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  1. I’m so mad at Croton right now, such a half hearted attempt for international fans. It doesnt even have to be 100% correct translation, I mean, people were gladly watching coup le foudre and minglan’s english sub episode even when many mandarin speakers pointed out incorrect parts. F R U S T R A T I N G
  2. I’m up until ep 8, and so far I’m kinda confused with jiu chen’s character. His potrayal so far sometimes inconsistent, or maybe I’m used to the stoic but kind hearted Mo Yuan or the arrogant yet playful phoenix. There’s one scene where The stoic cold jiu chen is more realistic to me
  3. You can only watch it on their official youtube channel, they didnt give permission to the usual subbing team to upload on their websites. Jiu chen should seriously wear the hat thingy all the time, his hair style really made a dashing man like chang chen to look ugly
  4. I love this drama! Mild complaints here and there, but nothing big. Since it’s an original story, it makes me guessing each episode. Love that! And wow.. you guys really are fast, how are you on ep 20ish already? I’m still stuck on ep 4, waiting on full subs for the next episodes. anyone know the ratings?
  5. I cant wait for this drama to air! Cant believe that qiao yi is going to get together with lin yang
  6. Deng Lun To Cameo in Skate into Love posted by Binge-watcher on June 21, 2019 5 comments If you are a fan of xianxia romance, then chances are you've seen Ashes of Love and have become familiar with Deng Lun, the actor behind the fiery Immortal Phoenix. The drama's producer Andy Liu Ning is working on his next project Skate Into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 which recently opened up for a media visit. Furthermore, Liu Ning shared a surprise casting announcement. He wrote on social media, "Ashes of Love is still bringing home awards internationally, Skate into Love is also going to 'battle' soon. thank you @Deng Lun for helping out with your appearance in Skate into Love, for contributing to the three-part series of Mi Tang (蜜糖), let us continue to compose the chapters @AshesofLove @SkateintoLove @PerfectWorldLiuNingStudio." He further revealed that Deng Lun will take up the role of an ice god in Skate into Love. Hmm, quite an interesting twist from being the fire god. According to reports, Deng Lun has already arrived in Qingdao to begin filming but hold on... Did Andy Liu Ning just say three parts? If my math is correct, does this mean we're having a third one? Skate into Love is a story about a skater girl who will come across their school's ice hockey god. Albeit having a rough start, the two will soon fall in love and face trials together. The series stars Janice Wu and Steven Zhang. http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/06/deng-lun-to-cameo-in-skate-into-love.html?m=1
  7. I have no idea what the last part is.. if anyone can do a translated summary of what the narator is saying
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