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  1. Do NOT go around the swear filter; no exceptions. - YOU WILL BE WARNEDLike the random thread, the ranting thread has become huge over the years. As a result, I thought we'd have a new one for the sake of less cluttering in the monstrous number of posts. So you guys and gals all know how it works, vent out any frustrations here as long as: There is no swearing. If you're gonna swear, don't go around the swear filter. What a pinkberry huh? ... No seriously, please don't. If we catch it, you will be warned for going around the swear filter just like anywhere else on Soompi. Refrain from mentioning any races/ethnicities whatsoever, violating that will also lead to a warning. We're not responsible for any further social drama that may erupt from this, so if your friends find out you've been posting about them, not our problem! You'll all be good right? Again: Do NOT go around the swear filters. YOU WILL BE GIVEN A % WARNING.
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