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  1. [Fan Pics] 2019.05.07 Candid Moment! Jang Ki Yong Receiving the Baeksang's New Actor Award from Yang Se Jong HAHAHA, what are these two doing? SO CUTE!
  2. [News] 2019.05.08 Jang Ki Yong to Hold Japan Fan Meeting "First Contact" Date: August 2, 2019 Venue: Tokyo Yamano Hall Price: 10,800 yen (including tax) After FM, all attendees get to high-5 and take group photos with Ki Yong. Tickets goes on sale tomorrow May 9 on KOARI's website. source: koari Ticket price is expensive!!!
  3. [Drama/News] 2019.05.08 "WWW" Releases First Stills of Jang Ki Yong tvN has released stills of Jang Ki Yong showing off his diverse charms for his upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “WWW”! “WWW” is a new comedy drama about women who work at a search engine company and their romantic relationships with men. Jang Ki Yong will be taking on the role of the genius composer Park Mo Geon who suddenly appears in Bae Ta Mi’s (Im Soo Jung’s) life. Bae Ta Mi is a competitive woman who loves work more than dating, but Park Mo Geon will be bringing change to her intense everyday life in the form of joy and laughter. In the teasers that were previously released, Park Mo Geon showed his overflowing affection for Bae Ta Mi no matter what the circumstance. Despite his only similarities with Bae Ta Mi being that they both like gaming and that they work in the same IT industry, Park Mo Geon respects and loves Ba Tae Mi’s every moment. Having demonstrated his acting skills in various genres, viewers are excited to see how Jang Ki Yong will take on the character of the loving Park Mo Geon in this new romance story. The production team of “WWW” said, “Park Mo Geon loves and cares for Bae Ta Mi unlike any other. He’s a charming character who, after meeting Bae Ta Mi, begins to love not only her but also his own life even more. Jang Ki Yong perfectly melted into Park Mo Geon’s everyday life in which he’s unable to stop smiling in front of Bae Ta Mi. Park Mo Geon will shake the viewers’ hearts with his bright energy from the first episode.” “WWW” is a collaboration between “Mr. Sunshine” co-director Jung Ji Hyun and writer Kwon Do Eun, who gained experience working under writer Kim Eun Sook. The drama will premiere on June 5, taking over the time slot for “Her Private Life.” source: soompi --- Ok this is pretty much a Kim Soo Hyun's hairstyle in later stage of Killer, but I don't care coz I like it so pretty pleasseeee don't cut it (too much) in mid-drama. @elizabeth Yeah as pointed out by the Korean fans for the matching attires. He has to film WWW, so it wouldn't make sense to go overseas for a super-short holiday.
  4. [Drama] 2019.05.07 One Spring Night Releases New Character Still & Drama Posters source: MBC 1 / 2 / 3
  5. [News] 2019.05.07 Jang Ki Yong as The New Model for Sprite
  6. [Drama] 2019.05.03 More Search: WWW's Character Teaser Previews
  7. [News] 2019.05.02 Jang Ki Yong's IG Update - At the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards
  8. [Fan Pics] 2019.05.01Presenting New Actor Awards at 55th Baeksang Arts Awards
  9. [News] 2019.05.01Presenting New Actor Awards at 55th Baeksang Arts Awards Sejong handed the next New Actor Award to fellow rookie actor, Jang Ki Yong ^ ^
  10. [News] 2019.05.01Jang Ki Yong Receives New Actor Awards in 55th Baeksang Arts Awards Congratulations to Jang Ki Yong! It was an ALL WIN from all judges during the voting stage. *CLAP**CLAP* Acceptance Speech: “I am really grateful to have won a prize in such a good position. Although I still get nervous whenever I have to act in front of cameras, but I am constantly learning a lot of things. I learn from every moment I work with my seniors. Finally, I will make every effort to be an exemplary actor.” Original video: Naver (1)(2)
  11. [News] 2019.05.01Baeksang Arts Awards V Live was buffering and totally missed his red carpet Walking the red carpet at 1:28
  12. [Fan Pics] 2019.05.01 Bangkok Airport Returning to Seoul Late last night Jang Ki Yong was spotted at the airport & was all smiles towards the fans (or non-fans). I'm guessing he comes back to attend the Baeksang Arts Awards tonight. More pictures & videos can be found on Twitter & IG.
  13. [Instagram] 2019.04.30 IG Updates Wait? What? He's in Pattaya, Thailand?
  14. Yes, he was ♥ in Go Back Couple - suave, tall, gorgeous in uniform & almost perfect. But he surprised me most in My Ahjussi, totally didn't expect him to be able to handle such conflicted character & did so well.
  15. [Video] 2019.04.29 TV Tokyo - Yang Se Jong Promoting Temperature of Love In case you can't watch from YouTube
  16. [Drama/News] More Stills from MBC Upcoming Drama 'Spring Night' Spring Night will also be aired on Netflix Asia & other English speaking countries on May 22, an hour after it is broadcasted in South Korea. The US, Mexico, Norway and Japan will air on July 12. All other regions will air on June 1. source: HELLO KPOP
  17. [Drama] 2019.04.27 Search: WWW's Character Teaser Preview Well, Kill It is done but Ki Yong will return in June on tvN. Not a long wait at all! Yay!
  18. [News] 2019.04.29 Pictures from Jang Ki Yong's Wrap Up Thoughts & Interviews Final Thoughts Before Conclusion of Kill It: Meanwhile, Jang Ki Yong also broadened his acting skills as he took on the role of Kim Soo Hyun, who is both an affectionate veterinarian and a ruthless killer. He received a lot of love from the viewers for his sophisticated action scenes, along with his portrayal of the complicated emotions his character went through as he slowly began to change after meeting Do Hyun Jin. Jang Ki Yong said, “While the drama had a heavy and serious mood, the filming set was always fun.” Jang Ki Yong continued, “I was able to gain strength and film [well] thanks to the consideration from the director, the scriptwriter, and the actors and production staff who suffered throughout the cold winter until spring. Thank you so much to the viewers who continued to support us for six weeks and loved each episode.” source: Soompi
  19. [Fan Pics] 2019.04.28 Arrival at the Wrap Up Party for 'Kill It' ❌禁商用 ❌禁去水印 Commercial use is prohibited. Do not remove the watermark. [BTS] Actors & Staff IG Updates at the Wrap Up Party
  20. [Instagram] 2019.04.29 Jang Ki Yong & Nana's IG Updates - Wrap Up of OCN drama "Kill It".
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