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  1. He didn't do all of them. Some are too difficult, like the one jumping high into the air and kicking two opponents at the same time was not LMH. You can take a closer look in ep15 when he fights against his Woodalchi men. The guy in the middle was Daejang but as you can see from the picture, that's clearly not him in this shot.
  2. Episode 9 is one of my favourites in the sense that CY mesmerised me with his new look and change of clothing. He looks more like a gentle nobleman than a rough soldier. So hot, hahaha. The scene where he visited KC to get the sword back is my utmost love because there, not only LMH looks super gorgeous, but there was a moment of non-verbal, emotional display through his bling-bling eyes the moment ES touches his sleeves and worries about him...and yes, his adam's apple added to the superb acting performance too in depicting, which I imagined to be CY's heart (usually a sea of calmness), being ruffled? disturbed? and causes a tsunami of waves internally (with his eyes moving side to side). I may be thinking too much into it, lol. I'm just here to swoon at Daejang's new gorgeous hairdo and beautiful eyes (been waiting for this episode recap actually, hahaha). Apparently the bandana signifies the status of Daejang, which means CY has finally embraced his duty seriously.
  3. Hello all, Hope all is well. I haven't been actively participating, but I am diligently updating the blog, sharing the omitted script tidbits . Ep7 ending is a scene that's up for interpretation so be sure to read up on this part. Excerpt from the script - ep7: ES looks at CY and CY stares back at ES. (In CY’s eyes) Hwasuin moves closer to ES, takes off her glove and puts her hand on ES’s shoulder. Choi Young laughs bitterly, having a feeling of ‘damn, there is nothing more can be done’. Choi Young raises the hand that holds his sword. The soldiers around twitch at the sight of that. He then fiercely sticks his sword into the ground; ES continues to look at him. Hwasuin smiles beside ES and removes her hand off of ES’s shoulder. CY opens up his arms wide (to surrender). Eun Soo has the look of “nearly in tears” while they both look at each other. There is a moment of heartache for CY before the soldier hits his back and knee that forces him to kneel down on the ground. ES turns her head to cry and CY did not see this… ES was crying when she turns her back on CY and CY gives a bitter laugh. From the drama it seems like ES is upset with CY for ending the king's life and she turns her head away from him, as if rejecting him. Per the script, it is more like she was worried for CY and turns her head because she didn't want to let CY see her cry and she couldn't bear to see a great warrior like him being abused and surrender.
  4. [Drama] 2020.09.11 "Do You Like Brahms?" Episode 3 Making He played Moonlight Sonata and Happy Birthday himself... totally swooning.
  5. 2020.09.09 SBS SNS Update OMG swoooooooon. And the rest...
  6. 2020.09.08 Kim Min Jae's IG Update Caption: #Do you like Brahms? #Episode 3 #SBS #Monday & Tuesday drama #10pm #Watch it live #B-day Today we...
  7. 2020.09.07 Kim Min Jae's IG Update Caption: #Do you like Brahms? #Episode 3 #SBS #Monday & Tuesday drama #10pm #Watch it live #Finally it's Monday #See you tonight!!
  8. @guestra Thank you again, and thanks for sharing those posts above! How are you enjoying the drama? It's a bit slow for the first 2 for me, but I am liking their cute, awkward interactions. Hehe. Looking forward to next week's episodes.
  9. [News] 2020.09.03 Jung Hae In to Stars in Netflix Drama "D.P" La la la, we have a drama confirmation!!
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