspicious partner IG :love: 


    oh i love the way his eyes look at her, indeed he had deep & glittering eyes & no women would dislike.. :heart:


    Lets back to our normal programming & another 2 pages for us to celebrate 1500 pages, haha blame me if im going to throw u ladies with those hot, sworn worthy scene of our otp with the quote i found in page 1500 later.  Early alert it may inappropriate for below 18 chingus here, but i try my very best to tweak the quotes to accomodate the sanity of this thread:D


    I think this is first time for me to see this too 

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