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  1. [Drama] 2019.09.11 My Country Official Trailer - Netflix (Eng sub) Oooh nice! I love that it'll show on Netflix. Means better subbed too.
  2. [Movie] 2019.09.17 Jang Ki Yong's Action Scenes BTS Filming Celebrating reaching 3 million audiences after 7th day of Bad Guys premiere
  3. [Instagram] 2019.09.15-16 Ki Yong's IG Updates More promo pics
  4. [Drama] 2019.09.15 4 Mins Long Preview & OST [Drama] 2019.09.16 Press Conference
  5. [Drama] 2019.09.12 BTS Photos of "Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency"
  6. [Drama] 2019.09.11 My Country 2nd Official Trailer @aisling No pretty mane of glory but in exchange it appears we'll get more skin. The Chinese communities joke how dirty he looks throughout the whole previews, LOL.
  7. [Interview] 2019.09.10 Delicious Photos from K Style Brace yourself with an oxygen tank or defribillator when clicking into the spoiler tag! And many more at → Link 1 / Link 2 / Link 3
  8. E16 preview Uh-oh, seems like Jun Woo is leaving..? BUT, preview always mislead us & they are still young so they can meet again later!
  9. [Video] 2019.09.09 Bad Guys' Casts Promoting Bad Guys Ki Yong has been busy yesterday! Fan Pics! There are more from their Twitter. I'll just post a few.
  10. [Endorsement] 2019.09.09 Jung Hae In's IG Update On His Own Samsung CF
  11. [Instagram] 2019.09.09 On Cultwo Show with Kim Sang Joong Didn't like the news photos. I'll just wait for fans' version. No.88 had some nice ones.
  12. [Weibo/IG] 2019.09.08 Jang Ki Yong's Selca with Staffs Looks like Kiyong has a new CF and he completed it yesterday. Trista (the lady in the photo) said his condition is really good and when the filming is wrapped, he shook hands with PD and everyone. source: gotothesolar
  13. [Drama] 2019.09.09 New Preview for "Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency"
  14. [Drama] 2019.09.08 Kim Min Jae's Reminder to Tune in "Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency"
  15. [Drama] 2019.08.30 Drama Promo Stills from "Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency" [Agency Naver] 2019.09.06 NyamNyam's Naver Update Kim Min Jae will feature in The Star magazine More at → Link
  16. [Drama] 2019.09.06 SDS Upcoming Drama "VIP" Script Reading
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