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  1. [News] 2018.12.28 tvN's Coffee Friends Poster & Trailer are out!
  2. [Instagram] 2018.12.24 Jung Hae In Wishes All "Merry Christmas" & A Picture from FNC Cafe
  3. [Instagram] 2018.12.23 Yoo Jae Pil's IG Update HAHAHAHAHAHA, these two 92ers really have become close.
  4. [Fan Pics] 2018.12.23 Yang Se Jong's Fan Meeting: Time for You & Me source: PZJ_photo_storage
  5. [News] 2018.12.23 Yang Se Jong's Japan Fanclub's Website Official Opening
  6. Today is Se Jong's birthday & lucky Korean fans get to spend this day with him today
  7. [Schedule] Yang Se Jong's Upcoming Public Appearances 23 Dec 2018 Fan Meeting in Seoul 04 Jan 2019 tvN's Coffee Friends
  8. [Instagram] 2018.12.21 JTBC's IG Confirms "My Country" Main Male Casts Woot! How exciting. I hope this will be good. Duel it out with your acting chops please boys!! Now we pray for a good female lead *fingers crossed*
  9. [News] 2018.12.20 Kim Go Eun And Jung Hae In Complete Filming New Romance Movie Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In have completed filming for their new romance movie! “Yoo Yeol’s Music Album” (working title) is a romance film that tells the story of optimistic young man Hyun Woo (Jung Hae In) and hard-working woman Mi Soo (Kim Go Eun) that begins with their random encounter with each other. They continue to cross paths for a very long time, hoping to find the right “frequency” that will finally bring them together. The filming began on September 1 and came to an end on December 14. With the actors’ passionate acting and flawless ensemble performance, they were able to finish filming with no problem. Kim Go Eun commented, “This film allowed me to think about the meaning of time and love and to appreciate them more. As I still feel the butterflies inside as if I were Mi Soo, I don’t think I will be able to forget a single moment from filming.” Jung Hae In said, “During filming for ‘Yoo Yeol’s Music Album,’ both my character and I learned the importance of appreciating every minute that passes by. The work was fun and it gave me a lot of joy. I thank my partner Kim Go Eun. I hope that our audience will be able to feel the hard work of director Jung Ji Woo that was put into this film.” Director Jung Ji Woo stated, “I could never forget the faces of the actors that shined so brightly throughout the process. We will complete the final few stages well and present the final work to you in 2019.” “Yoo Yeol’s Music Album” will premiere sometime in 2019. Source (1) via soompi
  10. [Instagram] 2018.12.19 Coffee Friends' IG Update on Casts & Yang Se Jong source: IG Fan Video of Coffee Friends' Casts
  11. [News] 2018.12.18 Yang Se Jong Confirmed to Appear in JTBC's "My Country" Yang Se Jong has confirmed his new project! Back in October, it was reported that Yang Se Jong would be starring in JTBC’s new historical drama “My Country” (literal translation). At the time, his agency had stated that he was only in talks for the role. Earlier this month, Woo Do Hwan was also said to be in talks for the same drama. On December 18, JTBC’s “My Country” confirmed that Yang Se Jong had been cast in the role of Seo Hwi. Written by Chae Seung Dae and directed by Kim Jin Won, “My Country” tells the story of three people who try to protect their love from the vortex of history. The drama takes place between the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty and is said to be a historical action drama. Yang Se Jong’s character, Seo Hwi, is the son of a general under Yi Seong-gye, the first king of Joseon. As the son of a fierce general who conquers the northern regions in the name of his king, Seo Hwi is uncompromising when it comes to injustice. However, he also stays cheerful in the face of a world that has gone to hell. This will be Yang Se Jong’s first leading role in a historical drama. It is expected to premiere sometime in the second half of 2019. Source (1) via soompi
  12. [Video] 2018.12.17 Hyundai Department Store – Jung Hae In's New Year Greeting
  13. [Variety] 2018.12.16 Sneak Peek of Coffee Friends OMG, can't wait to see the teaser! Gimme gimme gimme. Hurry up & upload it, tvN!
  14. [Instagram] 2018.12.15-16 Jung Hae In's IG Updates & Official Japan Club Updates
  15. [Magazine] 2018.12.15 Additional New Photos from Harper's Bazaar source: kr_malemodel @ IG
  16. [News] 2018.12.15 FNC Charity Project More → Naver [Fan Pics] 2018.12.15 Fan Meeting at Osaka
  17. [News/Fan Pics] 2018.12.15 Jung Hae In Head to Osaka, Japan source: HaeinHeart
  18. [News] 2018.12.13 Woo Do Hwan In Talks To Appear In Historical Drama Alongside Yang Se Jong On December 13, industry sources reported that Woo Do Hwan had been cast in the upcoming drama “My Country” (literal translation). Later the same day, his agency, KeyEast, clarified to Newsen that the actor was still in talks, stating, “He is positively reviewing the offer from ‘My Country.'” “My Country” will be directed by Kim Jin Won, who has previously directed “Just Between Lovers,” and written by Chae Seung Dae, who has previously written “Master: God of Noodles.” Yang Se Jong has also received a casting offer from the drama, which according to his agency is still under discussion. If Woo Do Hwan takes the role, he will be playing a character named Nam Sun Ho. The character is good-looking and skilled in the literary and martial arts, but his mother’s servant status prevents him from rising high in society. He is friends with a character named Seo Hwi (potentially played by Yang Se Jong) and dreams of passing the military examination, but his father’s corruption costs him his dream as well as his friendship with Seo Hwi. This would also be Woo Do Hwan’s first historical drama. “My Country” tells the story of three people trying to protect their love from the vortex of history. It is slated to air sometime during the summer of 2019. Source (1) (2) via soompi Rookie vs Rookie. Inteeeresting combo! But I almost envy Woo Do Hwan's role for Se Jong because Nam Sun Ho will turn from good to bad, something I would love to see Se Jong do again.
  19. [News] 2018.12.11 Lee Jong Suk Sends Former Co-Star Jung Hae In Coffee Truck For New Film Lee Jong Suk sent his former “While You Were Sleeping” co-star Jung Hae In a small gift on the set of his upcoming film! On December 11, Jung Hae In posted a series of photos to his personal Instagram account with the caption, “Lee Jong Suk sent a coffee truck for the cast and crew who are working hard on our movie as filming is nearing an end. Thank you so much, I’ll enjoy it.” The photos show Jung Hae In posing in front of the coffee truck that Lee Jong Suk sent, along with banners that read, “‘Music Album’ (tentative title) production crew members, enjoy a cup of coffee with handsome Hae In,” “To the production crew, please look after our Hae In,” and “Hae In, enjoy a cup of coffee today rather than a glass of beer.” Lee Jong Suk and Jung Hae In both appeared in the SBS drama “While You Were Sleeping” in 2017. Jung Hae In is currently working on the film “Music Album,” which he will star in alongside Kim Go Eun. Source (1) via soompi [News] 2018.12.12 Lee Je Hoon Thanks Jung Hae In For His Coffee Truck With A Coffee Truck Jung Hae In is receiving all the love from his friends and fellow actors! Following Lee Jong Suk‘s coffee truck, Lee Je Hoon sent Jung Hae In one of his own after having received one from the actor on the set of his recently concluded drama “Where Stars Land.” Jung Hae In thanked the actor on Instagram, writing, “Thank you to Je Hoon hyung for sending a coffee truck and coming to visit me on set!! Strength to the end!!” Jung Hae In is currently filming the movie “Yoo Yeol’s Music Album” with “Goblin” star Kim Go Eun. The movie is set to premiere sometime next year.
  20. [Twitter] 2018.12.13 Yang Se Jong Japan Official Twitter Updates
  21. [News] 2018.12.12 Mnet Asia Music Awards at Japan - Red Carpet
  22. [Instagram] 2018.12.11 IG Update [News] 2018.12.11 Attending "Swing Kids" VIP Premiere
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