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  1. [News] 2019.05.02 Jang Ki Yong's IG Update - At the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards
  2. [Fan Pics] 2019.05.01Presenting New Actor Awards at 55th Baeksang Arts Awards
  3. [News] 2019.05.01Presenting New Actor Awards at 55th Baeksang Arts Awards Sejong handed the next New Actor Award to fellow rookie actor, Jang Ki Yong ^ ^
  4. [News] 2019.05.01Jang Ki Yong Receives New Actor Awards in 55th Baeksang Arts Awards Congratulations to Jang Ki Yong! It was an ALL WIN from all judges during the voting stage. *CLAP**CLAP* Acceptance Speech: “I am really grateful to have won a prize in such a good position. Although I still get nervous whenever I have to act in front of cameras, but I am constantly learning a lot of things. I learn from every moment I work with my seniors. Finally, I will make every effort to be an exemplary actor.” Original video: Naver (1)(2)
  5. [News] 2019.05.01Baeksang Arts Awards V Live was buffering and totally missed his red carpet Walking the red carpet at 1:28
  6. [Fan Pics] 2019.05.01 Bangkok Airport Returning to Seoul Late last night Jang Ki Yong was spotted at the airport & was all smiles towards the fans (or non-fans). I'm guessing he comes back to attend the Baeksang Arts Awards tonight. More pictures & videos can be found on Twitter & IG.
  7. [Instagram] 2019.04.30 IG Updates Wait? What? He's in Pattaya, Thailand?
  8. Yes, he was ♥ in Go Back Couple - suave, tall, gorgeous in uniform & almost perfect. But he surprised me most in My Ahjussi, totally didn't expect him to be able to handle such conflicted character & did so well.
  9. [Video] 2019.04.29 TV Tokyo - Yang Se Jong Promoting Temperature of Love In case you can't watch from YouTube
  10. [Drama/News] More Stills from MBC Upcoming Drama 'Spring Night' Spring Night will also be aired on Netflix Asia & other English speaking countries on May 22, an hour after it is broadcasted in South Korea. The US, Mexico, Norway and Japan will air on July 12. All other regions will air on June 1. source: HELLO KPOP
  11. [Drama] 2019.04.27 Search: WWW's Character Teaser Preview Well, Kill It is done but Ki Yong will return in June on tvN. Not a long wait at all! Yay!
  12. [News] 2019.04.29 Pictures from Jang Ki Yong's Wrap Up Thoughts & Interviews Final Thoughts Before Conclusion of Kill It: Meanwhile, Jang Ki Yong also broadened his acting skills as he took on the role of Kim Soo Hyun, who is both an affectionate veterinarian and a ruthless killer. He received a lot of love from the viewers for his sophisticated action scenes, along with his portrayal of the complicated emotions his character went through as he slowly began to change after meeting Do Hyun Jin. Jang Ki Yong said, “While the drama had a heavy and serious mood, the filming set was always fun.” Jang Ki Yong continued, “I was able to gain strength and film [well] thanks to the consideration from the director, the scriptwriter, and the actors and production staff who suffered throughout the cold winter until spring. Thank you so much to the viewers who continued to support us for six weeks and loved each episode.” source: Soompi
  13. [Fan Pics] 2019.04.28 Arrival at the Wrap Up Party for 'Kill It' ❌禁商用 ❌禁去水印 Commercial use is prohibited. Do not remove the watermark. [BTS] Actors & Staff IG Updates at the Wrap Up Party
  14. [Instagram] 2019.04.29 Jang Ki Yong & Nana's IG Updates - Wrap Up of OCN drama "Kill It".
  15. [Interview] 2017.12.25 Entertainment Weekly Section TV News - Let's Talk About Another Rising Star Singing Battle
  16. — MAGAZINES — Jang Ki Yong was a model so he'd have appeared in millions of magazines! Therefore I'll only list the ones I could identify... 2012.11 | Homme 2012.11 | Vogue Girl 2012.12 | Marie Claire 2015.XX | W Korea 2015.06 | Elle 2015.09 | Ceci 2016.05 | W Korea 2017 - 2018 2017.02 | Ceci 2017.03 | W Korea 2018.01 | Marie Claire 2018.09 | Cosmopolitan 2018.10 | High Cut 2019 2019.03 | Marie Claire 2019.05 | Nylon 2019.06 | High Cut Vol 242 2019.09 | Marie Claire 2019.09 | Arena Homme+ 2019.09 | Kstyle 2019.10 | Cine21 2019.10 | Dazed 2019.10 | Marie Claire 2019.10 | GQ 2020 2020.01 | Vogue
  17. — ACHIEVEMENTS & AWARDS — 2014 | 9th Asia Model Awards - Fashion Model Award 2015 | 30th Korea's Best Dresser Swan Awards - Best Dressed Model 2018 | 6th APAN Star Awards - Best New Actor (My Ahjussi) 2018 | 3rd Asia Artist Awards - Rookie Award (My Ahjussi, Come and Hug Me) 2017 | 8th Korea Hallyu Award - Rising Star Award 2018 | MBC Drama Awards - Excellence Award, Actor in Wed-Thu Drama (Come and Hug Me) 2019 | 55th Baeksang Arts Awards - New Actor Award (Come and Hug Me)
  18. — FILMOGRAPHY — Variety Shows 2015 | Off to School (JTBC) Ep 27-29 2016 | Tribe of Hip Hop (JTBC) 2016 | Travelling Without Manager Season 2 - Gwangju (COOKAT TV) [3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8] Music Videos 2013 | IU - Red Shoes 2013 | IU - Friday 2013 | Lovelybut (featuring Kang Hyun Jun) - Eye Kiss 2016 | Hongdae Kwang - When in Hongdae 2016 | Kwon Jin Ah - The End 2019 | Brown Eyed Soul - Your Night, My Morning — DISCOGRAPHY — 2017 | Some Guy OST - Some Guy (with Choi Woo Shik) 2017 | The Liar and His Lover OST - I'm Okay (with Crude Play) 2017 | The Liar and His Lover OST - Peter Pan (with Crude Play) 2017 | The Liar and His Lover OST - In Your Eyes (with Crude Play) 2018 | Come and Hug Me OST Special Track - Tree of Paradise
  19. — FILMOGRAPHY — TV Dramas 2014 | It's Okay, That's Love (as Sam) 2014 | The Greatest Marriage (as Bae Deu Ro) 2014 | Schoolgirl Detectives (as Ahn Chae Joon) 2015 | This is My Love (as Lee Suk Tae) 2016 | Beautiful Mind (as Nam Ho Young) 2017 | The Liar and His Lover (as Ji In Ho) 2017 | Confession Couple (as Jung Nam Gil) 2018 | My Ahjussi (as Lee Kwang Il) 2018 | Come and Hug Me (as Chae Do Jin) 2019 | Touch Your Heart (cameo) 2019 | Kill It (as Kim Soo Hyun/Number 88) 2019 | Search: WWW (as Park Mo Geun/Morgan Taylor Park) 2020 | Born Again (as Gong Ji Chul/Chun Jong Bum ) Wed Dramas 2015 | We Broke Up (as Seo Hyun Woo) 2016 | Love for a Thousand More (as Jason) 2017 | The Boy Next Door (as Sung Gi Jae) Films 2019 | Bad Guys: The Movie (as Go Yu Seung) 2020 | Sweet & Sour
  20. Jang Ki Yong 장기용 — PROFILE — Name: Jang Ki Yong Hangul: 장기용 Hanja: 張基龍 Birthdate: 7th August 1992 Height: 187 cm Education: Yong In University & Seokyeong University Agency YG KPLUS || Official website || Facebook || Naver || Instagram || YouTube || Naver Blog || V Live || Weibo || YG Entertainment || Official Website || Facebook || Twitter || YouTube || Naver || Weibo || Social Media || Instagram || V Live || Twitter || Weibo || Other information Wikipedia [Eng] [Kor] [Chi] || Namu Wiki || AsianWiki || DramaWiki || Naver || Daum || YG Stage || Cine21 || Jang Ki Yong debuted as a model in 2012 and as an actor in 2014 in It's Okay, That's Love. He began gaining popularity in 2017's Confession Couple and 2018's My Ahjussi. In the same year, he scored his first leading role in Come and Hug Me. He will also kickstart his Chungmuro career in the movie, Bad Guy: The Movie. = Please abide to below forum rules when posting = 1. All general forum rules apply. Please read the rules carefully. You will be warned if you are found in violation of any of these rules. 2. Do not bypass the swear filter. Using *, ! or other symbols in place of a letter is unacceptable. 3. Do not bash drama and movie characters, actors, actresses, or other members, or post untrue information. Bashing will not be tolerated by any means and will result in a warning. This includes but is not limited to the usage of derogatory remarks, spreading rumors, swearing, etc. Please respect each others' difference of opinions. 4. Do not quote pictures or long posts. Instead, remove images in your quotes. Quotes do not count towards the 20-character limit rule. If you're going to quote a picture or post, say something about it. If a quote is too long (more than 10 lines), only quote a subsection of the text. Quoted pictures set in spoiler tags are considered a violation as well. Threads that are meant solely for pictures belong in the k-entertainment general discussion. 5. When posting pictures, you are allowed to put 50 pictures in one post. Consider posting pictures in thumbnail sizes instead if they are large images. 6. Use the spoiler tag for multiple images and videos. When posting images and videos (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, gifs, etc), if you have more than 3 images and/or videos, the fourth image/video onward need to go into the spoiler tag. This facilitates the transition between pages and enhances the user experience for those who have limited data caps. Full Actors/Actresses Rules > Here Please keep this thread organized, clean and peaceful when posting. Have additional questions or comments? PM a moderator or admin.
  21. Reporting for Acting Duty! @cherkell You've been caught in the same frame as Wookie! Hello all, just coming in to celebrate a happy day for Wookie's fans all around the world.
  22. [Instagram] 2019.04.19 Jung Hae In's IG Updates [Drama] 2019.04.17 Spring Night's BTS Making & Interview
  23. [News] 2019.04.15 Gong Seung Yeon Confirmed To Join Park Ji Hoon, Kim Min Jae, And More In Upcoming Historical Romantic Comedy On April 15, the production team of JTBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” (literal title) revealed that the drama’s main actors have been confirmed. “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” will tell the story of a king who makes a request to Joseon’s best dating agency Flower Crew to protect his first love. Upon his request, the matchmakers at the agency risk their own lives to transform the lowly woman Gae Ddong into the most noble woman. Writer Kim Yi Rang has joined forces with director Kim Ga Ram of “Devilish Joy” and “Vampire Detective” for the drama. Kim Min Jae has been cast for the role of Ma Hoon, Joseon’s best male matchmaker and the hottest guy in the city of Hanyang. As the leader of Flower Crew, he oversees businesses in dating, marriage, divorce, and remarriage. He does not discriminate against gender or social standing when it comes to customers. He uses his intuition and ability to see through people to find the right person for everyone. Gong Seung Yeon will take on the role of Gae Ddong, a stubborn girl who could pass as a man. In order to survive, she chooses pants over skirts. She is famously known for taking on any tasks only for a dollar, whether it is woodcutting, delivering heavy rice bags, or stopping people from having physical fights on the streets. Seo Ji Hoon will play the role of the king Lee Soo, who is willing to sacrifice his own life for his first love. He lived 23 years as an ordinary blacksmith but became a king against his will overnight. He used to be able to freely live his life, but now he is under 24-hour surveillance of his servants. Most of all, he is exhausted from various women in the palace continuously trying to seduce him when his heart is only set on finding his first love Gae Ddong. Park Ji Hoon has taken on the role of Go Young Soo, Flower Crew’s image consultant. He is Hanyang’s hottest celebrity who turns streets into runways. He is also the most fashionable man in Joseon, and with his knowledge in beauty and fashion, he can turn anyone into a likable person. Byun Woo Seok will play Flower Crew’s informant Do Joon. Do Joon used to be a son of a wealthy family who was perfect in every way . However, due to the fall of his family, Do Joon is forced to live an aimless life. One day, Ma Hoon appears in front him, asking to buy any information he has on everyone in the city of Hanyang. The production team said, “For the first time in a while, we will be presenting a historical romantic comedy. Set in the mid-Joseon dynasty, the drama will feature a romance between good-looking men and women that will stimulate all of your five senses. We have cast actors in their 20s who are perfect for the roles they have each taken. Please look forward to the fresh and exciting chemistry between Kim Min Jae, Gong Seung Yeon, Seo Ji Hoon, Park Ji Hoon, and Byun Woo Seok.” “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” is set to premiere sometime in September. Source (1) via Soompi
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