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  1. hardly desagree @scarletlover1 The main and more popular ship is E and AS, im coming from a not so into kdrama field, ocasional watchers, netflix adicts, even preople who has never seeen any korean drama. People are crazy about the main couple and the story is indeed about Eugene and his reverge and love but also is abour AS and her fight and love story with an american soldier.- The "confusion" come from the "fangirls" and i call it the Chilbong effect (reply 1994)that was so lame cause was obvious Yeon Seok wasn't the main lead and he would lose , it was clear since the beggining the girl didn't love him, but fangirls (international and in this forum, korean NO they were ok) just couldn't accept it, it is risky to put a "conventional" good looking actor as second lead cause especially non korean watchers start to distort the reality and the writer' clear intentions , Dong Mae is merely a secondary lead and the story in not about him although he is important, in the background, but still a secondary.- My advise, just go with the flow and dont try AS like a trophy cause is useless and offensive as a woman, she will be with Eugene (she already hooked) but cause that's her heart not cause some "who gets the girl" contest and no, she and DM are not the ship.- Mrsunshine Official IG https://www.instagram.com/p/BlpocS2HweY/?taken-by=mrsunshinenetflix
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