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  1. Dear... Kara Mella thank you for your well wishes and nice post.. you put a smile on my face... Everyone happy Valentine's day... whether you celebrate it or not... let's rejoice in the power of friendship and love worldwide.... Also I'm only briefly singing in ... to write... here it comes... I told you so... ...ok ..ok ... let's not be mean .... i know there might be a lot of people that enjoyed the drama ... the production was stunning ... but on a personal note... if you have read or come across any of my post, you will know that I'm a big believer of two
  2. @aisling... no its not just you... he looks fantastic ... he is such a gorgeous man... somehow plain clothes amplify his attractiveness to the max... i agree ... i like him more without his royal robe... ( totally out of the conversation and unrelated ... but i guess... so far the only man that has manage to seduce me in red is xiao zhan ... he looks great in it ) our king here looks great in hanbok ... the orange, the blue , the light blue ... his other peasant outfit ... his white pajama...i can't choose ... which one i prefer more ..but they do enhance his features... and KJH has been
  3. I want you to know that we appreciate your help ..whether is translated or interpreted as you see fit .... i know translation is a hard work and switching back and forward between languages even more.... thanks On the other hand, i will take this moment to bid you all my heartfelt good bye .... i'm very busy at the moment ... but i have always like to write a parting message ... ... it was quite nice sharing this viewing experience with all of you here... it force me to come out of hibernation .... if i'm not mistaken the last drama i comment on was probably moon lovers ...
  4. I feel the same way ... i feel very sorry for her more than for CJ ... i don't entirely blame him ... but if i take a look at it from her perspective , losing the man you love right in front of your eyes ... that just equal to another entire world of the married episode .... even if their childhood memories were stolen... like CJ said, he did not fancy her because she had save him from the well ... in fact ,on her action, i find her quite to be more likable than SB ... everything depends on perspective ....we as viewers are pushes to root for SB and disdain HJ ... but human complexity is a ma
  5. I think it has to do more with the fact that HJ is now an scorch woman ... imagine a young ,well educated woman and beautiful destined to live a life of a widow ... and as a zero class citizen ... not only is she a woman, she is a marginal under the standards of Joseon... it is quite the sad situation for her and very... very.. extremely unfair ....if you take into account that it was the king whom call her to the palace... I had wished the writer to write this part of the C-drama better , but to be honest they have taken the most iconic moments , situations and references and sort of dupl
  6. you and i have the same most beloved couple... coffee prince is that memorable for me.. with my 15 yrs of k drama watching experience, they still remain the meter by which i measure all my other OTP .... i love that drama for the message it presented ... still one of my favorites ... and i must say that even though i adore our crazy couple here ... and they have great chemistry ... and it might even be their best paring as far as costar for each other in projects go.... GY and YEH ... or as best said , Choi han-kyul and Go eun- chan will remain on their number 1 spot in my heart( but i'm
  7. @Su. thanks for the second preview .... i don't know what she is laughing about but it sure is contagious ... i laugh too...on another note i was just thinking who JBH reminded me of ... and it hit me.... arrogant ,superiority complex to the max... which is expressed in a fun way; womanizer , kind to those that need it the most; a rightful avenger....none other that Wei Wu Xian from the untamed ... ahhh my love for xiao zhan when he played that iconic character from the untamed .... i hope i can post this here since i'm making reference to a another C- drama ... bad away, if you have not wa
  8. I am so happy for HJ ... I knew I had seen some development on the last episode.... she didn't let me down ... YP is safe to say, at least to me that he won't do anything to SB ...I was always afraid because i knew how he viewed her , but i really don't think he will do anything to her ...if anything he might just get together with HJ ... I embrace ...i'm not opposite to that idea ... afterall, HJ and CJ never truly crossed that line to make such a possibility distasteful to me.... the queen Dowagers are scary ... I don't know why i'm more afraid of the QD than the GQD ... i have a feeling tha
  9. If am not mistaken, and this is a historical fact i believe... he was chosen by the Andong Kim clan ... he was not born in the capital but in Ganghwa Island ...he was born when his family had fallen out of grace so he was not a learned scholar.... crown princes were to be expected to receive the best of the best, in regards to education , but since CJ had been born in the island , he grew up in poverty and without means to intellectual enrichment ... thus he was illiterate and easy to manipulate so he was the best choice for the Kim clan whom appointed him ... queen suwon adopted him as a son
  10. In regards to CJ feelings for SY and HJ - you are welcome to read my essay... this will be long I like to think of it this way ... ...he fell in love with SY at first sight ( which reminds me of PY words to HW .. "even if he didn't know that you had save him, he would have fall in love with you " ...blah blah , because we know that is exactly what happen to PY .. he fell in love with HJ at first sight ) CJ then follow her , and then its hit with the news that she is from Andong Kim Clan (although his heart has chosen her as well) rationality, equals to = must not love, must
  11. @Ni Wen God that makes sense ...i don't know why i din't think of that ...I was thinking that maybe CJ was part of the rebellion. he is a king but he knows the common people and the streets ...so I was hoping these uprising groups would be part of his secret plan than no one knows ... or that they would join him later ...I was sort of blaming prince YP , maybe he told the QD that they didn't spend the night together or something ...i mean i still think that he might do something very bad to SB for HJ ...i will be very disappointed if it turn out to be BI but you never know....is it confirm t
  12. According to the text preview , who may it be ... who's spreading this rumor ? I think and this is purely my speculation , but it may be prince yeongpyeong ... HJ redeemed herself for me in the latest episode ... not to be forgiven but to provide character development ... she stated that she was going to look for a way to be herself , she admitted her wrong doings and told the king that it was her fault ; and that she she was going to take care of the most important person ..herself ... which speaks volumes about her character and the way she was always been place to be SB shadow... she
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