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  1. Hey everyone! So i know that we all have been excited about the whole audition.jype.com site ever since last year but for the newbies who just figured it out (aka me) who didnt find out about it til now are wondering whats up with it? audition.jype.com says "Once we receive your video, you will be contacted in 2 weeks if we want you, it will be deleted in 7 days." Now if we check the last video upload it says "2009/11/26". . . . and todays date is. . . .drumroll please. . . . "2011/1/26". . . . . . wow. hahaha. So even if they do start to check videos, they have to check over a year worth which is 1496 pages. Those of us who are old would like to be accepted as a trainee now before they get any older haha. Also it says "If you sign up in a membership you can recieve feedback." Feedback eh? Who here has gotten feedback. So this thread is all about audition.jype.com. Have any questions post them here and hopefully someone could answer them for you. (lets start with my questions above first HAHA:D") So lets get it started Pasmado ps. Those who know the answers please reply to this, dont be shy, and if your too shy just message me thru inbox thxs ya'll
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