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  1. I need to get this off my chest first..: OH MY FREAKIN GOD THIS DRAMA WAS SO CUTE I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S OVER, IM GONNA MISS IT SO MUCH!! I LOVED IT!! POST DRAMA DEPRESSION IS GONNA BE SO BAD FOR THIS ONE. I'm gonna miss the way han shanyang was the epitome of heart eyes emoji for tong nian. And when he calls her Nian Nian? *faints* Also, kinda dissapointed they didn't show the world champions? was it bc they ran out of time or did they not find a need to show it? I thought at the very least they'd show them walking through the airport as world champions or with the trophy. It's all that KK and Han Shanyang wanted in life, so why wouldn't they show it? Also also was it gonna be SP and KK at the world champs? sigh I just finished the last episode and I honestly really loved it. The flashbacks really filled up the time, which was kinda annoying since they were scenes from literally the last couple of episodes lol. I'm also a bit confused...were DT and appledog supposed to be low key flirting with each other the last two episodes? I saw them make eyes towards each other, but i honestly felt no romantic connection between them at all. If anything, it's more of an older sister/younger brother relationship (if even that??). I wonder if they make a second season, will it focus more on them? I'm guessing there won't be another season but it would make sense to focus on him, i guess. This drama really has piqued my interest in Li Xian, he's really handsome and made this character so memorable for me, Han Shanyang was really just a soft boi (lol) who needed friendship and love for his shell to be cracked. Tong Nian was a great character as well, Yang Zi may be older than what the actual age was, but I think she portrayed her really well. Even though she acted childish and kinda cringe, i think that was the point- it was to show that despite being intelligent and having a masters at a young age, she still has moments where she acts that way. The outfits they put her in were super bright and not that cute, but i just kinda got used them after a while lol.
  2. Viki eps 37-40 are out, but the subs aren't complete yet. The struggle to wait for them to be finished is so real omg
  3. I bought a vikipass just to watch this drama lol. I watched the first 3 episodes last week for free, then got the pass right after that because it was that good. I've been binging it the last couple days, it seems like when I do this I get a lot more attached to the characters and hooked to the story line more than usual. Anyways, I just caught up to what is currently subbed in english on Viki and I'm actually kinda confused/sad about....(under the spoiler) Han Shanyang and Tong Nian are honestly so cute together and even though there are so many scenes of them together, I just can't help but want more and more lol. The way he looks at her, as if he falls in love over and over again each time, makes my heart melt. They love each other so much! also, also, umm what was with those couple of episodes where he didn't sleep and dude didn't shower OR change his clothes for DAYS! like, ew, please change your clothes my dude. I know it's just a drama and they don't have to show it, but at least they switch up his outfits every episodes to show a passage of time. I was like ew, what little ai said was true, his feet must stink.
  4. is it ok to post this here?? Omg he was literally like 30 minutes away from me (without terrible LA traffic) I convinced my friend to watch TSLMS too and now she too has caught the Kim Young Kwang bug. lol!
  5. ugh, I miss them still. Why do we find him taking his watch off so hot? how can he be both HOT and CUTE at the same time? also, I would LOVE to see these two do one of those Buzzfeed videos where they play with puppies together and ask each other questions. I've been watching more of the bts videos and the press conference for the drama. They're so sweet together and seem comfortable together lol.
  6. Hey y'all, the entire OST, including the background music and stuff, is now on Spotify and iTunes (US). Time to listen to it nonstop and replay certain scenes in your head!
  7. I didn't really expect miss the drama this much since I binged it and caught up maybe three weeks before, but I really miss it. The chemistry between our leads is so good that I just really wanted more episodes, moments, scenes, of just the two of them living together. How will they live as a married couple? What will family life be like if he can't see their face all the time? Or, maybe he'll do the risky surgery and be ok. I feel like part of me still wants more bc his face blindness wasn't fully cured, so to me it doesn't feel like a complete happy, miracle-like ending. I guess what made the ending great was that it was more realistic than fairy tale like. Anyways, my level of post drama withdrawals has gotten to the point where I watched all their BTS clips, Kim Young Kwang interviews litsen to the OST a lot, and have Kim young kwang as a phone lockscreen and background. It's gotten pretty bad lol. also, does anyone know the song in the BG of this teaser?
  8. Does anyone know if the cast+crew are gonna get an end of filming vacation? I know many dramas do when they have a successful run and viewership, but I haven't heard anything about them having one for sure. If they do, I hope they post tons of pics and maybe we'll get to see our Galik interact more.
  9. OMG is that first one of him shirtless real?? hahah! I'm donneee I love how the person who posted it on IG literally tagged Jin Ki Joo AND kim young kwang, hahah! I'd feel a tad bit embarrassed tagging both of them tho, since they're both just friends right now. What if they see it and feel awkward? Or like what if that's just photoshopped? hah! either way, it's a sexy pic lol
  10. It literally took me 5 tries to get Dom and gal hee lol. Earlier I was thinking about the intimacy between DM and Gal hee and thought, did they ever hold hands at all? Like, other than when they slept together (not sex) and woke up holding hands, did they ever walk and hold hands, is what I mean. And, I kinda wanted to hear them call each other by their first name, rather than Secretary Jeong and Director Do. I know at work they have to, but they could have on their date or at her home.
  11. I ship them and all, buutt since jin ki joo is way too good for him, I'll be happy to give he and I a shot (in my dreams) (if he wants, of course). Our age difference isn't that much, only like 5-6 years . also, does anyone have any cute Kim young kwang wallpapers or pics that would me a good iphone background? The ones from the drama as soo cute, but I kinda want one of him like smiling or laughing.
  12. Thank you for the invite, @kkddrraammaa, I've never actually been a part of a shipping thread before lol. I've shipped actor after the drama before, but only like 2 or so? I'm not sure lol, i've liked kdramas for too long to even remember. I think most recent was Jung So min and Lee Min Ki. Anyways, is this forum for shipping Do mi Nik and Gal hee? Or KYK and JKJ? they're super cute together as actors and their BTS scenes are adorable. I love how playful they are with each other, like they've been friends for a long time.
  13. Yess! I totally caught that "going deep" innuendo lol. As in...getting deep enough with (in) each other for his BP to rise and to see her face. (I hope this comment was PG enough omg). So do you guys think his BP rose during their night together and saw her face? Lol maybe the moments he did see her face was when they were doing it.
  14. II think Kim Young Kwang is 6'2 (187 cm) and Jin Ki Joo is 5'7 (170 cm). They have a pretty big height difference, they look so cute together though (as DM and GH, of course lol)
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