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  1. [Fan Pics] 2018.10.27 Buckaroo Signing Event As requested by the photo owners, please do NOT edit pictures or crop watermarks when repost source: Blessing Bell & 종이 울리면
  2. [News] 2018.10.27 Jung Hae In Confirmed to Attend 2018 Asia Artist Awards More celebrities have been added to lineup for the 2018 Asia Artist Awards! It was recently confirmed that Jung Hae In and Se7en will be attending the awards ceremony. Jung Hae In debuted in 2014 and steadily gained recognition for his work in “The Three Musketeers,” “Yeah, That’s How It Is,” “Night Light,” “The King’s Case Note,” “The Age of Blood,” and countless more projects. Most recently, he starred in “Something in the Rain” alongside Son Ye Jin. Currently, the actor is filming his upcoming movie “Yoo Yeol’s Music Album” (working title) with Kim Go Eun. After making his debut in 2003 with the album “Listen,” Se7en rose to stardom as he released tracks such as “Passion,” “La La La,” “Tattoo,” and “I Know.” The singer has also tried his hand at acting by starring in musicals such as “Elisabeth” and “Dogfight.” A total of 26 artists and 27 actors will be in attendance. Currently, the lineup includes BTS, Wanna One, GOT7, iKON, TWICE, SEVENTEEN, NU’EST W, Sunmi, MONSTA X, Block B’s Zico, IU, AOA, MAMAMOO, 2PM’s Junho, INFINITE’s L, B1A4’s Jinyoung, Lee Byung Hun, Joo Ji Hoon, Lee Seung Gi, Yoo Yeon Seok, Park Hae Jin, Jang Ki Yong, Ryu Jun Yeol, Jin Joo Hyung, Jasper Liu, and Kim Da Mi. Hosted by Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Lee Sung Kyung, the 2018 Asia Artist Awards will take place on November 28 at the Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon. source: Soompi [News] 2018.10.28 Jung Hae In And Son Ye Jin Talk About Buying Each Other Meals In Real Life Like Their Drama Characters Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin talk about buying each other meals “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” co-stars Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin talked about each other on the red carpet at the 2nd The Seoul Awards. On October 27, many stars attended this year’s The Seoul Awards held at the Peace Hall in Kyung Hee University. Ahead of the ceremony, the attendees were photographed and interviewed during the red carpet event. Jung Hae In was the second celebrity to step foot on the red carpet and was met with the cheers of many fans. He said, “Thank you. The weather is getting colder and it’s truly becoming fall, but I’m grateful that so many of you came.” The actor, who was nominated for Best New Actor, was asked if there were any senior female actors who frequently bought him food. Naming Son Ye Jin, he said, “She frequently bought me food in real life.” About her charms, he continued, “She has so many charms. I think her easy-going personality is charming.” He concluded the interview by answering the secret to his glowing skin. “Eating well and sleeping well,” he replied. “I think the amount of sleep you get is the most important.” Son Ye Jin later appeared on the red carpet in a beautiful white dress. In response to her co-star’s interview, the actress commented with a smile, “Jung Hae In bought me a lot so I ate well too.” She added, “This year, I was so happy because I spent it doing good projects with good actors. I thank you so much for this year. I hope all of you will be happy as well.” Source (1) (2) via soompi
  3. [Instagram] 2018.10.27-28 Shin Jae Ha's IG Update with co-star Sun Woo Hye & Photos of Him Shopping Caption: Halloween and Sun Woo Hye
  4. [Videos/Fan Pics] 2018.10.27 Receiving Awards & Made to Sing... Hae In receives Popularity Award (again) for the drama section, as well as Hallyu Star Award. LOLLL, not sure why Kim Ah Jung made him sing... but he did well. And because the popularity awards are presented together for drama and movie sections, so later on he and former co-star Son Ye Jin were on stage together. They were made to say something to each other as their characters from Pretty Noona so they gave each other a hug.
  5. [News] 2018.10.27 2nd The Seoul Awards - Red Carpet Hmmm not a lot of smiles today...? Jung Hae In Receives Hallyu Star Award
  6. [Fan Pics] 2018.10.27 Buckaroo Signing Event source: 빛 & 무츠미
  7. [News] 2018.10.26 Jung Hae In Attends W Korea 13th Breast Cancer Charity Event
  8. [Endorsement] 2018.10.26 Outdoor K2 New Winter CFs + Videos Instagram
  9. [Endorsement] 2018.10.23 Leaders Cosmetics CFs x 4 @sunshine92 Haha, I can't promise otherwise, yeah, summary is an easier option.
  10. [Video] 2018.10.19 Showbiz Korea: Scene Stealer - Shin Jae Ha Actor Shin Jae-ha embodies his characters with his solid performance in various works. He stands out even when he is working alongside many veteran actors. Shin Jae-ha is an actor who becomes one with all of his characters. Keep an eye out on his future endeavors and we wish 신재하 only the best! Finally there is a coverage of Shin Jae Ha! Yay to the recognition... it's a start.
  11. [News] 2018.10.23 Official Harper's Bazaar Magazine Photos The official release of digital Harper's Bazaar magazine pictures are out. Again, I am dead at the beautiful pics. Translation by mademoisellesia (Do NOT repost elsewhere). In November issue of fashion magazine, "Harper's Bazaar", Yang Se Jong's pictorial and interview were revealed. Over the past two years, Yang Se Jong has grown in an alarming rate by acting in various genres ranging from sageuk to melodrama (Korean's version of romance) and rom-com. The photoshoot was held at Hotel Indigo Bali. As returning to "the ordinary Yang Se Jong" as the concept, he displayed various facets of himself in the photoshoot, as well as expressed his true thoughts after completing drama "30 but 17". In regard to continuously playing a lead role, Yang Se Jong said: "More or less it was too soon for me to play a leading role. I finally understood how huge the pressure and responsibility is, therefore I have absolute respect for the sunbae-nims. Seeing no matter how tired the sunbae-nims were, but they endured it all, it comforted me and also spurred me on. I think not showing any signs of fatigue, even if we are, is the duty of an actor." More on Yang Se Jong's acting and life honest interviews and charming pictorials in November issue of Harper's Bazaar, which is now for sale from October 22. source (1) (2) (3) (Harper's Bazaar)
  12. [Fan Pics] 2018.10.21 Yang Se Jong Arrived Home in Seoul First clear pictures of Se Jong arrival at the airport in Seoul. source: dan_1223
  13. [News] 2018.10.22 D.O., Son Ye Jin, Jung Hae In, And Seohyun To Win Popularity Awards At The Seoul Awards The winners of the popularity awards have been determined for this year’s The Seoul Awards! The popularity award recipients were selected 50 percent by fan votes and 50 percent by the professional judge panel and national judge panel. The national judge panel is made up of 100 film and drama lovers who were chosen ahead of time through an interview process. In the male drama category, Jung Hae In won the fan vote with 53.72 percent of votes and also placed first with the professional judge panel and national judge panel. source: soompi Note: Seohyun wins the female drama category whereas D.O and Son Ye Jin win the popularity award in movie category.
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