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  1. [Drama] 2019.11.12 "My Country" Ep11-12 BTS Sejong & Jang Hyuk chat about food~
  2. [Drama] 2019.11.12 Episode 12 "My Country" Episode & BTS Stills JTBC heard my nagging, lol!
  3. [Instagram] 2019.11.11 Kim Min Jae's IG Update Kim Min Jae visited Woo Do Hwan on set??
  4. [Drama] 2019.11.11 Episode 12 "My Country" Stills I need more clean-up Hwi's pictures ...
  5. [Twitter] 2019.11.10 3 Years Annivesary In celebrating Sejong's 3rd year since debut. This is a gift from Sejong's Korean Daum cafe fanclub "Special Time of Se Jong".
  6. [News] 2019.11.08 Korean actor Jung Hae-in wins award at London film festival for his role in Tune in for Love The K-drama actor won the Popularity Award at the 2019 London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF) for his role in Korean film Tune in for Love, which also stars Kim Go-eun. Actor Jung Hae-in, best known for JTBC's 2018 drama, Something in the Rain, won the Popularity Award at the 2019 London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF) on November 3. He was recognised for his role in the 2019 film, Tune in for Love, which also stars Kim Go-eun. The film is the love story of Hyun-woo (Jung) and Mi-soo (Kim), set in the 1990s. In his acceptance speech, Jung said he felt grateful, thanking his co-star Kim Go-eun, film director Jung Ji-woo and the screenwriter Lee Suk-yeon. Jung recently taped the first episodes of his television travelogue programme Jung Hae-in's Walking Report. It will air on KBS2 television this month. source: The Korea Times ==== I finally found time to watch the movie. It's a simple love story, but not bad at all. I wouldn't say I love it but not a bad watch. I was ready to flip some tables if all that fuss happened and I didn't get my happy ending.
  7. [News] 2019.11.06 Jung Hae In’s New Travel Variety Show Announces Premiere Date KBS has revealed the first stills of Jung Hae In from the upcoming variety program “Jung Hae In’s Walking Report” (literal title). The stills were accompanied by some more info for the upcoming show, which KBS announced will air on November 26 at 10 p.m. KST, running for eight total episodes. The show is Jung Hae In’s first solo reality show in the seven years since his debut. It’s a variety adaptation based off of the long-running KBS1 cultural program “Backpack Travels,” and Jung Hae In will be in charge of all travel details. A source from the production said, “We would like to thank viewers for being patient waiting for ‘Jung Hae In’s Walking Report.’ With support from viewers, we were able to satisfactorily wrap filming abroad, and we’re working hard on post-production. We’ll be seeing you with great content. Please look forward to it.” Source (1)
  8. [News] 2019.11.06 Ma Dong Seok, Jung Hae In, And More Are In For An Unexpected Adventure In Upcoming Film New posters for the upcoming film “Ignition” (literal title) starring Ma Dong Seok, Park Jung Min, Jung Hae In, and Yum Jung Ah have been released! “Ignition” will be about the foolish rebel Taek Il (Park Jung Min) who meets the mysterious chef of a Chinese restaurant Geo Seok (Ma Dong Seok) and the overzealous rebel Sang Pil (Jung Hae In) as they attempt to face the real world. In the newly released posters, the lead actors captivate the audience with the unique portrayals of their diverse characters. The poster features Geo Seok largely in the back with a bright smile while holding a wok. In front of him are Taek Il, who meets people he’s never imagined of at the Chinese restaurant he runs into after leaving his home, Sang Pil, who wants to enter the workforce to earn money as soon as possible, and Taek Il’s mother (Yum Jung Ah), who was once a volleyball player and is now is a stern mother. In bold letters, the posters contain the text, “What’s there to life? [You] just have to try living it once!” delivering bright energy to the audience. The upcoming film is based on a popular webtoon by Jo Geum San, and crew members from “Veteran” and “E.X.I.T” have participated in the production. “Ignition” started filming in March and is set to premiere sometime in December. Source (1) via soompi
  9. I'm counting on the actual episode going the opposite of the preview, lol and I doubt he'll die so soon too but getting stabbed (sword went through) = heavy injury. True that they are immortals but I'm counting on PD/writer to stay logical (otherwise it looks stupid and flawed that Yeon dies with one stab & Seon Ho lives!) *facepalm* Which recent photo? The one in his IG? Woo Do Hwan's hair is longer than usual but he didn't grew it out like Sejong did. At the press con held on Nov 2, Sejong said in a month's time they will wrap up filming (his a month is also an approximate). So I'm guessing they'll finish around the same time as the finale episode.
  10. Mmmm, it's probably not the venom that is still in his body and more of the damage the venomous toxin has caused. He'll live longer if he doesn't strain his body, but another "venom" he took to control and suppress his suffering is causing more harm to his health and thus will kill him quicker. Nam Jeon's sarcastically said he hoped Hwi's "nui" (sister) is resting in peace and he threatened that there should not be anyone else to die because of Hwi. So it's not just Hee Jae but anyone who is dear to Hwi. I'm just as sad as you in knowing that Hwi will never recover his health. It's basically hinting us that Hwi has no future in pursuing happiness with Hee Jae. It's therefore reasonable he makes no promise to Hee Jae or even think about starting a relationship with her. In his path to revenge he unfortunately can't be associated with anyone he cares about because Nam Jeon will use it against him. Anyone with the right frame of mind would never allow history to repeat. It's sad that the "country" everyone fights for is now none of Hwi's concern since he has lost his country (=Yeon). I agree death is too easy for Nam Jeon. I support Hwi's revenge – to pay for all his sins, Nam Jeon must stay alive for a looong time, and be in the state of he wishes and begs he's dead every single day. I'm also sad that Seon Ho and Hwi are still very much intertwined in their fate but I'm surprised at Seon Ho's change and how broken he is as well. It's telling that he's completely broken off his association with Nam Jeon and throughout the episode, he had never once addressed Nam Jeon as "father" like he used to. His goal of becoming successful has now changed. He technically has the same goal as Hwi, but just differ in their approach. Narratively speaking, I love the sadness of how things have developed for Hwi, Hee Jae, Seon Ho and even Bang Won in this episode. So sad yet so beautiful... but... but... but... so quick Seon Ho is dying in Hwi's hands??? We have 4 more episodes left! Maybe he'll survive coz he did the first time. Oh oh, and the scene when Hwi said "You did well" to Bang Won... the irony but also how impactful it was. He's been wanting to hear that from his own father, now he gets it from the son of his mentor and also a father-figure. So awesome.
  11. [News] 2019.11.06 Kim Min Jae, Gong Seung Yeon, And More Say Goodbye To “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” With Final Comments Another great drama has come to an end! For the past eight weeks, JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” has excited and touched viewers with stories of young people from the Joseon era. With the drama’s finale, the cast shared their closing remarks. Kim Min Jae shared, “For six months, I lived happily as Ma Hoon in ‘Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency.’ I love all the cast and crew members who shared every crying and laughing moment with me. Thanks to you, I will remember this as a precious time. We worked hard together with joy to film it, so it was great that many people watched and supported it. I hope this drama will remain as a positive meaning in the lives of viewers.” He ended his remark with a quote from the drama, saying, “Lady luck is on our side, so everything is rosy, and we’re the best matchmakers!” Gong Seung Yeon commented, “Looking back on 2019, I was very happy because it was filled with ‘Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency.’ I think it hasn’t been long since I’ve been acting, so I feel very sorry that I have to say good-bye to such a precious work. I think I’m going to be sick for Gae Ddong in ‘Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency’ for a while. I’d like to thank the director and crew for creating Gae Ddong and entrusting me with the role as well as the viewers who loved the drama. I will see you in a new production soon.” Seo Ji Hoon started, “I learned a lot from filming from spring to fall, and it was always fun. I’d like to thank the director, cast, and crew I worked with.” Then he added, “This drama was a valuable work for me because I was able to show a new side. I hope it will remain a good work for viewers as well. Please watch the drama until the last episode, which will air today [November 5].” Idol-turned-actor Park Ji Hoon said, “‘Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency,’ my first beloved drama as an actor, is already coming to an end. I’d like to thank the cast and crew as well as the viewers. I will greet you in better works in the future. Thank you always, and I love you.” Byun Woo Seok thanked the viewers and promised to return in another production as he concluded, “‘Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency’ is about to end. I was happy that I could live as Do Joon while filming for about 6 months. The character Do Joon was created because the director, cast, and crew worked with me. Thank you all for your hard work.” Last but not least, Go Won Hee shared, “‘Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency’ is like growing pains. It was a drama where the characters hurt each other because they were clumsy, and they all grew as much as the pain they were in. At first, everyone was clumsy and not perfect, and they painted the characters’ growth well. Thank you to all the viewers who loved our drama.” “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” aired its finale on November 5. Source (1) via soompi BTS / Wrap up
  12. [Drama] 2019.11.07 BTS Episode 9-10 The scene between Hwi & Nam Jeon was funny because Ahn Nae Sang had no idea he was the one that gave Hwi poison. His shock look is gold.
  13. [Instagram] 2019.11.06 YG's IG Update on Ki Yong's Nivea Endorsement
  14. HAHAHA at your statement about YSJ's face. True that it did cross my mind from the very beginning (of their shower scene) that Hwi looks too meaty (not muscly) for someone who is poor to the point that they don't have enough food. If he had lose a bit more weight and look like how he was in Duel I think it might be more realistic. I do have the intention of watching Tree with Deep Roots, and have tried first episode last night but boy oh boy, it's so heavy. Six Flying Dragons got heavier towards the end. This one is heavy from the very beginning! And...LOL-ed at Jang Hyuk's simulation of his assassination attempt on King Sejong. It's so exaggerated I just can't not nitpick... hahahahaha. I'll have to pick it back up again another time when I'm in the mood for heavy drama. The good thing is this feels like a continuation from Six Flying Dragons, so I get to continue my learning of Joseon history. What happened to some of these historical figures esp. Jeong Do Jeon is really sad though. He contributed so much and then get murdered because his vision of Joseon differs to that one person.
  15. [Instagram] 2019.11.05 Yang Se Jong's Video Message LOL. The loud "AH" gave me a (small) fright.
  16. A review of "Tune in Love" The first time they met, they did not have a chance to fall in love. The second time they met, they had their first awkward kiss but then, fate plays a spoilsport and they are not able to move ahead. The third time is the charm as they say and that's when Mi-soo (Kim Go-eun) and Hyun-Woo (Jung Hae-in) have a shot at falling deeply, irrevocably and head over heels in love with each other in 'Tune in for Love'. This time that they have managed to spend together is initially a slide into the kind of love that makes one swoon. Then there is simple intimacy, which grows into a relationship which took 10 years to be realized -- from 1995 to 2005. So, 'Tune in for Love' at its heart is a beautifully portrayed tale of how love matures over years as two individuals meet, part and meet again due to their circumstances. Hyun-woo is deeply hurt by the death of a friend and his other friends seem to blame him for some reason. The death was an accident, but Hyun-woo is never able to believe the same because everyone around suspects him. This wound festers within Hyun-woo so long that when he finally gets a chance at finding happiness with Mi-soo, he almost screws it up. Read more at → https://meaww.com/tune-in-for-love-review-netflix-korean-movie-jung-hae-in-kim-go-eun-is-tale-of-love-and-separation I have not seen it yet because Tune in Love will be available to Netflix on Nov 5 so I'll watch it then. https://www.netflix.com/title/81165326
  17. BTS From next episode's preview we will see Hwi went to Bang Won before the time jump. Perhaps we'll also get a scene of him with Hee Jae. He didn't leave his bow behind because look at the picture below (from episode 1). The headband is still there. When Hee Jae went to see Hwi, he was at the riverside it didn't mean he didn't go back after on his way to see Bang Won. Of course there's also a possibility that after 6 years he meets up with his gang/Hee Jae and took the bow with him. What's interesting is now Seon Ho also ties the headband Yeon made for him on his sword as a reminder of his sin.
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